Back In Business Because I Have Spoilers!

Nothing shakes a fandom out of a funk like some fresh and exciting spoilers! In the last few days this fandom has been awakened and reenergized, and let me tell you: it’s beautiful. Eeep I’ve missed blogging about spoilers! Filming is due to start in the next few days, I think, which is awesome. I know that the cast has been in to get fittings and just from this picture Chris Colfer shared, it looks like it’ll be crazy!

Kurt will be wearing this and I am both amused and scared. That is horrific.

As I told you before, the first two episodes of Season 5 will be Beatles tribute episodes. The first episode, 5×01 will be called ‘Love, Love, Love’. I think that’s a really nice name and it’s a fact that most of the fandom is hoping it applies to Klaine. I know I am!

And, oh, what’s this? A KLAINE DUET? HECK YEAH IT IS! In the first episode, Kurt and Blaine will be singing ‘Got To Get You In My Life’. If that doesn’t scream reuniting than I don’t know what does. I had never heard this song so I had go listen to it and the lyrics are just so cute and perf and OMG I’M SO EXCITED!

Also singing a duet is Artie and Kitty. If you can remember, their budding relationship was hinted at but then just disappeared. So I guess it’s back on! I can’t say I’m mad, though! They sing ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’. Not the happiest sounding of songs, but who knows? If Kartie means that Kitty will be nicer and Artie will finally not be alone anymore then I’m all for it!

The next spoiler may be a rumor. A legit source has not confirmed this yet, but the rumor is that there will be a scene filmed on a beach. Why, who or how is still unknown, as is the important question of ‘how many of the guys will be shirtless?’ Beaches sound fun. Oooh, maybe it’s Senior Ditch Day? IDK…either way, beaches are fun.

There may be more new characters. There is next to nothing else known except a couple of rumour names. Several of these reportedly new characters aren’t new McKinley students so you can all exhale now.

Blaine may go to NYADA after he graduates. This is also just a rumour. But I hope so much that it’s true. Kurt and Blaine and Rachel at NYADA would be AWESOME!!!!

This is old news and isn’t a spoiler, but I’ve never told you so I shall do it now. The Teen Choice Awards (which I hope you’ve been voting for every day) air on Aug 11th and guess who’s hosting it: DARREN CRISS! Well, he’s co-hosting with Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale. This should be good!

Well, that’s all the news I have to share. 🙂 I’m so happy to be back in the spoiler ring! I was getting a bit desperate for posts so spoilers and news is always welcome! Bye for now! ❤

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