5×02 Tina In The Sky With Diamonds

PROM! Last night was Glee’s third ever Prom episode, titled ‘Tina In The Sky With Diamonds’, which I’ve come to learn is from a Beatles song called ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’. That being said, I still think it’s a rather ridiculous name. This episode was just meh. The worst Prom episode so far, I’d say. The music was more Beatles, which as I’ve said before, wasn’t the best. The plots were also meh and if I dare say it, a bit repetitive. Either way, there were some cute moments and funny ones. And the new characters were super cute, but I’ll get into that more later. So I give 5×02 a 3 out of 5. Not the best, but not the worst. Take a look at what went down:

My favourite bromance, Blam, starts off the episode having a casual chat in the choir room. They mention Blaine’s new engagement, but the topic quickly changes to Prom. Sam says that although he like Tina, he wishes that for his senior Prom he was going with someone he really cares about. Although I have to frown at that because he’s doing something nice for Tina, I do have to agree that it’s a valid hope. But before more can be said, Mr. Schue comes in and starts right away talking about the Beatles and what their plans are this week. But he’s interrupted too, this time by Sue on the PA. Sue gets right to the point, saying that there will be a joined prom this year. Then she announced the Prom King and Queen nominations. For King we have:  Artie, Blaine, Stoner Brett and some kid named Mohammed, I think (Question: do we call him Stoner Brett because Stoner is his real name or because he was stoned?). As for Queen, the list is:  Kitty, Tina, some Cheerio named Aimee, and the neck brace Cheerio named Jordan. I’m surprised Tina and Artie are nominated. They’re such no ones. Sam is a bit shocked that he’s not nominated, but tells Tina that it’s an honor to attend with a nominee. Tina, getting a big head from this nomination, dumps Sam on the spot. She says that this is her Prom to shine and she wants to win, so she’ll corner the single girl vote by going without Sam. Kitty, being super sweet all of a sudden says she’ll vote for her because it is her year to be a star. Tina then breaks into a solo, ‘Revolution’. But Tina is just always meant to be shut down because before the first verse is done, the bell rings and everyone leaves the room. Oh, Tina. she just can’t win when it comes to solos. But so long as we’re on the topic of Tina, I think she’s being very rude and a diva, more than Rachel ever was. Sam was trying to do something nice for her and she’s ditching him. I was looking forward to seeing Tina at Prom with Sam, anyways…. 😦

Over in NYC, Rachel and Santana are at work. Rachel is still sad about her audition and is convinced that she didn’t get it. Santana tries to keep her positive and says they’ll be other opportunities. To prove this, Santana shows Rachel a video of a commercial she did for Yeast-I-Stat which is meds for yeast infections. The commercial is hilarious.

This is the only video I could find, so ignore the random Glee faces around it.

I’m sorry Cooper Anderson, but this beats your free credit commercial hands down. 😉

In the hall, Kitty is approached by Bree, who I really don’t like. Bree starts getting mad and rude at Kitty because she heard that Kitty was going to vote for Tina. Bree says that a Cheerio needs to win and Kitty is super lame for letting the Cheerios down for the Glee club.  I think that Bree could very easily be the love child of Sue and Roz because she’s full of fast-talking stupid insults. Either way, Bree and her Cheerios walk away, leaving Kitty to think.

In the choir room, Sam is talking with Mr. Schue a bit because Sam is feeling down, but then Sue comes in. Sue says that a lot of kids are getting sick so she’s demanding that to prevent outdated diseases like scurvy, everyone will be getting needles. Sam immediately starts freaking out because he doesn’t like needles. As a needle-hater myself, I know how he feels. Mr. Schue is also against this because he says that it’s ridiculous that Sue is making everyone do this when the illnesses she listed don’t exist anymore. But Sue is principal and what she says goes.

Finally we’re back at NYADA. Rachel is in the dance room with a bunch of other people tuning pianos when Kurt comes in. Kurt notices that Rachel is sad and says that since the audition she has lost her mojo. So to get her happy and rejuvenated again, they sing ‘Get Back’. It’s an okay performance and I love them singing together, but the song is just okay…. Either way, it works and at the end Rachel is grinning.

It’s time to get shot, for Sam. He hesitantly makes his way to the nurse’s office to see a young pretty girl, playing with and setting up the needles. Her name is Penny Owen, played by Lea Michele’s real life friend Phoebe Strole. Sam, a bit taken back by the pretty girl, says he’s scared. Penny explains that she’s a sophomore in college and she’s doing this as an internship to get into medical school. But before Sam could get the shot, he runs off, to scared to go through with it. I’m sensing a cute Sanny/Pam relationship brooding here. 😉

Dis be Penny

Although Kitty wasn’t going to campaign for Prom Queen, Tina notices a lot of posters doing just that. She finds Kitty and asks her about it, but Kitty assures her she didn’t put them up. ND comes up and also gets on Kitty’s case about it. Though it’s not said, I’m totally sure Bree put them up.

Finally we meet Dani, Santana’s new love interest. She’s played by the wonderful Demi Lovato. At the restaurant, Santana and Dani are filling ketchup bottles and Santana makes a lesbian joke, knowing that Dani is lesbian (she has good gay-dar). But Dani says she’s not a lesbian, making Santana stutter as she tries to retract her joke. Then Dani smiles and admits she’s joking and is 100% lesbian. Heehee! They bond over outing horror stories (Dani’s mom caught her with a girl so she grabber her guitar and left for New York). For the first time EVER Santana is flustered by a person and after making some lame excuse, she runs to Rachel and expresses her fears. Santana says this the first real lesbian she’s ever liked and she’s worried that Dani may not like her back. But Rachel says that Santana is an amazing person and Dani totally likes her and everything will be okay. I don’t know why but I like seeing this weaker side of Santana. It’s definitely making her a more round character.

Blaine and Artie are in the hall when Sam rushes by. Sam’s on his way to the nurse’s office with a ‘snake bite’. But Blaine and Artie know he’s just trying to see Penny again. Sam admits that he really likes her. Blaine says she’s chaperoning the dance and Sam should play it cool and dance with her. That leads into the first Sam solo in a while, ‘Something’. During the song, we see Sam in Penny’s health and safety class where she’s teaching the Heimlich maneuver to a bunch of eager boys. Sam also pictures himself dancing with Penny. Ugh, I love Samcedes but this is kinda cute too! When Sam finally goes into her office, Penny is packing up her things because, as she tells Sam, Sue has fired her. Sam says that if she can give him his shot, that’ll make her a good nurse and he’ll talk to Sue. So she does it, right in the butt. Sam right away hurries to Sue and says that Penny needs to stay as she has done the impossible by giving that shot. Sue decides that since Penny can supply her with drugs and meds, she’ll keep her around. She also knows about Sam’s crush though.

Remember Dottie, Tina’s Asian assistant? She’s back! She’s helping Tina campaign for Queen and is handing out flyers and saying, “Vote for Tina, Don’t be racist!” Hahaha! Bree comes up to Dottie and offers her a chance to be cool. She offers Dottie a spot on the Cheerios, and all she has to do is help her with something. Dottie agrees. NO DOTTIE, DON’T SELL YOUR SOUL TO BREE. SHE’S EVIL.

Back at the restaurant, Rachel confidently tells Santana that she’s ready for new roles and rejection isn’t going to stop her. Yay, Rachel! They’ve just worked all night and Rachel is ready to go home. But she suggests that Santana stays and tries to hang with Dani. Dani, who is sitting with her guitar and staring out the window, explains to a shy Santana that she’s watching the sun rise, as she likes to do. She invites Santana to join her, and she does. With music from Dani’s guitar, the two of them sing ‘Here Comes The Sun’, which is super cute, and one of the episode’s best songs. Their voices are so perf together too. We see Dantana dance around the empty restaurant in the fresh sunlight and eventually outside and down a street. They arrive at an apartment building and Dani says it’s her stop. Before they part, they kiss. And it’s cute. I know that Brittana shippers are probably crying right now, and I feel for you, I do. But I also think that Santana’s fresh new relationship is sweet and Dani is so adorable.

It’s PROOOOOOOM TIIIIIIME! It starts with Ryder, Jake, Marley and Unique on stage singing ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ which is a weird but upbeat song.  During the song, we see Tina arrive in a fun and elegant black and white dress. We also see Sam talking to the un-fired Penny, who claims to be there just to deal with dance-related injuries. Sam convinces her that he’ll get hurt soon and she should dance with him, and he takes her hand to lead her away.

Bree corners Dottie and asks if everything is in place. Dottie says yes, but also says she’s scared. And Bree, good at manipulation, says that Dottie is weak and has been for ages and now must rise above and just do the task.  Ugh, Bree, no one likes you. Just stop.

Sue gets the nominees on stage and then announces the winners. Prom King is Stoner Brett and Prom Queen is… TINA! Tina is super happy and when they’re crowned, everyone cheers. But then, at the side, Kitty notices Dottie with her hands on a rope, that is attached to a bucket sitting above Tina. Kitty watches in horror as Dottie pulls it and blood-red slushie falls directly on the newly-coronated Tina. As everyone watches in shock, the bucket then falls and hits Brett on the head, knocking him out. The crowd starts laughing and ND hurry to go help Tina.

Tina is in the choir room, crying her eyes out. No one deserves that, even when they’ve been acting like a diva all episode. Right away, everyone in ND offers to help clean her up and get her back out there. But Tina gives up and says she’s going home. All she wanted to do was win and be in the spotlight just once without something going wrong. I can’t name a time where she has gotten that, you know. But Blaine says firmly that if she wants to go home she can, but they all agree that it’s her night to own and she should stay and do it right. All the girls offer their own dresses to her, as Tina’s is stained red and cold. So Blaine starts playing ‘Hey Jude’ on the piano and as they all sing along with featuring crazy good vocal runs from Blaine, they clean Tina up. She ends up putting on Kitty’s pretty pink dress. If you can look me in the eyes and say you hate Kitty still, I will punch you out because she has been the sweetest person ever omg. Tina ends up going back to the stage and gives her speech. I’m happy for Tina because she deserves to have some happiness. She has been a mess lately so hopefully this is the start of a change.

The next day, or so we assume, we see Roz dragging Bree into Sue’s new office (and I do literally mean dragging). Roz tells Sue that it was Bree who set up Tina’s Prom prank and she should be suspended. But instead, Sue congratulates Bree and tells her to keep up the good work. She explains that ND needs an enemy because that’ll make them stronger. So I guess it’s not the end of Bree’s reign quite yet… 😦

In the restaurant, Santana and Rachel are chatting when Kurt comes in, in uniform, ready to work. Since Vogue.com doesn’t pay, he took this job because he wants to start a Madonna cover band. For the sake of the show, I’d like to see that happen. Rachel proposes and idea that the three of them stay in NYC for two years, no matter what happens to them for better or for worse. As they pinky swear it, the restaurant’s manager comes up and says there’s a man at a table requesting Rachel.  Rachel goes over and see’s the Funny Girl producer. This time, she doesn’t break into song. He asks if they have whole cakes, to which Rachel replies they do. So he asks for one of those and says she has to write a message on it. What does the message say? ‘Congratulations Rachel Berry, you are Fanny Brice!’ Rachel freaks out, as did I and the rest of the world, and after thanking the producer, she runs and hugs Kurt and Santana. RACHEL WILL BE IN FUNNY GIRL! YAAAAY! From there we see Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Dani singing ‘Let It Be’ and celebrating Rachel’s achievement. Over in Lima, we see ND also singing that, dressed up to go along. And that song closes the episode.

Yup, that’s the end of 5×02. Like I said, not the best. Plots, I found, are super repetitive. The whole Tina at Prom thing was basically what happened to Kurt in S2, especially with Blaine convincing her to stay and accept it gracefully. The Bree storylines are just repetitive bullying from everyone who’s ever interfered with ND. On the plus side, Dani was a great addition, I’m so glad Rachel got the part and finally Tina is happy. Though I must say that having Tina win PQ was so predictable. She’s the only female senior that year in ND. Though I don’t understand how she won. If ND are such losers and Tina is such a quiet person, how on earth did she get enough votes? The only reason Rachel won last Prom was because Quinn and Santana made her win. No one voted for her. On a different note, I was kind of upset that Glee didn’t do ‘Twist And Shout’ because that would have been a great dance song for Prom. I was also very, very upset that Klaine didn’t go to Prom together. They went to both of Kurt’s Proms but they totally ignored Blaine’s Prom. I wanted some fiancé Klaine happiness, but okay then…. But what did you think? A good episode? Are you glad Tina won?

Next week….oh man…next week is going to be…hard. It’s 5×03, which means it’s the episode where Finn dies. Glee has avoided it so far, but now it’s happening. The episode is called ‘The Quarterback’. The promo is…. very sad. It’s only 30 seconds, like always, but it was long enough for me to start crying already, and as you know, it takes a lot for me to cry. Here it is, watch if you want, but maybe have some tissues on hand first.

Crying, again, I am. You know what really got me the first time and made those tears really fall? That one clip with Kurt. That just killed me. And then seeing Rachel…oh gosh… I can’t do this. The song you hear is Rachel singing ‘Make You Feel My Love’. This will be a hard episode to watch. Part of me wants to see it now just to get it over with and the other part of me never wants it to come. Seeing Rachel so happy in 5×02 when she got the role was actually sad for me because I knew that she’s all happy now but in a week, she won’t be the same Rachel anymore….. Okay well, that’s all I have to say. I’ll have a day off from school next Friday, which I’ll use to mend my broken heart and blog in the morning and cry in a private setting. Stay strong, Gleeks, and I love you dearly. ❤

P.S.  On a lighter note, has anyone been seeing Amber on Dancing With The Stars? I know I said I wasn’t planning on watching, but every Monday night I’ve found myself with nothing better to see, so I’ve seen all 3 episodes so far. She and Derek are AWESOME!

P.P.S. An hour ago I got home from school and in my mailbox was Season 4 of Glee, which I am super excited about. I have refrained from watching all the special features online so I can watch them on these DVDs. 😀 I can’t wait to sit down and see them all again!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katrina
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 21:37:34

    I actually liked the episode a lot. I thought they brought back a lot of things from other seasons and Sue was PERFECT! I was a little confused on how Tina got elected for prom queen too, but Glee, being the very self-aware show that it is, did mention that they don’t even know how it happened, which I thought was hilarious. Also I loved Sue announcing the Prom Queen winners and how she was like “Cheerio in neck brace, Asian #1, Kitty I don’t remember your last name, and Ramdom girl I’ve never seen,” I thought that was hilarious.

    The Cory episode will be hard. I’m looking foward to it though because I feel like it will make things better, tie up some loose ends, or show some sort of relief. I hope they do celebrate his life rather than just mourning his death because we need some happiness.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 08:40:42

      Haha yes, Sue was rather likeable in this episode. Even when she was dealing with Bree I didn’t have a huge problem with her. Oddly enough, I feel that Sue is at her best when she’s principal.
      The way she announced their names was not only funny, but she called Tina the same thing she did in S1 when she and Mr. Schue were splitting up the Glee club. Or was Mike Asian #1?
      Yeah, I read that the next episode will focus on the happiness rather than mourning. That’s why we won’t find out the cause of the death, it’s not about that.


  2. Audrey
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 12:05:59

    No… I really didn’t like this one all that much besides they New York storyline. IT seemed very predictable and lame. There has been much better episodes from glee than this one. Tina is acting really stuck up.. I think that Ryder needs to say if he’s staying or not. That’s confusing for me. I’m also confused if ND has their 12 memebers. If not I want to know why they don’t. And also next week’s episode will be SOOOO sad to watch. It’s so sad to have one of our own gone 😥 Seeing Chicago the Musical today!!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 14:17:45

      I have to agree. All of Lima’s events seemed used already and unoriginal. There were parts I liked, like Penny and Sam or Kitty being awesome, but no, it wasn’t Glee’s best. I, too, NEED to know what’s the deal with Ryder and the number of members because if Glee tries to let ND compete with less than 12, I will be mad.
      Next week will obviously be tough to see. It’s not the characters’ tears, it’s the actors’….
      Chicago? Oh, tell me what you think! I saw the movie a while ago and to be honest, I didn’t like it all that much. I thought it was kinda dumb and boring. Maybe it was because I was watching it at 2am, but still….


  3. thefanwriter
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 16:11:08

    I hope with the hiatus they will be able to really focus on making some good episodes with an actual original plot. Most of the new kids are just lesser versions of the original characters. And I agree with you, everything feels really repetitive which is disappointing. They still have some great characters from original ND that they can do a lot with rather than focusing on Quinn/Santana #2. What I’m really interested is the characters in NYC. I wasn’t initially excited about demi joining the cast, but her character is actually refreshing and will be good for Santana. I can’t wait for more of that!


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 16:20:15

      Glee has and always had so much potential. What we need is to see them use that. We already have a bunch of characters that we love to death and then some that maybe we’ll get used to, as you said, they have potential still. Glee needs to stop giving us more and more people because they’ve just about exhausted the originality factor. Some new characters like Dani are a great addition because they are different and not a lesser-liked clone.
      I hate hiatuses for the obvious reasons, but I hope they put them to good use.
      You said you like the NYC plots so you’ll probably be happy to hear that around 5×08-ish there may be a greater focus there because Grad will have happened and Artie is going to NYC and maybe Blaine too, which should be cool (that is if you didn’t already hear those rumors).
      We’ll have to see how it goes!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  4. Audrey
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 20:59:27

    Chicago was good. Some of the songs were long. But it was good. I keep re-singing songs in my head 🙂 I love glee! And im weird btw


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