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I really considered not doing this. By now we were all slowly healing and I thought that making this would just make things worse. But then I thought about it and I decided that the post I made on Sunday the 14th, which was just me reciting the facts, wasn’t enough of a tribute to Cory. This is a Glee blog, after all. And what’s more, I feel like as much as we all loved Cory and who he was, it was Finn who we saw each week on Glee. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I kinda feel like it was Finn who most of us connected to more. Yes, Cory was awesome and an inspiration, but it was Finn and his dopey smile and big heart and his belief that it was possible to impregnate someone by going in a hot tub with them and great voice that I assume most of us fell in love with first. It was Finn we saw weekly and the only time we saw Cory being Cory was in behind the scenes or in interviews. So this post is to honor and remember all the great parts of Finn. He was a star of the show and brought so much to the table. So I compiled a list of all the best of him in a bunch of categories. These are obviously just my personal opinions, but I’d love for you guys to share your faves. You can click the songs to hear them, in case you need a refresher. Enjoy!

Best Solo

Jessie’s Girl

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Losing My Religion

I’ll Stand By You

Not The End

Finn hasn’t had that many solos, but when he did get one, he rocked it. ‘Jessie’s Girl’ is naturally tops, followed by his first ever solo (which was just that little part in a shower in ‘Pilot’). The last song on this list, was sadly cut from ‘Goodbye’ but I still love it. It’s really inspirational.

Best Duet



Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Barely Breathing

Dammit Janet

Most of Finn’s duets are with Rachel (not that I’m complaining). So basically here I had to pick what was my fave Finchel duet. And I also really liked his second duet with Blaine, ‘Barely Breathing’ so that’s in the top 5 too. ‘Faithfully’ is tops because that was what they sang after the first ‘I Love You’ exchange in ‘Journey’ of Season 1, which is my fave episode of that season. The other Finchel duets were either really cute or catchy or both. ❤

Best Group Number Featuring Finn

Don’t Stop Believin’

I Can’t Go For That / You Make My Dreams

Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another

Somebody To Love

The Scientist

Marry You

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

We’ve Got Tonite

You Get What You Give

Don’t Dream It’s Over

This list is longer than the others because Finn had solo lines in many songs, as he was a lead singer. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ is tops, obviously. That song defined Glee alone. I know Finn’s part in ‘I Can’t Go For That / You Make My Dreams’ isn’t that big, but that song is my number one most played song in my iTunes so I had to add it. ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another’ is there because for once Finn was taking a leadership role. Plus he and Santana totally rocked it. And the scene itself is pretty awesome! The other songs are faves of mine where Finn really stood out.

Best Quotes

“I came up with the best baby name of all time: Drizzle!” (1×06)

“I’m gonna say this as nicely as I possibly can, but you look like a sad clown hooker.” (1×11)

“It was the Superman of kisses! It came with its own cape, right Rachel?” (2×22)

“Cucumbers can give you AIDS?” (2×15)

“You’re kinda my moose.” (4×06)

“We are endgame.” (4×14)

“I want to do glee. I’m really happy when I perform.” (1×02)

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” (4×15)

“God, it’s a beautiful day!” (1×06)

“I’m setting you free.” (3×22)

Unlike the songs above, these quotes aren’t in order. I like them all. Several of them are directed at Rachel, making them way more meaningful to me. The other ones showcase how silly and joking Finn was, which is what I hope y’all remember him for. Finn had a lot of silly one-liners, but they didn’t make for good quotes, so I kinda had a hard time compiling a good list of these. Either way, these are my faves.

Best Bromance

Finn and Puck

Finn and Kurt

Finn and Mr. Schue

Puck and Finn is first, of course. They had their ups and downs since the first episode. Seeing them fight over Quinn was rough. But they made up and have been best bros since, which I love. They’ve been there for each other: Finn helped Puck with his exam and Puck was going to help Finn study in college. Puck asked Finn to go to LA with him, which was really sweet. Finn and Kurt make the list because it was really sweet to see them grow together from Season 1 where Kurt had that creepy crush on him. Now they’re bros, literally. ‘Furt’ is another one of my favourite episodes. And Finn and Mr. Schue make it because I think they were definitely special. It was more that a teacher-student bond because Will really cared for Finn. Remember when he helped him after Finn admitted that Quinn was preggers? Will really tried to help Finn plan life after highschool and totally welcomed him back when Finn’s plans didn’t work out. Finn was also Will’s best man, which is huge.

Best Kiss

Nationals stage

As Prom royalty


After the win

After she says Yes

These are all Finchel because I really didn’t like Finn with Quinn at all (and the one with Emma was just creepy). Even if you did, you have to agree that these kisses here are super adorable. The one at Nationals is my fave because they were so in love at that second that they had to literally stop their performance to kiss. That’s love, there. They didn’t even care if it cost them a win. Prom was super sweet especially after the cute little speeches they gave each other. The Library one is another fave because there is was just them, in love. No one was watching and there was no pressure. The other two are just so cute and meaningful.

Best Finn Nicknames



Fetus Face



Why I added this, I don’t know. It was funny. There’s a long list of what Finn has been called, though most of them are from Santana and Sue and they’re like 80% fat jokes. Frankenteen is obvs #1 because for a while, that was Cory’s Twitter handle. The other ones are just funny. 😉

Best Alternative Finn Looks

Finn as a Ginger

Finn as Kurt

Finn as a cartoon

These were pretty easy to pick. Finn as a Ginger was hilarious, as was Finn as Kurt. He and Puck did a perfect Klaine. I really enjoyed the Glee Archie Comics, so I had to add Finn in there as a cartoon. 🙂

Well guys, that’s all I have. I must say, it was fun to do this, even though it took a while. Maybe when Glee is over for real I’ll do one for every other character. It was also a good way to remember Finn, and, by extension, Cory. Doing this was more happy than it was sad, which is good. Anyways, the issue with all this though is that it’s all my opinion. What I think was the best may not be the best in your mind. So here’s what I want you to do: Copy and paste this thing below and fill it out in a comment. Just a note, pictures can be pasted in comments too, as well as videos by putting the URL or embed code. Even if you agree with me, do it, okay? It’ll be fun!

Thanks for reading and I hope it made you smile some. Finn may die on the show, but he sure as heck won’t die in our hearts, on our iPods or on our DVDs. And now, he won’t die on this blog! ❤


Best Finn Solo:

Best Finn Duet:

Best Group Number Featuring Finn:

Best Quote:

Best Bromance:

Best Kiss:

Best Nickname:

Best Alternative Look:

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rachelcastillo
    Oct 29, 2013 @ 10:25:16

    Kurt said it best in The Quarterback for why we loved Finn. He said that seeing him walk down the hall with his letterman jacket on made you feel like Superman had just arrived. I thought it was brilliantly written because he didn´t take a whole monologue to describe what everyone thought of him. He was able to say it in just one sentence.
    Thank you for liking the post that I wrote about him on my blog. I´m very impressed with yours!
    And one might wonder what a 36 year old American living in Argentina could have in common with a Canadian teenager but we know that it´s all due to the magic of glee.
    Gotta get back to my glee playlist now… 😀
    Talk to you soon


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 29, 2013 @ 19:58:47

      As much as I did like what Kurt said, as it was extremely sweet, but Finn didn’t wear that jacket thaaat often so I kind of felt that Kurt’s line was just a set up for the storyline in that episode where they all want the jacket. But who am I to judge?
      That’s the magic of Glee; people from all ages can enjoy it. I’ve seen little kids watch it and my grandmother used to watch it too.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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