Songs And News Post Hiatus (5×04, 5×05, 5×06, 5×07)

Holla! (sorry, I find myself saying that a lot as a greeting). This post is a compilation of spoilers for the next four episodes. I could have posted this a while ago, but I wanted to wait a bit to fill the hiatus. I hate having weeks where I don’t post at all then I have weeks where I post three days in a row. So anyways, without any further ado, here you have it:

5×04 is called ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’, like you know already (go to my recap of ‘The Quarterback’ for the promo if you haven’t seen it yet). This episode features music from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, two of today’s biggest artists. With the release of their albums all in the same season, there has been some competition between them. Songs for this episode are as follows:

  • ‘Roar’ (by Katy Perry) sung by ND as well as the NYC people
  • ‘Marry The Night’ (by Lady Gaga) sung by Elliot ‘Starchild’ Gilbert
  • ‘Applause’ (by Lady Gaga) sung by Sam, Ryder, Blaine, Marley and Artie
  • ‘Wide Awake’ (by Katy Perry) sung by Jake, Tina, Kitty and Unique

‘Roar’ is a bit overplayed, but I think Glee will do alright with it. We get everyone singing it, which is good. ‘Marry The Night’ is a good Gaga song, so I’m glad to hear it. I wish Glee was covering ‘Thinking Of You’ by Katy, but I guess ‘Wide Awake is okay too…
Who is Starchild? It’s Adam Lambert’s character. He’s here to audition for Kurt’s band (as seen in promo) but Kurt is a bit jealous of his skill and they will be rivals sort of. When the character’s name was released, the first thing a lot of us thought of was Starkid, obviously. A few times I almost typed Starkid instead of Starchild here. But his name is not Glee’s attempt to steal for TSK, because Starchild is one of the names from the band KISS. That’s more fitting.
Anyways, ND gets pretty into the music this week. Mr. Schue uses it as a way for the kids to find themselves…. Here’s a picture of shirtless guys. If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Applause’, ND also dress up in those costumes too.


5×05 is called ‘The End Of Twerk’ and if you think I’m kidding, then you’d better check yo’self because I am not. I wish I was, though. What possessed the writers to think that this was a good idea? It’s an awful idea. But what makes this all the more silly is that since Glee’s timeline is messed up, this is supposed to be taking place in May-ish, when Twerking wasn’t all that popular yet. Yeah, I made that discovery this morning. As you can guess, there will be a Miley Cyrus reference and song. Here are the songs:

  • ‘Blurred Lines’ (by Robin Thick feat. TI and Pharrell) sung by Kitty, Bree, Artie, Jake and Mr. Schue
  • ‘If I Were A Boy’ (by Beyoncé) sung by Unique
  • ‘On Our Way’ (by The Royal Concept) sung by ND
  • ‘Wrecking Ball’ (by Miley Cyrus) sung by Marley
  • ‘You Are Woman, I Am Man’ (from Funny Girl) sung by Rachel and Paolo (her co-star and nothing more)

EW. That’s what I have to say about this. EW. Why in the world is Glee doing ‘Blurred Lines?’ WHYYYYYY? I despise that song. It’s disgusting and annoying and EW. I mean, if you like it, then good. It’s catchy, I’ll admit, but I do not like it and I really wish Glee wouldn’t do it. While we’re on the topic, why is Mr. Schue singing it too? That’s just creepy….. And while I’m not a huge fan of ‘Wrecking Ball’ I think it’s an okay song for Glee to do and Marley to sing, as long as no one tries to recreate the video, because that was just disturbing. Marley apparently sings it because Jake and Bree get closer. Like, ew. Rachel starts Funny Girl in this episode and learns that it’s not as great as she thought it to be.

5×06 is called ‘Movin’ Out’ and it’s another tribute episode. This time it’s to Billy Joel. While I don’t know that much about him, I do know that every Billy Joel song that Glee has covered has been awesome. In this episode, graduating ND members decide what to do with their lives. Blaine talks with Kurt in a coffee shop, and apparently, Blaine wants to be a doctor. Um… who saw that coming? NO ONE. We’re also going to get a flashback from Blaine to when he was a child. Songs for this episode, all by Billy Joel, are:

  • ‘Piano Man’ sung by Blaine
  • ‘Just The Way You Are’ sung by Kurt, Santana, Blaine, Rachel and Sam
  • ‘An Innocent Man’ sung by Ryder
  • ‘My Life’ sung by Jake
  • ‘You May Be Right’ sung by Kitty, Artie, Jake, Mr. Schue and Ryder
  • ‘Movin’ Out’ sung by Sam and Blaine
  • ‘Honesty’ sung by Artie

Although ‘Piano Man’ was covered by a weepy and drunk Bryan Ryan sort of in S1, I think everyone is excited to hear Blaine sing it again. Other than that, I don’t know any of the other songs, so we’ll have to see how it goes. But Blam duets are cool, always!

5×07 is called ‘Puppet Master’ and not much is known about the episode. The songs are known, but not the Glee singers. They are:

  • ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Miley Cyrus
  • ‘Cheek To Cheek’ by Fred Astaire
  • ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds
  • ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen
  • ‘Into The Groove’ by Madonna
  • ‘Nasty / Rhythm Nation’ by Janet Jackson

PLEASE STOP WITH THE MILEY CYRUS. You CAN stop. The Simple Minds song is best known from Breakfast Club, so I’m excited to hear it. And the Queen song is dedicated to someone special, but we don’t know who yet.

So that’s all the news I have regarding episodes and songs. What are you looking forward to? What are you not looking forward to? And, look, if you are a Miley Cyrus fan, I’m sorry for vocalizing my disdain, but I really don’t like her and or she’s been doing. Anyways, that’s all for now. 🙂 TTYL, Gleeks!

P.S. 12 Days until Glee comes back! Yaaaay!


In 5×07, ‘We Can’t Stop’ has been changed to ‘What Does The Fox Say’.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katrina
    Oct 29, 2013 @ 22:01:33

    Normally I agree with everything you say here, but sadly, today I didn’t. Sorry.
    First, I love the song “Blurred Lines” I think it’s really cool, so I’m really looking forward to hearing Glee covering it. As for all the Miley Cyrus songs, I’m not personally a big fan of her music. But I do think that the things she has been doing are actually really smart for a young artist her age. I think she has a plan for what kind of musician she wants to be and isn’t afraid of doing what she feels is right. It is pretty amazing that she has been in the public’s eye since she was a little girl, and had to deal with people basically telling her that who she is, is wrong and she should stop being herself; it’s pretty amazing that she had enough confidence and strength to not go with the easy way and just be who people want her to be, but who she really is. It takes a lot of strength to be able to do that. I think she is a very smart girl.

    And as for the Blaine being a doctor thing, surprisingly I saw that coming. I once read a fanfiction where he wanted to be and I thought that it actually worked really well. So I think that is pretty cool. I am really excited for all the new episodes.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 29, 2013 @ 22:18:28

      Hey, don’t feel bad for disagreeing with me! I love it when people want to discuss points I make, especially when it’s on a topic like Glee where there’s no right or wrong answer (except Klaine; Klaine is always right ;)).
      I’m glad you’re at least enjoying ‘Blurred Lines’. Like I said, it’s catchy and fun to groove to at dances, but the video and the overall message of the song rubs me the wrong way. It’s not the kind of song you want a five year old singing, and when Glee does songs that aren’t family-friendly, it’s either super uncomfortable to watch or it’s a joke. :S
      As for Miley, while I respect her for doing what she wants and not listening to the haters, I just think that it’s disappointing because so many people grew up with her as their wholesome idol and now she’s turned on that so much. It’s like she was repressing her oddity until she was old enough and then just going wild in the most inappropriate of ways. Had she been that way from the start, I think criticism would be less, but since she went from good girl to rather disgusting and crazy girl it’s a big shock.
      It’s not that I have a problem with Blaine as a doctor, it’s just that this idea came out of nowhere and if he pursues it, all his talent is going to waste. :S


      • Katrina
        Oct 29, 2013 @ 23:06:35

        I haven’t actually seen the Blurred Lines music video, but I know it’s bad from what I’ve heard and what the song says. For some reason though songs like that don’t bug me really. I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t really listen to the lyrics if they have a good beat. But yeah.

        And with Miley I agree has shocked us a lot with what she did because we were used to the sweet country girl who we all grew up with on Hannah Montana, but if we forgot about what she was and just knew how is now, there would probably be a different reaction. Her twerking was pretty weird because we never saw that from her before. For example, Lady Gaga was wearing a thong at the VMA awards, however no one really made a big deal about that because its Lady Gaga. She’s worn a raw meat dress, so this was slightly expected. But with Miley it wasn’t expected for her to do that. I’ll have to admit that it was very disturbing and gross, but it wasn’t like she randomly got up there against everyone’s will and started twerking. There was rehearsals and practices, so obviously the VMAs didn’t have a problem with it. So if she’s comfortable going up there and doing that, then good for her.

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