Cory/Finn Tribute Songs From ‘The Quarterback’ :(

Get tissues. Now. Seriously, don’t even read the next line unless there’s a fresh box of tissues right next to you.

This week, on the 10th, is THE episode. The episode where they kill of Finn and we have to watch everyone be sadder than they’ve ever been. The music is here and it’s pretty sad. There are six songs and all of them will either make you cry, or want to cry. There’s no other option. You will be sad. I know that some people had said they were going to not listen to the songs and hear them for the first time in the episode. That’s totally fine, but not what I’m doing. I figure that if I’m going to inevitably cry come Thursday, I might as well try to lessen the tears by being prepared for what I’m going to hear. I want to focus on what I’m seeing on Thursday and not what I’m going to hear. So that’s why I’m listening now. But if you aren’t, or you want to wait a few days, that’s cool. The songs are here when you’re ready. Take your time.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ (by Adele or Bob Dylan) sung by Rachel
This song is by far the worst of them all in terms of the level of sadness you’ll feel, so if you can make it through this one, you’ll be okay for the others. You can hear Rachel really cry here, and what’s worse is that we know it’s not Rachel crying, it’s Lea. It’s a beautiful song, though. She sings it perfectly and with so much emotion that I’m crying again.

‘I’ll Stand By You’ (sung by The Pretenders) sung by Mercedes
This is the only song in the episode that’s recycled. As you know, Finn sang this in Season 1 to Quinn’s baby, which he thought was his at the time. But now we hear this song in a whole new light. A sadder light. Mercedes, naturally, sings it well. I really love how we have songs from the originals here. I do wonder, however, just from the lyrics, if they’re singing this not only to Finn, but to Rachel and to themselves as they deal with their heartbreak? That’d be really sweet, actually. ❤

‘Fire And Rain’ (by James Taylor) sung by Sam and Artie
Aside from Puck, Sam and Artie were probably Finn’s best friends. We saw him personally interacting with them both on several occasions and so having them sing this song is great. It’s not the episode’s best, but it’s sweet and meaningful.

‘If I Die Young’ (by The Band Perry) sung by Santana
This song is already a sad song and so when you pair it with Santana’s beautiful voice, it’s super sad. It’s also not the best song of the episode, but it’s equally as meaningful because it’s Santana’s most inner feelings. We’ve only ever heard her sing emotional songs to Brittany or something, so this is really nice.

‘No Surrender’ (by Bruce Springsteen) sung by Puck
Puck. Puck is truly Finn’s best friend. All the way from the start, and who knows how long before. Although they’ve had their tiffs, they still were buddies, and that’s so awesome. So for Puck to get to sing such a song that’s all about memories and being young, it’s really touching. Plus, we haven’t heard from Puck in a while, so it’s even better. I heard that Puck is going to have a big moment in the episode where he makes a big decision.

‘Season Of Love’ (from Rent) sung by Tina, Mike, Santana, Kurt, Puck and Mercedes
This song, I have to say, is my favourite of the episode. I love how it’s the originals singing, the characters that we all love. I also like how it’s not as sad of a song. It’s more of a happier song, which is good and needed. After all, this episode is about celebrating Finn and Cory. I feel like this will be the episode’s closing song in attempts to leave us on a more positive note.

So those are the songs. They’re very emotional and very sad and I really hate how they even exist, but that’s that. They’ll be available on iTunes tommorrow and a portion of proceeds will go to some charity in Cory’s name, which is awesome. So which song is your favourite? Which song made you cry the most? If you didn’t listen to the songs, and just read through the post, which songs are you excited/not so excited to hear? Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again on Friday morning with my recap of 5×03 ‘The Quarterback’. That’s all for now. Stay strong, Gleeks! ❤


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 07:14:14

    In my middle school chorus, we sang Seasons of Love, and I thought it was quite possibly the most cry-worthy and powerful song in the whole, wide world. And now I just listened to the Glee version which proved me right all those years ago. I’m still crying as I type and hum in the otherwise-silence of my apartment.

    I haven’t heard any of the other songs yet. I might just listen to that one song over and over till I cry myself to sleep at my desk. So beautiful.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 09, 2013 @ 20:55:30

      Awww I love hearing people’s personal anecdotes, especially when they’re as personal and important as that.
      Like I said, ‘Seasons Of Love’ is my favourite song there, but they’re all so meaningful and sad. ❤ Beautiful, though.


  2. kmhands91
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 13:50:27


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