Teen Choice Awards 2013

It’s that time of the year again! Time to vote for the Teen Choice Awards! Like previous years, you can vote every day up until the event, which is on August 11th. That’s about three months, or 89 days of voting.

Glee and a few of its cast members are nominated, which is why I’m posting this. Glee itself is nominated for Choice TV Comedy, Lea Michele is up for Choice TV Actress in Comedy and lastly Chris Colfer is up for Choice TV Actor in Comedy. But that’s just the main cast. Glee’s guest star Gwyneth Paltrow is up twice for Choice Movie Actress in Action and Choice Movie Actress in Sci-Fi/Fantasy both for her role as Pepper Pots in Iron Man 3. And Rebel Wilson, who played Malerie in Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lighting (why BTW is now on DVD and Netflix as of yesterday), is up for Choice Comedian and Choice Movie Actress in Comedy for Pitch Perfect.

I can’t tell you what to vote for, but I think it’d be totally awesome if Glee and its beautiful actors won, just to show that we still are loving it. So click here to vote. Just a heads up, you’ll have to register to vote.

Anyways, that’s about it.

Oh, wait! This is so off topic, but now that there’s no Glee for the summer, I have a sad lack of new music to listen to. So I wanna know, what do you guys listen to? What are the no-name jems that you’ve found? What are the songs that jam to? What lyrics do you write all over your notebooks? Seriously tell me. PLEASE.

Okay bye. ❤


Go here: https://gleerificnewsstop.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/teen-choice-awards-round-2-and-s5-promo-pics/

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    May 22, 2013 @ 20:46:33

    You know who’s amazing on YouTube? http://www.youtube.com/user/zeldaxlove64

    Christina Grimmie. I especially love her cover of Titanium, and another of Somebody That I Used to Know. Unfortunately, I can’t find Somebody… in her uploads – I think she deleted many of her videos for whatever reason – but I’m sure it’s around there on YouTube somewhere, even if you’ll have to do a search. It’s especially cool cause she does her own harmony with herself in that. I downloaded those two songs, but the rest of them are awesome, too.


  2. gr8star51
    May 23, 2013 @ 20:13:40

    Kept glitching out on me while voting… never got to vote for glee… BOO!
    I’ll try again 2morrow.


  3. andrea
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 00:22:56

    chris colfer should win for glee


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