Cory’s Last Two Flicks

With TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) happening this weekend, I think it’s a perfect time to link y’all up with Cory Monteith’s last two movies, both of which are showing at the festival this year.

It’s kind of funny how different the two movies, and Cory’s roles are. One is dark and shady and the other is more open and free. He plays them both well, though.

Anyways, take a look. The first one is called ‘All The Wrong Reasons’ and it’s the happier and funnier of the two. It’s my preferred one because I don’t really love dark action killer movies like the other. ATWR is about a bunch of department store employees who have to deal with struggles. Cory plays James, the manager and the husband of the store’s security guard. It’s one of those lower budget films and so all the actors aren’t very known. I looked them all up and I haven’t seen any of their work, although one did a lot of voice work for old TV shows I used to watch like 10 years ago. Anyways, here’s the trailer:

Yeah, I’d really like to see that movie. It looks really good and just from the trailer, it looks unpredictable. I dislike predictable movies. P.S. does anyone think that the single mom who James hooks up with sorta looks like Darren Criss’ girlfriend Mia?

The second movie, ‘McCanick’ is the darker action one. I can’t say I’ll be lining up to see this. I’m not a huge fan of movies like this. I prefer happier movies (like Mamma Mia, which I was watching as I started this post). Anyways, it’s about a criminal named Simon Weeks, played by Cory, who is being tracked by two detectives. Here’s the trailer:

See? Not the cheeriest. But if you’re into action flicks, this is deffo for you. This is the kinda movie that you’ll be able to get your boyfriend to watch with you 😛 Or in my case, a group of three hyperactive teenage boys.

So there we go! Those are the two last movies that Cory were in. In case you were wondering, McCanick is listed as the last one he did. So which one do you like? Is anyone going to TIFF? Let me know!

P.S. A few days ago, Samuel Larson, who played Joe on Glee, released a bunch of original songs. He calls himself ‘Stems’ but it’s him. The songs are all on Youtube, and by clicking here you can hear them all. My faves are ‘From Afar’ and ‘Purple Sun’. One of the songs  on the album, called ‘3 Blind Costumes’, features Bryce Vine, who was a fellow contestant on The Glee Project! So Take a listen! 🙂

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