Naya Is A Solo Artist And Amber Is A Dancer

Basically this is two short posts that I shoved into one. Yay!

As you may or may not know, Naya Rivera (who plays Santana, if you’ve been under a rock) has been working on a solo album! Her voice is pure awesome, as every Santana solo can prove, so we’re all super excited. A few weeks ago, she shared her first single, called ‘Sorry’ on a radio station. Due to that, the recording we all got had the station’s ads in it and wasn’t the best of sound qualities because most of us heard it via livestream. Anyways, the single will be on iTunes September 17, but it’s already on Naya’s VEVO. It’s a good version so take a listen! BTW, the song features Big Sean, who is also Naya’s boyfriend.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this song. Before the full song was heard, Naya released a 30 second sneak peek, but it was (no offence) an awful 30 seconds. It highlighted the techno aspects and the rap-y parts, both of which I didn’t love. But after hearing the full song, I liked it more. And after a few listens, I had it stuck in my head. So now I really like it and can’t wait for her full album (the date of which is not known). As for this song, as much as it got a lot of love, it also got some dislike because, and I do sorta agree with this, it didn’t highlight Naya’s spectacular singing abilities that we know she has. So hopefully there are other songs on the album that will. What do you think of the song?

For the second part of the post, let’s all turn our attention to Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes. Amber got herself on a new TV show, which she has time to do as her role as Mercedes isn’t as demanding anymore. What’s the show, you ask? Why, only one of the biggest dance shows ever: Dancing With The Stars! Yay!

Here is Amber with her dance partner, Derek Hough

Looking good, am I right? Derek, according to his Wikipedia page, is a good dancer and thanks to her work on Glee, we know Amber has some sweet moves! Unfortunately, I don’t watch DWTS. Never have, and really, I don’t plan on it… (sorry, Amber!). To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of dance shows, and dancing in general. I find it repetitive. Although once, several years ago, I did faithfully watch a season of America’s Best Dance Crew, but that may have also been partially because of Mario Lopez and his attractiveness. Anyways, I’m sure that there’ll be many, many videos of Amber’s performances circling the web, which I will deffo watch. I just don’t want to commit to the full season… Anyways, if you do watch DWTS or plan on doing so now that Amber is a contestant, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Also, another contestant on the show is Bill Nye The Science Guy! I thought he was dead, but I guess not! I’d also like to see how well he dances.

So that’s the news I have for you! Amber and Naya perusing other projects, which is awesome! 😛 I love seeing the Glee cast do other things. THEY’RE ALSO SO DARN TALENTED.

P.S. Oh? What’s this? You thought I was done the post? Haha well nope! Look what I have to share: another Glee sneak peek! Yes, this one is about Mr. Schue introducing the Beatles tribute to ND! And also: *whispers* Kartie feels! Take a lookie!

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