The New Gleetles Songs Are Here!!!

That’s a combo of Glee and Beatles, in case you were wondering. ūüôā

And yes, it’s true. They’re here. The other day Glee did this thing were countries tweeted the song name at designated times to unlock the songs, but all we got was 30 second previews, which was kinda disappointing. But today, we finally got the full songs! Yay! These songs are from the first two episodes, the Beatles Tributes, of Season 5 (which airs in 9 days!) and I will mark which ones are from which. In case you missed it, 5×01 is called ‘Love, Love Love’ and 5×02 is called ‘Tina In The Sky With Diamonds’.¬†So take a listen and tell me what you think! One thing I just want to mention first is that when I critique these songs I have nothing to base it on. You see, I’m not a Beatles fan (I don’t dislike them, I’m just not a fan). I’m 17 so I’m a bit young for them and I haven’t heard some of these songs before. So basically what I’m saying here is that I can’t compare Glee’s versions to the originals or comment on how Glee did it because for all I know, it could be just the like original. You know what I mean? Okay, well listen up anyways!

‘Here Comes The Sun’ sung by Santana and Dani (5×02)
Meet Dani! She’s played by the much-loved¬†Demi¬†Lovato! And yes, she is going to be Santana’s new girlfriend. As we have made clear, I’m not a huge Brittana¬†shipper so I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how they play out. This song is super cute and sweet. Their voices work well together. It’ll take me a while to start hearing Demi’s¬†voice as Dani and not as Mitchie or Sonny ūüėõ I wish the song was a bit faster, but it’s still really good!

‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ sung by Ryder, Marley, Jake and Unique (5×02)
I’m gonna take a guess and say that this will be sung at the Prom? (BTW KLAINE IS GOING TO THE PROM TOGETHER!) Ryder is singing again so I guess he doesn’t quit ND? Hmmm….this song is weird. I don’t understand it. I guess they sing it well, though….

‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ sung by Artie and Kitty (5×01)
Kartie! Oh, I’m really liking them. I also like how Artie is FINALLY getting spotlight. Finally. This song is cute. ‚̧

‘Yesterday’ sung by Rachel (5×01)
Goosebumps. I have them from this song. Everyone can say that it made them think of Cory and by extension, Finn. It’s super sad. I’m glad to hear a solo from Rachel, I always am, but this is just super depressing. I wonder how it’ll be worked in the episode because at this point in the timeline, Finn isn’t dead yet… Anyways, this song is beautiful. Not the most exciting and not Rachel’s best solo, but I think it’s very meaningful.

‘Drive My Car’ sung by Artie and Kitty (5×01)
Another Kartie¬†duet! This one isn’t as romantic, though. It is more funky and catchy! My one issue with this song is that you can hardly hear Kitty. It sounds like an Artie solo with backup vocals from someone random…. I hope they sing this when they go to the carnival and Kartie goes on the bumper cars together! That’d be cute!

‘Help’ sung by Blaine and Sam (5×01)
Blam is for sure my fave bromance¬†on that show. ūüôā I think this song is sung with backup from ND, VA, the Warblers, and the deaf school, Haverbrook. Which would make sense, since they’re helping Blaine… This song is catchy and funky. I don’t mind it.

‘Hey Jude’ sung by New Directions (5×02)
This is one of the Beatles’ most iconic songs. And I think Glee did a really good job with it! ND group songs are usually good! And naturally, Blaine’s voice is perf. Perf, I tell you.

‘I Saw Her Standing There’ sung by Blaine, Jake, Ryder and Sam (5×01)
Not the best song here, but not awful. I don’t really have much to say on this song. It’s alright…

‘Something’ sung by Sam (5×02)
I wish Sam was singing this about Mercedes, but probably not. He’s most likely singing about Penny Owens, his new lover. Like Dantana, I’m also excited to see how they work out. It’s rare for Sam to get a solo, so I think he did pretty good with this one.

‘Let It Be’ sung by New Directions with Kurt, Santana and Rachel
Another iconic Beatles song that I think Glee nailed. Fun fact: Kevin McHale has this song tattooed on him. I kinda wish Artie sang it solo not only for that reason but also because I think Artie would do fantastic with it. Anyways, I’m glad Santana, Rachel and Kurt are back singing with ND. It’s also a bit of a motivational song for Gleeks and the Glee cast as we’re still dealing….

‘All You Need Is Love’ sung by Blaine (5×01)
Yes. Yes. I like this. First off, Blaine is awesome with this. Second, he’s singing to Kurt and they supposedly kiss after this too. ūüėČ Because we’re pretty sure that Blaine proposes (and we’re also pretty sure that Kurt says yes) I think that this is the song he sings before he proposes. So super yay! This song was released a few days ago, but I was waiting for the rest to post it. Anyways, this is good.

‘Get Back’ sung by Kurt and Rachel (5×02)
Kurtchel duets are always fab. Is this their best? No way. Both their Wicked songs were better. But this is still good. It has a nice beat.

‘Hard Day’s Night’ sung by Rachel and Santana
Rachel and Santana get jobs as waitresses, which is why this song is probably sung. Their work is where they meet Dani, BTW. I don’t loooove this, but it’s okay. They’re both awesome singers, but we already knew that.

‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ sung by Kurt and Blaine (5×01)
I have saved the best for last. This is the much-anticipated¬†and beautiful Klaine¬†duet. Sung in the McKinley courtyard after/during a cute picnic, this song ends with a kiss and the start of Klaine’s¬†new relationship. YAY. I’m biased, but I love this. I just want my Klaine back. Is this the most romantic of songs? Nope. But “I don’t care, I love it!”

So there you have it. These songs are all on the newest Glee The Music album, which comes out exactly next week, but is available to preorder on iTunes now. For some odd reason, one song is missing. It’s not on the album and I don’t know why. In 5×02, Tina is to sing ‘Revolution’. It’s kinda funny how the big joke is that Tina is always overlooked and overshadowed and now she really is! So as soon as that song is up, I’ll post it. Maybe here¬†or maybe I’ll shove it¬†in a new post, so keep an eye out! Anyways, as for these songs, like I said before, I can’t really be a good judge of them due to my lack of Beatles¬†love. I like the Klaine song and a few others, but by no means¬†do I adore any of them… :S Plus they sound a bit autotuned to make them sound more like the Beatles…. So basically, most of the songs are just meh for me…What about you? Will you be hurrying to buy any of these songs? Or do you already have the album pre-ordered? Let me know!!! ūüėÄ

P.S.¬† ¬†Today Naya Rivera’s single ‘Sorry’ came out on iTunes! I’ve almost got Big Sean’s rap part memorized ūüėČ

P.P.S.¬†¬† This isn’t really related to Glee, but are any of you R5¬†fans? I looooooove¬†that band, like they are my favourite, and yesterday the songs from their newest album, Louder, which officially comes out next week, came out on Youtube¬†and I wanna know if any of you have heard them. There are 6 new songs, plus their already released single, and I love every single one. They’re all so catchy and cute and epic. Go listen to R5¬†if you don’t know who they are and if you do, go listen to the new songs. And if you have, talk to me because I need someone to understand my feelings of love here. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really love any of these new Glee songs because I’ve been so caught up with the perfection of the new¬†R5 songs ;P

P.P.P.S. Did anyone catch Amber on DWTS¬†last night? I wasn’t busy to I tuned in to see her…and to watch Bill Nye. Amber and Derek did AMAZEBALLS¬†and got 27 points out of a possible 30, which is awesome. Chris (and Will), Jenna, Kevin, Ashley and Dianna were all there live, supporting her, which was super cute. ‚̧


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