‘Choosing Glee’ Book Review

I finally, finally, FINALLY got around to reading Jenna Ushkowitz’s book ‘Choosing Glee’. Here’s a tip: when trying to request a book at your library, it’s better to speak directly with a librarian than to input the request online because chances are, no one checks the online request inbox at all.

This book was all about Jenna and her life, but it wasn’t an autobiography. It was a motivation and personal outlook on her life and the obstacles she faced. It was also interactive because she encouraged the reader to do things like list what makes you happy or your goals or do some personality quizzes. It was neat like that.

I’ve read several books on the cast that include biography’s, but this book was way more thorough, obviously. Jenna wrote about her friends, struggles, career opportunities, and more that occurred before her days on Glee. And it was really neat to read about her life from her perspective, too, because she gave great tips on how to avoid the mistakes she made or how to deal with similar problems.

My favourite parts, of course, were the chapters about Glee. She told us about how she got on the show and what it was like. She’s been there from the start so it was really nice to read about how they started out. She had some really cute stories. She also wrote about several of the cast members personally. There was obviously several mentions of her relationship with Lea Michele, because they’ve been friends since they were eight years old thanks to Broadway. And she’s best friends with Kevin McHale so he was mentioned several times. There was one point where she wrote out her schedule during the Glee tours and the second thing she did in the morning, after wake up, was call Kevin. 😀 She also included quotes from the cast regarding what ever topic she was writing about.

‘Choosing Glee’ almost made me cry a few times. I teared up for sure. Jenna wrote about how difficult and weird it was on Glee after Season 3 when half the Glee club graduated and weren’t big parts of the show anymore. She also said that it was at first hard to accept the new cast members in Season 4 but now it’s fine and they all love each other and get along well. This part was kinda sad because Jenna was experiencing what the entire fandom was feeling too. It was also hard and sad whenever she mentioned Cory or there was a picture of him smiling along with other cast mates.

Jenna had a lot of really awesome pictures in the book. She’s a bit of a scrapbooker and had some pictures from when she was little, as well as ticket stubs from her first Broadway performances. She also had pictures of herself with a lot of the Glee guest stars and cast members like John Stamos or Jonathon Groff or Kristin Chenoweth. That was cute. Even the pictures with the regular cast were awesome and adorable. Some of the pictures she had in this book weren’t even of people, they were of important or cute things, like her first apartment building.

The one thing that maybe I didn’t like as much was that for someone like me, who only gets motived to blog or read a book or watch TV, the book kind of made you rethink your life. Here’s Jenna with a great life and great friends and oodles of success telling me to persevere and keep trying because look where that got her. But as a big-picture person, that’s not always a realistic or sensible option. I’m not saying that she’s lying, I’m just saying that it’s pretty easy for her to say that because she’s talented and on a hit TV show and has written a book. It’s a motivational book nonetheless. Maybe my issue is that I’m too lazy for my own good….

Overall, Jenna’s book, ‘Choosing Glee’ was really awesome. The stories and anecdotes she shared were awesome and meaningful and cute, and the tips she gave were good. She gave a really cool look on the life of a Glee star and made the readers feel like they were reading her journal. She did a great job being motivational and inspirational by sharing quotes and more. It’s a nice, easy book to read and I deffo recommend that you do. It’s a cheerful book that’ll leave you with a bunch more respect for Jenna, who is sometimes as overlooked as Tina. 🙂 I give it an 8 out of 10. Go read it if you haven’t!

So that’s it for now! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book if you read it! Anyhoo, today is my last day of freedom because I return to school tomorrow for my senior year. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear me singing along to ‘Senior Year’ from AVPSY and sobbing…


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  1. Lauren
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 11:00:30

    I loved her book, I thought it was really inspirational and motivational and I liked the fact that it made you re think things:’)


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