Glee Goes Gaga For Katy! Listen Here!

Haha title puns! :3

Hello! I have some bad news. You know how we used to get new Glee music on New Music Monday? Well, if you check you calendars, you’ll see that it is not Monday today. So I guess we’ll be changing New Music Monday to New Tunes Tuesday (thank goodness it’s not Wednesday because I can’t think of anything for that!). The reason for this is because Glee is selling the music on iTunes as EPs and albums, it comes out Tuesday at midnight as opposed to Monday, like before. I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed at this. I really liked having the new music on Mondays because it motivated me to get out of bed and listen to it all during breakfast. Anyways, this is how it is now so c’est la vie, I guess.

This music here is all from this week’s episode, the first after the 3 week hiatus. Today is also the first week where the music wasn’t released/leaked early (although ‘Marry The Night’ was put a few days ago, but the majority of it was today). There are four songs here, two by Lady Gaga and two by Katy Perry, which makes perfect sense since the episode is called ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’ and ND is forced to summon their inner pop star. The songs are really good to begin with, but Glee makes them awesome! Take a listen:

‘Roar’ (by Katy Perry) sung by ND and the NYC peeps
This song is now reaching the point where it is extremely overplayed, so I wasn’t thrilled to see Glee do it, but they did it well, and I like how ND starts it off but by the second verse the NYC people join in. That really powerful part after the bridge is sung by Dani (she’s back!), I think, which is good because she has a really great voice.

‘Marry The Night’ (by Lady Gaga) sung by Elliot (Starchild) Gilbert
This is Adam Lambert in all his glory. Adam is playing Elliot Gilbert, but goes by the name of Starchild (from Kiss, I suppose). This song is okay and Adam sings it well, but in all honesty, it sounds too much like the original. The story here is that Elliot sings this as his audition for Kurt’s band. 🙂

‘Wide Awake’ (by Katy Perry) sung by Unique, Jake, Tina and Kitty
This is perfection. Boom. Perfect. Yes. I wasn’t crazy about this song, even when it was Katy Perry’s version and I was even less excited when I saw that Glee was doing it, but as soon as I heard it, everything changed. This is my favourite song of the episode, hands down. It’s beautiful and smooth and PERF. I’m not a huge fan of Jake and Unique’s voices normally but here I just love them. This will deffo be on repeat on my iPod.

‘Applause’ (by Lady Gaga) sung by Sam, Blaine, Artie, Ryder and Marley
It took me a while to figure out who the main singer is here, when I first heard it. I wondered if it was Blaine or Ryder, but it didn’t sound like either, plus they both had their own parts in it later. Finally I realized it was SAM. It’s a bit of a different genre for Sam, and I can’t say it’s the best for him, but if the goal is to embrace their inner Gaga, it’s okay. I think Glee did an alright job with this. It’s better than ‘Roar’ and ‘Marry The Night’ for me. Though I have to say, I’m more excited to see the group in crazy Gaga outfits. 😛

So those are the songs for 5×04 ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’. There are only four, which I think is a good number because that means there is more time for plots. So what do you think? What’s your favourite song? Are you happy that Glee is doing Katy/Gaga or do you wish there were different songs here? Let me know! That’s all for now!

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