5×03 The Quarterback

You know, I’ve never really struggled to think of a post starter. Usually after a Glee episode as I lie in bed, so many blog ideas come flooding to me and it’s great. But the fact that I’m opening a post by stating how much trouble I’m having opening a post goes to show how messed up I am right now. And how messed up I was. Last night was episode 5×03 of Glee entitled ‘The Quarterback’, though it was also called ‘Farewell To Finn’ and ‘The Cory Monteith Tribute’. Call it what you want, because I’m calling it ‘The saddest thing to ever air on TV’. Yes, if you didn’t see it, the episode was extremely sad and heartbreaking. If you thought ‘Shooting Star’ was bad, brace yourself because that seems like a joke compared to this. I had a bit of a cold so I was a mess of tears and snot the whole hour. I was crying from start to finish and then some. I guess this is the part of the post where I rate the episode out of 5 and critique what I liked and such, but I think y’all can understand why I’m not going to do that today. Glee didn’t make this to be the best, they made this to say a meaningful goodbye and I understand how difficult it must have been. What I am going to say is that Glee did an amazing job. I’m not just saying that. Honestly. The acting was superb. They did a good job saying goodbye to Finn. Some fun facts about this episode: 1. Lea Michele actually had a lot of say in the writing of this episode; they ran everything by her first and she made sure everything was meaningful and special. 2. Most of the scenes in the episode were first take, especially Lea’s scenes because Ryan and the crew didn’t want to make any of them do it again. Anyways, here’s what happened in this super sad episode. And as much as I’m thrilled that you’re reading this to hear my perspective and find out what happened, I just want to say that if you haven’t seen the episode yet, or aren’t planning on it, I suggest you watch this one episode. If you see just one episode of Glee in your whole life, ‘The Quarterback’ would be a good one.

The episode starts with a song, ‘Seasons Of Love’ from RENT. Everyone from ND are dressed in black and are singing it. Some of the grads come in and sing lead, too. It’s really sweet and a happier song than the others in the episode. I had thought it’d be the closing song, but I guess having it open was good too. After the song, a large picture of Finn in Season 1 appears on a screen behind them all. Since it’s the first scene of the episode, it’s the first time we can see the hurt and sad looks on all their faces. It’s really depressing.

Next we see Kurt in New York, packing things to take to Lima. He says in a voice over that the funeral was 3 weeks ago but now Mr. Schue has a little memorial at McKinley and everyone who can is attending. Kurt can’t believe it’s real and that he actually lost his bother, but it’s slowly sinking in. Although he doesn’t say so explicitly, we can assume that Rachel is a mess.

At McKinley, Emma is talking to Will and Beiste. She says that no one has come for grief counseling yet. Sue walks in and states that it’s because Emma isn’t a grief counselor and that if people want to mourn, they can do so at the tree that she planted. But when Sue says it, it’s laced with rude and sarcastic insults, like normal, making the other three get mad at her. Sue claimes it’s her way of mourning, as well as her lifestyle.

In the choir room, ND past and present all meet. Will says that he wants them to all sing songs to help remember Finn and the best moments of him. Although none are too keen on the idea, Mercedes gets up and says she wants to go first. She sings ‘I’ll Stand By You’ which was sung in S1 by Finn. Mercedes does a lovely job with it. Even though it’s the same song, it’s so different from Finn’s version, which I think is great.

Apparently the Sue tree planted was actually Kurt’s initiative. We see Kurt sitting in Sue’s office and Sue proceeds to tell Kurt that the tree was stolen and Kurt hands over money to get a new one. Who stole it, you wonder? Puck. We see Puck sitting in his house with the tree in there too. Why would Puck do that?

Kurt, Carole and Burt are in Finn’s room, going through his things. They’re sorting clothes and clearing out the place. They come across the football from that game where Kurt was kicker was back in S1. They decide to keep that. They also come across the ‘faggy lamp’. Remember that? In S1 when Finn called it that and Burt got mad at him? Finn apparently kept it in his room to prove a point to Burt and Kurt. Burt decides he wants to keep that lamp. He says that when he got mad at Finn that time he was wrong and just taking out his anger on a pretty much innocent person. Burt goes on to say that he wishes he had hugged Finn more. All Burt ever did was pat on the back and keep it casual, but now that he’s gone, he realizes that more hugs were needed. They proceed with the clearing and come across Finn’s iconic Letterman jacket. Kurt claims dibs on that, saying that seeing Finn in it was like seeing superman. He puts it on and starts to cry. That’s when Carole loses it. She starts sobbing and saying that being a parent of someone dead is the worst because she literally lost her child. For the longest time it was just Carole and Finn alone and now it’s just Carole. As her crying gets worse, Burt and Kurt immediately get down and the three of them sit on the floor in a hug. This was a really sad moment because it’s a reminder that Finn’s death didn’t just affect the kids; it affects Carole a lot too.

The next scene takes place outside in front of that old dumpster. Kurt, clad in the jacket, and Puck are standing there watching kids sign the dumpster in memory of Finn. Kurt says that Finn was an icon for them because he was both popular and a loser. Puck couldn’t care less about the dumpster or the people. What he wants is Finn’s jacket. He says Kurt doesn’t deserve it. But Kurt is adamant (good for him) and won’t give it to Puck.

Later, on the stage, ND are sitting in a circle and Sam and Artie sing ‘Fire And Rain’. I have to say that it’s the least emotional song of the episode, but it’s still sad. At the end of the song, Santana gets up and leaves. She goes into the hall and sees the memorial of candles and cards and things outside Finn’s old locker. Even Figgins is there, crying a bit. As Santana looks at it, Bree come over and starts blowing out the candles. She says it’s on Sue’s orders, and Figgins says he’s powerless. So Santana storms to Sue. Sue is in her office, arguing with the secretary about which one of them farted. I only add that because it made me laugh. Sue is the principal and she spends her time doing that. I don’t know why, but it was funny and it felt weird to smile. Anyways, Santana comes in furious as ever, and starts screaming at Sue, saying that Sue is evil and she’s always hated her. Since Santana isn’t a student there, she has no fear of being expelled so she goes all out, saying that Sue was always mean to Finn and she can guarantee that Finn hated her too. The yelling gets worse and it ends with Santana physically shoving Sue against a filing cabinet in her anger and then leaving.

In Emma’s office, a student has finally come to her. It’s Tina. But it’s not for the right reasons. Tina explains that she’s tired of wearing black because it reminds her of her old self. You know, the goth Tina we all loved… Anyways, Emma is upset that Tina hasn’t come for real help and after giving her some pamphlets, Tina leaves as Will comes in. Emma then talks to Will and says that Will hasn’t cried yet (though I don’t see how that is possible) and maybe is bottling up his emotions. She says that whenever he needs to let it out, she’ll be there for him.

Puck has been acting weird all episode, and it doesn’t stop here. He goes into the locker room drunk and find Beiste. She and Puck connected in S3 so I’m glad he’s with her. Puck says that no one understands him and gets pretty angry. Beiste sits him down and then Puck beings to really cry. This is a side of Puck that we have literally NEVER seen and it’s awful to watch. Puck explains that he always had Finn to help lead him in life and now he’s gone. Beiste says that he has to deal with that and be his own leader, for nothing can be done. Puck then asks if they can retire Finn’s football number, which Beiste says she’ll do if Puck puts back the tree. She knows he took it! I don’t know about you but all I could think about when I saw Puck cry was Mark’s deleted ‘no’ Tweet when we all found out Cory had died. Puck and Finn were bros just liked Mark and Cory were…

It’s Santana’s turn to sing. In the choir room, she gets up and after saying some rather sarcastic things about Finn’s passing, she sings ‘If I Die Young’. It’s a sweet song, but like Artie and Sam’s song, it’s not the best. However, three-quarters of the way through the song, Santana starts sobbing and has to stop singing. Mike and Will go to her to hug her or something but Santana literally screams (like literally “AAAAAHHHH”) and runs out of the room. That was really scary, actually. Santana is obviously more upset about this than she’s letting on. Kurt goes and finds her sitting on the stage alone. He sits next to her and Santana explains to him that for once in her life she wanted to be nice and not say anything mean or sarcastic. She even wrote a bunch of nice things down. With some pushing from Kurt, she reads them out. She says that Finn was always nice to her. When they hooked up that one time in S1 he kept asking if she was okay, and once she sat in chocolate cake by accident and Finn walked around behind her until school ended so no one would see. Kurt says that Finn didn’t just do that because he’s nice, he did that because he cared for her a lot. Santana asks for Kurt to leave and before he does, he drapes the jacket over her shoulders.

Puck, in a better frame of mind now, sings ‘No Surrender’ in the choir room. But the whole time he sings and plays guitar, he’s staring at an empty chair, which is really sad to watch. After the song, everyone in ND goes and hugs him and each other. But the sweet moment is ruined by Santana storming in and demanding that Puck gives back Finn’s jacket, which is somehow is missing. Puck says he didn’t take it, but no one believes him. They start yelling and Will has to put a stop to it. As everyone clears out, Kurt says he can keep it for the night only. Will then says to Puck that he understands that everyone wants a piece of something to remember Finn with.

Santana, also in a better frame of mind, goes to Sue and apologizes for pushing her and yelling. But Sue says that Santana was right. They sit down on the couch in the office and Sue says that she always thought that Finn was a great guy and wishes she still had the opportunity to say so. She even imagined teaching alongside him one day. She hopes that Finn didn’t die hating her. Seeing Sue cry was also upsetting. Because like Santana, her cruel words were just a defense mechanism.

The memorial in front of Finn’s old locker grows a bit more as ND add things like some of Finn’s drumsticks. They all have heartbroken faces as they do so. Kitty breaks the silence by saying the set up is a bit cheesy, but then from the side, Rachel comes with Kurt on her arm, and Rachel says it’s actually really beautiful.

Finally, FINALLY, it’s Rachel’s turn to take center stage. She stands in front of ND and slowly cries as she says that she loved Finn very much and she knows he loved them all too. She says that she used to sing solos in the car but then when she was with Finn, those solos became duets. So she decides to sing the first song that they ever dueted on in the car, ‘Make You Feel My Love’. She cries as she sings it, as does all of ND. Even Kurt and Blaine are seen crying and holding hands. Yeah, that hurt me a lot because Finn was like a brother to both of them and he’ll never attend their wedding. 😦 On a slightly different note, I’m glad they added that second long Klaine bit because for the whole episode they were sitting apart until this song, which I understand is okay because it’s not about them, but at the same time, they’re fiancés now and they should be allowed to sit together at least. Anyways, Rachel’s song is definitely the saddest of the episode. Apparently Lea picked it, too, which only adds to the emotion.

In the hall, Santana is putting up posters for the missing jacket. Will sees her and the posters and they talk a bit. Santana says she doesn’t know when she will, if ever, be coming back to Lima, as it only makes her sad and reminds her of what she lost (is she hinting at Brittana here as well?) Will says that as a teacher, seeing kids leave is the goal. Then they hug, which is sweet because it seemed that Santana never really liked Will.

Like promised, Puck replants the tree for Finn. Beiste helps him and as they drink some root beer, Puck looks at a little plaque in the ground and says that the little line between the year of birth and year of death was Finn’s whole life. So Beiste asks him what Puck plans to do with his own line now. Puck says that without Finn, his plans have changed. And now, he’s going to join the army. He wants to become an air force pilot. After he hugs Beiste and she says for him to “Have a good line!” he rides off on his motorcycle. Okay, this is where I think I’ll be a bit critical. First off, as much as Puck is way more suited for the army than Finn was, it seems that Glee is sorta….getting rid of Puck… because without Finn, Puck has nothing to do. He was going to write a screenplay and help Finn become a teacher, which was great, but having Puck now just write a screenplay isn’t a good storyline at all, and I get that. But by sending him to the army, they literally don’t have to deal with Puck anymore. We’re not going to see him in the army at all so the most we can hope for is him  returning for a few special events or something IDK. I wish Puck wasn’t leaving because he was such a great character, but I kinda feel like this is the end of Puck for a while. I hope I’m wrong…. And as for what Beiste said to him about having a good line, I think that’s really powerful. It’s a good quote, actually. As an added bonus gesture, Puck had carved QUARTERBACK into it, which was sweet.

Rachel returns for one last scene in the choir room. She goes with a big briefcase in hand and finds Will writing stuff down. She asks if he’s okay because she knows he’s been a rock for everyone. Will says he’s not okay, but he’s dealing and will be fine in time. He then asks how she’s doing. Rachel starts to cry and explains that she had this plan to be star on Broadway and then one day come back to McKinley and find Finn teaching and just feel at home again. Now her plan is gone and she feels lost. Will tries to help and say that she needs a new plan now and maybe it’ll be a better plan and she’ll be okay. But that doesn’t really help her stop crying, so Rachel changes the subject a bit. She opens the briefcase she had and pulls out a plaque she had made. It has Finn’s picture and dates and a quote on it. They go and hang it where Lillian Adler (you know, that fat lady with the quote about Glee)’s plaque used to be.

I think this is an awesome quote. He said it in ‘Night Of Neglect’ which is kind of ironic because that is actually one of my least-favourtie episodes. It’s also a good motto for Glee and Gleeks now, in the sense that just because this happened does not mean Glee is over. Putting this up is really perfect because now he’ll be there in the choir room protecting everyone like he did before. ❤

The last scene is about Will. He goes back to his apartment and sits down on the couch. The he opens his bag and pulls out the missing jacket. Yes, Will took it. I saw that coming, I swear. I knew from the moment he saw Santana’s posters. Anyways, Will proceeds to cry. Like really cry. Emma comes home to find him literally sobbing into the jacket and she rushes over to hug and comfort him. It ends with that. I actually liked the ending because as I’ve said before, Glee used to be about Will. Season 1 was pretty much about him and his failed marriage so to end an episode with something like this is a good reminder of that. Also, Finn was a good friend to Will. He was going to be his best man and Will has helping Finn become a teacher and it was him who got Finn into Glee, so I think it was really special. I just hope that jacket is returned to Kurt and Santana soon.

And, well, that was the end. ‘The Quarterback’ is over. I don’t really know what to say other than aside from the fact that it was such a sad episode and I’m literally crying as I sit here typing this, it was honestly a beautiful episode. We don’t find out how Finn died, which I know a lot of you were wondering, but in a way, that’s best because it’s better that way. We got a chance to see all the characters in their most vulnerable states, which was something else and very meaningful. Although we all know that it wasn’t the characters crying, it was the actors. I do, however, wish that all the old cast were there. Minor characters like Rory and Sugar and Joe weren’t there, but the most obvious person missing was Quinn. Also Brittany wasn’t there, but there’s a legitimate reason why (P.S. Did you hear that she had her baby on September 28th? A boy named Elijah!). Quinn was obviously an important person to Finn so her absence was kind of upsetting, but I’m not going to rant about it now. I have a post in the works about Quinn and Dianna and stuff, so keep an eye out for that in the next week or two. You know, I think we were all a bit wary of Glee killing off Finn, as it’s the darkest thing to happen on Glee, but a while ago I had a poll on here and out of the 104 of you who voted, 85% of you thought Glee should kill off Finn and 15% of you thought otherwise. IDK I just thought that was rather interesting. Anyways, I have nothing more to say. It’s going to be really hard to watch Glee the same after this, I have to admit (though that’s going to be a pain for me because I have a 4 day weekend and my new S4 DVDs to watch…) but I think that an episode like that, although it was painful, was very necessary because it was a goodbye to Finn, who has been a part of us for so long, as well as a goodbye to Cory, who will be very missed. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Okay now let’s wipe our tears and think happy thoughts and talk about the next episode. Unfortunately there is a 3 week hiatus before it, but I kinda think that’s a good idea. We need time to heal. The episode, 5×04, is called ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’ and it features music from both hit singers. I also have a post in the works about that and what we’ll see. So take a look at the promo:

We’re transitioning back into the Glee that doesn’t make us bawl, which is okay. I love both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga so this is good for me. Also, ADAM LAMBERT! Yeaaaah! He should be a great addition to the group. And is Kurt and Santana and Rachel and Dani starting a band? Ooooh! They’d be amazeballs! So this episode airs November 7th. I’ve marked that on my countdown thingy so check in!

So now we’ve reached the end of the post…. I offer my most passionate of virtual hugs to all you Gleeks reading this, as I know this has been one heck of a post and episode. Thank you for reading it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode and the promo and if you’re doing okay. And although I’m sure they’ll never read this, a huge thank you and I love you goes to the cast and crew on Glee who made this possible and brought Cory and Finn into our lives. ❤  That’s it for now!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caren
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 13:55:10

    It was a gut wrenching episode, but necessary. I think they all fid great and chris colfer deserves some acelades for his strength in carrying the episode I think. The hardest part for me was the Hudson-Hummel scene and Rachel’s song. I can’t stop thinking about her “he was my person” line. That wrecked me. Great post as always.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 11, 2013 @ 14:04:29

      It was hard to see, yes. Chris was wonderful, and seeing Kurt care for everyone was sweet, but I feel like Kurt was like Mr.Schue a bit because he didn’t really break down.
      Both the scenes you mentioned were killer. Rachel’s song was so sad and every scene she was in was so sad. I know it must have been hard to film, but it was a really good episode.
      And thank you 🙂


  2. John'Quisha
    Oct 13, 2013 @ 02:15:11

    This episode was beautiful in every way possible …. He was and always be in the hearts of many. No matter where he is, Cory is loved and is watching all of us 🙂 He met the real grilled Chesus 🙂
    I loved all the performances from the episode. Seasons of Love is my fav song. I was crying every moment. I still can’t get over the episode. I hope you are feeling better =•D


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 13, 2013 @ 08:17:07

      This comment is making me cry again! But yes, it was a beautiful and meaningful and rightly emotional episode for a special and loved person.
      And thank you, I am feeling better. 🙂 I hope you are too!


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