Let’s Talk About Quinn

The absence of Quinn in the Cory Monteith Tribute episode, 5×03 ‘The Quarterback’, was a bit disappointing to fans like me who have been here since Season 1. Although when I was watching the episode, I wasn’t focused on the missing girl because there were more important things to focus on, but afterwards, as I thought about it and how beautiful it was, I realize how much more beautiful and meaningful it would have been if Quinn was there.

That being said, there were several missing characters that episode like Brittany, Joe, Sugar and Rory. The last three listed there are, however, pretty insignificant. But Rory and Finn connected when Rory first came, so it would have been nice to see him. As for Brittany, her absence was completely understood as at the time that this was being filmed, Heather Morris was crazy preggers and having Brittany show up like that would have distracted from the purpose. Although it would have been nice because there was that point in S3 when Brittany and Finn connected after Finn insulted her, and Brittany has been there from the start too, I understand.

But Quinn’s absence wasn’t as forgivable to me. Quinn played a vital role in Finn’s life. For all of Season 1, there was the Quinn-Finn-Rachel-Puck love square thingy. Finn and Quinn were even going to have a baby together! And even in S2 Quinn still was a part of Finn’s life because she cheated on Sam with him.  Whether we like it or not, as I know she isn’t everyone’s favourite, Quinn was important. Not to mention that Dianna Agron was close with Cory.

Yeah, I guess this is the point where we have to stop referring to the problem as characters because Quinn is fictional, while Dianna is not. For several months now, there have been rumors circulating that Dianna and the producers and the cast of Glee had a falling out. I’m going to share what I’ve heard here, but please make note that THESE ARE RUMOURS AND A LOT OF THIS STUFF COULD HAVE BEEN TWISTED AROUND (the bullets are just to organize the points I’m making here, but you can read it like one big paragraph):

  • Dianna unfollowed Ryan Murphy on Twitter ages ago. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything because Ryan unfollowed everyone at one point too; we though he was hacked.
  • After we had found out that Dianna wasn’t going to be in the Cory tribute, there came an interview with her and when asked if she was surprised not to be invited back, she had replied “Yeah” in, according to the article, in a cool way. Based on that, we can assume that she would have come back if asked, but wasn’t. However, then there came some report saying that Dianna wasn’t in it due to scheduling conflicts. That’s a bit more believable and understandable, as Dianna has been busy and has been going all over the world promoting her movie The Family, but you’d think that since Glee was such a big part of her life, and Cory too, she’d do everything possible to try to come back. However, Dianna apparently made it to LA for Cory’s memorial that they had at the Paramount studios a few weeks after his death.
  • Then there was rumors that Dianna and Lea Michele weren’t on good terms. No one can prove this, and it sounds a bit fake because Dianna and Lea weren’t ever portrayed as enemies. They did photo-shoots together, even lived together at one point, and for a bit Dianna’s twitter picture had Lea in it too. However, maybe something has changed and they aren’t friends anymore. Maybe their falling out had to do with Glee and Lea’s loyalty to it and the producers’ loyalty to her.
  • It’s kind of clear that Quinn has taken a lot of abuse in the 4 Seasons she’s been involved. From having a baby to going insane to getting hit by a car to dating a professor at Yale, Quinn’s been through a lot. All of that comes from the writers and producers of the show. It’s been said that Glee hates Quinn and it doing everything they can to get rid of her, but I cant understand why because they wrote her like that!
  • I never could fathom this, until I read another interview, this one with Ryan Murphy. In it, Ryan stated that Dianna ruined Quinn for him because they had wanted Quinn to be a cold-hearted witch forever, but Dianna gave Quinn a heart. Although I do believe that Ryan was partly joking because he can’t honestly be punishing the actress for being good at her job and making Quinn a more round character, that does seem a bit true. They didn’t plan for Quinn to be as liked as she was and they had no desire to maker her a star or the focus, so they kind of beat her up in side plots.
  • It goes even further because sometimes it seems like Glee is trying to erase Quinn. In 5×01 when Rachel is singing ‘Yesterday’ she pulls out her phone and looks at a picture of ND after they won Sectionals or something, but Quinn is cut out. Or in the S4 promotional pictures where they had everybody in one shot, Quinn was the only person missing.

Like I said, I don’t know how much of that is true, or how much of the interviews were legit. That’s only what I read. It could all be false, for all I know. The sad part is that it does also seem to be sort of true. We all yearn for the simplicity and joy of Season 1 (but add Klaine)and even more so when the cast may or may not be falling apart.

As for Quinn, from a personal standpoint, I’d love her back on the show. You know, I never really loved Quinn. In Seasons 1 and 2, all she was to me was the person standing between Finchel. I really despised her for that, so when she was with someone else, I liked that more. I do think her relationship with Sam moved really fast (he gave her a promise ring after knowing her for like a month). But they were cute (Samcedes was better, though!). Quinn and Puck didn’t really gel, if you ask me. They were so different and they only thing they had in common was Beth, who we haven’t seen since S3. That was kind of dumb, now that I think about it. Shelby said she was back to lead TroubleTones and share Beth, but as soon as TT lost, Shelby and Beth are gone. Anyways, the point is, Quinn wasn’t my favourite by any means. Until Season 3. The first half was crazy, because Quinn went bonkers. I didn’t like that. But once she cleaned up her act and was a part of ND fully again, she was tolerable. It wasn’t until Joe Hart (Teen Jesus) came in that I really liked Quinn. I thought Quinn and Joe really connected and I forever wish that Glee had pursued that. Joe was different that any guy Quinn had been with. I shipped them. But alas… I liked her roles in S4. I wish they were larger, but seeing her as a role model and advice giver was nice.

If I had my way and could write any plot for Quinn in Season 5, I’d have her come back to Lima more and visit NYC more. Now that Santana is with Rachel, Quinn could go over and the three of them could hang out. Also, send Tina or someone to Yale and have them meet up with Quinn at Yale a few times. No one wants to see Quinn at school on her own, and that’s understandable, because she isn’t the star, so have more parts where she’s with friends on special occasions. Bring her back for the Seniors’ graduation. Have her sing more. Basically, take all the parts of Quinn that we all liked and give us MORE. I had heard rumors last week that Quinn would be back in some coming episode, but there’s no proof or legit confirmation of it, so don’t get your hopes up.

Well, this post was basically my way of venting my disappointment of Quinn’s absence. If it was due to disagreements between her and Glee members, I really wish they would have been able to forgive and forget for just that one episode in Cory’s honor. I really love Dianna and I think she’s a great actress, but I do wish she was still dedicated to Glee. Even though I didn’t love Quinn, I wouldn’t trade her for anything. What are your thoughts on this? Do you like Quinn? What would your dream plots be for her? What do you think about the possible drama with Dianna and the Glee peoples?

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  1. kmhands91
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 14:19:51

    First off, Quinn has always been my least favorite character on the show. That being said I had nothing against Dianna and I think she did a great job of playing that part. I do agree with the fact that is seemed like the writers of Glee were doing anything they could do get rid of Quinn or just make her look like a bad person in general. I was in no way missing her in season 4 but I do wish that she had been there for the Tribute episode to Cory. It was so special to have the other cast members come back and it would have just been a nice little hug fest is she was there with them. I admittedly missed her during that episode.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 22, 2013 @ 16:02:07

      Yeah, 5×03 was beautiful but if I could change one thing, it’d be to bring Quinn back. She was a part of Glee, just like everyone else, even if she wasn’t loved by all. But in all fairness, there are a lot of Quinn fans out there too, which is neat. 🙂


      • kmhands91
        Oct 22, 2013 @ 18:16:16

        There are a lot of Quinn fans and I’m glad she has those. Having her be a part of the episode would have made it even more special.

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