‘Archie Meets Glee Part 4’ Book Review

(Sorry this is kinda late, I’ve been trying to stagger my posts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

archie 4

Here we are at the epic end of what I can say was the coolest crossover in the history of EVER. The Glee and Archie comic crossover came to a close with what you see above, which is Part 4 of 4.

In this issue, the Glee kids and the Archie gang are still mixed up in each other’s worlds and due to the kiss between a certain two characters (no spoilers!), time is running out. Somehow, they decide that singing is the answer to their problems, but it has to be at the exact same time! So Archie and Finn, who are basically the mirror characters of the two worlds, meet in a dream and coordinate a time. But their first attempt fails so they decide to give up and continue on with their plans: The people in the Archie world participate in Battle Of The Bands and the ones in Glee world have Regionals to attend. But magically, the performances coincide and the connection between worlds happens. So they all return back home to their proper worlds.

I really liked Part 4. There was good plot progression, cute lines, and the ending was great. I really liked seeing how the lives of the two groups were changed afterwards. 🙂 The ending was also sad. I was just getting used to the groups being apart and adapting to new environments and now it’s all over. But seeing them all reunite was also really sweet. 🙂

Over all, I think the Archie Meets Glee crossover was really good. They did a really good job connecting the characters and despite the fact that the idea of two worlds and the scientific explanation behind it was a bit over-the-top, I think it really worked. It was better than if they did it like they were competitors at Regionals or something. Like I’ve said many times before, they did a great job animating the Glee crew and focusing on many storylines to showcase many characters.

So I give this spectacular crossover an 8.5 out of 10. It’s cute, funny, musical and ingenious. I wish it wasn’t over. I totally suggest reading all 4 Parts. Even if you’ve never read an Archie comic, it’s okay because they explain a lot to you in Part 1. And I can answer any questions you have too, don’t forget. Anyways, if you can’t find all 4 Parts to these in stores, just wait until August because all 4 parts will be in one book. I think you can pre-order it now from Chapters and Indigo. Anyways, thanks for reading my Archie Meets Glee posts and I hope you liked the comics as much as I did. 🙂

P.S. Today is the 25th Birthday of Kevin McHale (the guy who plays Artie). Yay!


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