5×01 Love, Love, Love

Oh man, do I remember how to do this? Just kidding, of course I do!

It’s baaaaaack! Yay! Yes, last night was the triumphant return of Glee, now in its fifth season. That’s crazy. I was so excited. I know that a lot of people were not as excited, due to the fact that this is the first episode that’s come since Cory’s death. But I think that we tried to focus on the good parts of Glee (after all the show is called ‘Glee’)! I’m going to start off this post with a little horror story. Last night, at 8:56, with four minutes until the episode started, I sat in my Glee Tshirt and wrapped in my Snuggie all ready to watch. I was shaking with excitement and hardly focusing on the end of X-Factor. And then, with only a few minutes to go, MY TV LOSES SIGNAL. I kid you not. Every channel was just a fuzzy mess. So I started freaking out and running to every TV in the house to see if they worked. AND NONE DID. I was in tears now, as Glee was only 2 minutes away. I was about to quickly turn on a laptop and find a livestream, but thankfully, a signal came back! As I leaped back to my chair, still in tears, the signal goes out again. In came on and off for another two minutes, while I cried in horror. Thankfully, by the time Glee started, my TV was about done being stupid and it didn’t misbehave again. And that’s the story of how I almost had a heart attack four minutes before Glee. Anyways, enough about my dumb story, let’s focus on the episode! 5×01 was called ‘Love, Love Love’ and featured all Beatles music! Overall, the episode was pretty good! If you’re a shipper like me, it was great. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huuuge fan of the music, so for me, I think that took away from it. Due to a suggestion a while back, I’m not giving episode rating out of 5 as opposed to the 10 I was using before. So I give this episode a 4 out of 5. It was cute and funny at times, but there were some things I wasn’t thrilled with. And now, without any further ado, here’s what happened:

It starts in New York, with Rachel in a bright purple coat outside the Funny Girl stage. We then see her at her callback, acting. She’s unsure of the result, afterwards though, and sticks around to hear the directors saying that they think she’s too young and inexperienced. This saddens Rachel and she sings a super sad song, ‘Yesterday’. As she sings, she walks around NYC to all the places she went with Finn in S2 like that restaurant and the bridge. Although the song fits in, I don’t know why she’s singing it as Finn is not yet dead in the show. Either way, I was tearing up (although that may have also been still from the TV scare I had only minutes before). Also, my italian grandmother, who watched half the episode but doesn’t understand it or my emotional attachment to the show was singing along and asking me why I was crying. If only she knew…..

Back in Lima, Mr. Schue announces to ND that they’ll be singing Beatles songs, as it’ll help them prepare for Nationals. Kitty is against the idea, but everyone else says that the Beatles are relatable and cool. Mr. Schue says it’s a new start for them (although they’re still in the middle of the school year so I don’t know how) and then they all leave the room. On the way out, Artie gives Kitty a ride and as they’re going down the hall, he thanks her for helping him tell his mom about Film school. As thanks, he offers to take her to Breadstix. Kitty says that place is gross so he they then decide to go to a carnival.

That leads in to Artie and Kitty’s first duet of the episode ‘Drive My Car’ (which I had stuck in my head this morning) and we see them, as well as the rest of ND, at the carnival. Mostly they’re on bumper cars (hence the song), but we see them do other things. They look like they’re having fun and Kartie is literally so adorable. I ship them so hard now. As they’re walking around, Kitty is approached by some Cheerios and one of them, named Bree, says that they look cute together. She seems nice, but as she leaves, Kitty says she’s awful and is out to get her. This girl Bree looks like a little Santana and in a few episodes, Santana herself will have a run-in with this girl. That should be interesting. When Bree and the Cheerios leave, Kitty then asks Artie out, but prefers that they keep it a secret and he readily agrees.

Rachel got a job! Yeah, she works at the same place as Santana, which is a musical restaurant where the workers have to wear red outfits. I suppose that since it’s partly a singing job too Rachel will do fine. But I imagine it’ll be funny to see her serve and work and be polite to customers. It’s also good that she’s with Santana because the Pezberry friendship is awesome!

The next scene, is a favourite of mine because it involves Klaine. On a date. In the school’s courtyard. They’re on the steps having a cute picnic. ❤ Eeek! They’re talking about their relationship (which is much-needed in their case, as everyone can agree) and Blaine says that when he cheated, he was sure that Kurt was done with him. I think that’s an awful excuse because they were still dating, Kurt was just busy and also ignoring Blaine a bit. Either way, Blaine tells Kurt that he swears to never ever cheat again and all he wants is for them to be boyfriends again. Kurt is unsure, though. And he has every right to be, I guess. He wonders if it’ll last and if it’s worthwhile, but Blaine assures him that it is and that they’re an awesome couple. So Kurt agrees (YAY!). As Blaine is about to sing a song in celebration, Kurt says that he had a number planned too, only his is a duet. With a blow of a whistle, a marching band comes out and Klaine breaks into ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ as they dance around the courtyard. It’s super cute and super energetic. The best part is the end, where it ends with Klaine on a table and then they kiss! 😀

As for Sue, she’s back in McKinley, only this time, she’s principal. To get Figgins out, she planted items around his office so that the police would find it when she called them. That plot sounds really similar to Quinn’s back in Season 3. But the difference was that Sue’s worked. After Becky confessed to the gun thing, she was reinstated and became acting principal with a possibility for the position to be permanent at the end of the year. Figgins, on the other hand, is now a measly janitor. Sue, in voice-over, says she was principal before (S2) but now she’s not going to waste the power. Here we go again…

So Kartie, now a couple but on the DL, sing ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ in the halls and we see them meeting in dark classrooms to avoid being seen. It’s a cute song, but it ends with Artie alone in a dark room, waiting for Kitty. We don’t see her come, so I wondered if it was foreshadowing a bit? :S

In the next ND meeting, Blaine happily announces that he and Kurt are back together, but now he wants to take it to the next step. He wants to propose. Sam is all for it and starts clapping right away, but the response from everyone else is similar to the one that Finn and Rachel got in S3. Blaine explains himself, saying that he wants their help, as well as help from the Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, and the Haverbrook deaf choir. No one but Sam is on board yet so Blaine goes on to say that although the groups are all enemies, bringing them all together to help a gay couple would be great as the world is at a point were that’s accepted for the most part. He’s right, though.  So they all slowly agree and then sing ‘Help’. During the song we see ND running around to all the schools and getting the showchoirs to help. Their last stop is at Dalton, and as a way to clean their reputation, the Warblers, led by Sebastian again it seems, agree. So everyone cheers and it’s all good. As much as that’s all nice and all, how legit is it? A bunch of singing kids agree to help out a gay singing kid propose and it’s all okay? No! Finn and Rachel were seen as idiots to suggest marriage at their age. But now that Blaine wants to do it, it’s all cool, and what’s more is that all these rival groups readily agree to it with no questions asked. I can understand the Warblers for they were friends with both Kurt and Blaine, and they do owe it to them, but why VA? ND just beat them at Regionals a few weeks ago and they’re so eager to help? I like the idea and all, don’t get me wrong, I just think it’s a bit crazy. Let’s talk about Sebastian now. He got a haircut. It was a buzz-cut a while ago, but it grew out some. He had really nice hair so I’m really upset about that. He’s still attractive, don’t get me wrong. 😛

In the hall, Tina corners Artie and asks if he’s dating Kitty, to which he says yes. But then she asks why it’s a secret. Tina thinks it’s because Kitty, the popular and mean cheerleader is embarrassed to be with the nerdy wheelchair kid, and that’s pretty valid. She tells Artie that he needs some self-respect (also valid) but Artie says he’s fine and that Tina should leave them alone. I was wondering if Tina was so involved because she wants to get back together with Artie?

Rachel is settled in to her new job now and is busy working hard when she gets a text from Blaine. Before she could tell Santana about it, Santana informs her that the two Funny Girl directors are at the restaurant. Rachel can’t resist and goes up to them, trying to show that she is not too young and inexperienced and she would be perfect for the role. The directors say that the comments weren’t personal and it’s their job to find the best person for the role. In one last attempt to prove them wrong, Rachel, with the help of Santana and other waitresses at the place sing ‘Hard Day’s Night’. It’s very different from the ballads she sang for the auditions so it was a good move. After the song, we don’t get a chance to hear comments from the directors because Rachel pulls Santana away and out of the building saying that they need to go do something special.

In Figgins’ office, which is now Sue’s, Roz Washington and Will sit, awaiting their fate. They both assume they’re going to be fired by Sue. But when Sue comes in, she says that she’s not only keeping them, she’s demanding that under her reign they succeed and win their competitions. That’s a good move on Sue’s part if she wants to be permanent principal.

ND has yet another meeting but before anyone can sing, Tina asks Mr. Schue if the Beatles all looked out for each other. It’s an obvious hit at Artie and when Will says that they did, Tina gets up and, saying that it’s for Artie’s own good, exposes Kartie. Tina reprimands Kitty for treating Artie so poorly and says that Artie deserves to be treated fairly and equally. With all eyes on Kitty now, she stands up and says that Tina is right. But she wasn’t keeping it a secret because she was embarrassed, she was keeping it a secret because she wanted time to think about whether she really like Artie. And she’s come to the conclusion that she does (cue fangirl squeals). She looks Artie in the eye and says that she really likes him and wants their relationship to be official (like, Facebook official). Artie agrees wholeheartedly and then they kiss.

I’m super happy for them . It’s about time Artie got some real loving and, oh man, I love them together OMG. ❤ ❤ ❤

Blaine is such a good friend. Do you know why? He called Jake, Sam and Ryder to a meeting to discuss his worries about Tina. He said that since Tina was dumped by both Artie and Mike, she’s been really bitter. You know, that’s true. We all focused on Blaine so much after his break up and we all focused on Rachel after she broke up with Brody, but no one really cared about Tina. She doesn’t really have a best friend, now that I think about it. Anyways, Blaine is worried about her and wants to help, so he asked the three guys to do so, and they agree.

In the hall, poor Figgins is busy cleaning when Sue walks up, being all evil. Figgins implores that she takes her new job seriously and most of all is super nice to Donna the secretary. Sue says she’s going to fire Donna and make Becky the secretary, or in this case, the Beckretary. That was clever 😛 To top it all off, Sue produces a huge bucket of old gross meat that was apparently served in the caf, but won’t be anymore. She proceeds to dump the bucket over, leaving the nasty mess for Figgins to clean up while shouting that she is a monster. Typical Sue.

So Blaine and the boys’ plan goes as follows. They called Tina, in old 50’s clothes, to the stage, where they boys are dressed like the Beatles, complete with fake accents, and to make Tina smile, they sing ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. All the other ND girls come to watch and scream with excitement. After the song, which was okay, Blaine says they all love her (as a friend) and since Prom is coming up (next episode) she can pick any one of them to be her date (Jake excluded as he’s with Marley). So Tina decides that although she likes Blaine and Ryder’s cute, she’s gonna go with Sam. I was shocked at that, but also a bit relieved (Blaine belongs to Kurt). And I’m also super interested to see Sam and Tina interact because they haven’t really done so at all before. That should be neat.

The final scene in upon us now. It starts in Burt’s car as he drives Kurt ‘to the airport through a back road’. But Kurt knows that it’s for a proposal. HOW DID HE KNOW? I’d like to know that, although it’s never found out. Burt asks him how he feels about it, and Kurt says he’s unsure. He loves Blaine and wants to marry him, but he knows they’re young. He wasn’t really for Finchel’s marriage, and they were the same age as Blaine. So Burt tells the story of he and Kurt’s mom. He married her also at a young age, and it was tough, but he sees now that nothing lasts forever and he’d do it all again in a heartbeat. He leaves it at that as they arrive at Dalton. Right away, the band plays and Blaine comes out, singing ‘All You Need Is Love’. Kurt is led around Dalton, seeing all the show choirs as well as Rachel, Mercedes and Santana. The song ends as Kurt is halfway down the staircase and Blaine is at the bottom. Yes, THE staircase that they first met on. ❤ Blaine walks closer to Kurt and begins a speech about how he loves Kurt and how he believes that in every life, they’re meant to be together. With that he gets down on one knee and ASKS KURT TO MARRY HIM. Kurt, who is in tears, says yes AND THEN THEY KISS OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Blaine puts the ring on him, they hug and THE END. 😀 Here’s a video if you don’t think it’s real. Because it does sound like a fantasy. A perfect, adorable, happy fantasy.

I was so freakin’ happy at this point that my entire family was watching my reaction more than the episode. I was flipping out. It’s not everyday that you OTP becomes engaged and it’s 100% canon! AHHHHH!!!!!! KLAAAAINE!!!!!

And that’s it. The episode ended with a Klaine hug, which is a preferable way to end an episode. So overall, the episode was pretty good. As a Klainer and a Kartie shipper, it was obviously awesome. The music, like I said, wasn’t phenomenal, but if you like the Beatles, I think you’d enjoy it more. Next week we get more Beatles tunes to go through. As for the engagement, which although I am super excited about, I really hope they wait a bit. Wait until Season 6 or something. Like Finchel, they are too young and the fact that no one was saying this, but made it quite clear for Rachel and Finn, bugged me a bit. I also kinda wished Blaine had waited a bit because they only JUST got back together. Another thing I want to bring up is Ryder. He was there the whole time. In the finale last season, he said he was going to quit ND, but here he was, singing and all. I’m not mad that he stayed, because I wanted him to, but I’m mad that he didn’t even mention it! Hopefully they do next episode.

Next episode, 5×02, called ‘Tina In The Sky With Diamonds’ involves more Beatles music aaaaaand PROM! Here’s a promo!

Okay so YAY! Prom episodes are always good. I wish the music was different, but alas…. I want to know what Kurt is asking if we’re ready for because it looks like he’s ready to go bowling or something. I heard that he is going to Prom with Blaine, which should be good. As for Prom royalty, if rumors are correct, I do know who wins. I don’t know why, but I feel bad for spoiling it, so I’ll just put the initials: TCC and SB. If you can decipher or guess that then you’ll know (provided rumors are true). And DEMI. I’m excited for her, and for the first time, we’re seeing Santana meet a new lover, not already know them. It’s also evident that Santana has a thing for blondes (Brittany, Quinn and now Dani). Anyways, Dantana looks sweet. 🙂

Soooo that’s about it. I don’t have that much to say. If you’re new to this blog with the start of the season then hello and welcome and I hope you come back because I love you. If you’ve been here before then welcome back and I hope you’re ready for another season of fun!

P.S. I forgot to mention this, but you know Grant Gustin (who plays Sebastian)? He got a new role as Flash (the super hero) on Arrow. Yay for him!



11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 20:12:45

    A great post for the most part, but there’s one thing you said that I’m afraid can’t put under that heading.

    “No one but Sam is on board yet so Blaine goes on to say that although the groups are all enemies, bringing them all together to help a gay couple would be great {as the world is at a point were that’s accepted for the most part. He’s right, though.}”

    I have to disagree with the last part, the part I put in brackets. Have you heard what’s been happening in Russia as far as legalized homophobia? In Uganda? In Cameroon? In much of the Middle East? It’s terrifying. In the US, this statement may generally be true, but the world? Not so much.

    Other than that one piece, I enjoyed reading your latest post, and I look forward to watching the episode. (Yes, I missed it again, but I recorded it… hopefully… Lol! ^_^)


  2. Katrina
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 20:51:39

    I think Ryder said that he was going to leave after the year ends. So like he just won’t try out again or something. I might be wrong, but I don’t know I think that’s what he said. Great post!


    • pottergleefan4
      Sep 27, 2013 @ 20:54:15

      Nah, I’m pretty sure he said “after the competition”, meaning after Regionals…but IDK. Maybe the year was what he meant…
      And thanks! 🙂


      • Katrina
        Sep 28, 2013 @ 08:12:13

        Yeah I think he might of meant after the National competion not Regionals. But I don’t know his exact words so, again, I might be wrong, but that’s what I thought he was saying.

  3. Klaineternity
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 23:21:55

    Reblogged this on Klaineternity and commented:
    This episode and this moment…were beyond perfect.


  4. ericrene93
    Sep 28, 2013 @ 12:25:09

    I’m back!


    Just as a different blog! I will be writing about more than Glee but Glee will be involved in my blog as well


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