5×04 A Katy Or A Gaga

As someone who strongly dislikes hiatuses, I have to say that the one that just ended was very needed. Three weeks ago, ‘The Quarterback’ aired and the fandom was not okay, so having that break to regroup and heal was good. So by the time last night rolled around, I was more than ready for Glee to return! The episode last night was called ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’ because it featured the music of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, two huge stars today who differ in styles. Overall, the episode was pretty good. The music was good and the guest star was super cool. I have to say that the plots, specifically in McKinley, were weak but not awful. So I give 5×04 a 2.5 out of 5. So Gleeks, Katy Cats and Little Monsters, here’s what happened:

It starts with Mr. Schue coming into the choir room and announcing who ND’s competition for Nationals will be. He lists a few, but the one that stands out is Throat Explosion. Once ND hears that, they freak out and are sure they’ll lose now. Blaine explains that the group is super hardcore, like they don’t even have classes because all they do is perform and sing….that’s pretty hard to believe, but okay…. Tina, who is very upset, compares ND to lame old Katy Perry against the super Lady Gaga, who ND used to be like. So Mr. Schue decided to use her metaphor as a lesson, saying that they embody both Katy and Gaga, who are both successful yet are different. So he takes a poll, and pretty much everyone in ND identify with Katy, who’s not as crazy, but is still awesomely talented. Unique, Tina, Jake and Kitty, however, say they’re a Gaga, on the wilder side and not afraid to be so. In order to get the group out of their shells, Mr. Schue says that all the Katys will do a Gaga song and all the Gagas will perform a Katy song.

Over in NYC, in the restaurant specifically, Kurt announces that he’s starting a band. In 5×02, he had mentioned in passing that he wanted to start a Madonna cover band, but I was sure that it was one of those things that Glee says just to make a silly joke. But that wasn’t, as Kurt really is starting a band, only he’s decided against the Madonna idea. He’s planning to hold auditions, but asks Dani, Santana and Rachel to join. Rachel declines, saying that she’ll be busy with Funny Girl. But Dani is into it, and agrees right away. Santana eventually agrees too, only after Kurt agrees to give them a say in things too.

In the hall, Sam sees Penny Owens, the nurse-in-training. Penny shows him her fake tattoo and says she’s going to a Skrillex concert with her lame ex-boyfriend. Penny admits that she has a musical dark side, which is funny because you could never tell by looking at her. Sam, on the other hand, does not have a dark side, as shown by the True Jackson VP poster he displays in his locker. For those who don’t know, TJVP is a Nickelodeon show geared toward people between the ages of 6-12 and it got canceled after a few seasons. Sam is clearly concerned for his chances with Penny, as they clearly are different people. He talks to Blaine, who says that Sam needs to impress her, and her musical dark side, by being a Gaga and embracing the weird.

Also in the hall, Kitty and Artie are talking and Artie is still unsure about Kitty’s love for him. When he asks if she’s still okay with it all (meaning the wheelchair), she kisses him (awww!), but Becky interrupts and says that she had Artie first. Why Kitty would care about what Becky says is beyond me, but oh well!

Over at NYADA, Kurt is holding auditions, but no one is showing up ad Kurt is quickly losing hope. The one person who had signed up didn’t show, so Kurt is ready to call it quits. But just as he does, in comes a rather interesting man wearing bedazzled clothes, a top hat and platform boots. He’s the one person who signed up and his name is Starchild, played by the always entertaining Adam Lambert.

Starchild sings ‘Marry The Night’ by Lady Gaga, and he goes crazy. On top of his killer vocals, he makes use of the stage and even swings on the chandelier. He sings it well, but I can’t say it’s a standout for Glee. At the end of the song, Santana and Dani are super impressed and want him in right away. But Kurt isn’t sure. He looks a bit scared after the performance and tells Starchild and Santana that his look is too crazy and out there, which is not what he’s looking for. Kurt says that he’ll need to tone it down to be in the band. Wow, Kurt. For someone who’s worn girl clothes and a sparkly things and A KILT TO PROM, he’s pretty judgmental. If you ask me, I think he’s jealous of Starchild’s crazy singing skills. It wouldn’t be the first time Kurt was; remember in 3×04 ‘Pot O’ Gold’ when Rory sang ‘Take Care Of Yourself’? Kurt was not thrilled with his good range.

In Sue’s office, Bree is called in, wearing nothing but police tape wrapped around the her, a look that was done by Lady Gaga. Bree explains in a rather annoying voice that it’s because ND is doing Katy and Gaga. Sue exclaims that the idea is ridiculous and should be stopped.

Jarley hasn’t gotten much screen time lately, (not that I’m desperate for them) but in this episode, they do. In the hall, Marley and Jake plan a date, but Jake isn’t into it, saying that all they do is go to Breadstix then go see a dumb movie. He’s bored and says that Marley is such a Katy, meaning she’s not spontaneous or thrilling. Marley replies that she can, and we’re left waiting for the proof.

Sam took Blaine’s advice about Penny to heart and goes crazy trying to make the Gaga song as wild and dark as it can be. No one in ND is offering any good ideas, so Sam takes charge and says they’ll be singing ‘Applause’ for the whole school, and Penny. In order to get a bunch of people to come, he enlists Becky’s help. Becky is none too pleased, but agrees to help.

Rachel tells Kurt that Santana filled her in on Starchild and she thinks he’s awesome too. Kurt still isn’t into it and says that he’s tried being outlandish and unique, but he’s not getting any success. Basically, Kurt is jealous that Rachel got the Funny Girl role and Santana has done that commercial and he’s got nothing (though I can’t understand why an internship at Vogue is nothing). Rachel says that she’s always loved how Kurt paves his own way and doesn’t let anyone’s standards fence him in. That’s true, though. Kurt is weird and special and has a jacket made out of recycled hemp and we love that.

So Marley tries to change things up and set up a new date with Jake. Again her ideas are casual and lame, but Jake is polite and fakes interest. As they walk in the hallway, Bree comes up to them and offers Jake a chance to help choreograph a new routine for the Cheerios. At first Jake says no, but when Marley encourages him to do it, he agrees.

Everyone is in class now (oh yeah, they still have classes!) and as Sue gets on the announcements, Becky, dressed as Lady Gaga from this year’s VMAs, takes the mic and commands everyone to turn on their laptops. As everyone does, they see a video of Sam dressed as Lady Gaga as well saying that everyone should come to the auditorium to see some Gaga goodness. Sam finds Penny watching the video with confusion and he says that she should come. She isn’t sure, but he convinces her.

sam gaga

In the choir room, the Katy group is brainstorming ideas. Kitty, Unique and Tina are all throwing out ideas, but Jake is lying on the piano, looking dead. Finally he sits up and says that he is crazy bored and then he leaves to go help the Cheerios. Kitty says that it was Bree who got him to do that, and even Kitty says she’s evil. So right away, Unique, being the good friend she is, finds Marley and warns her that she could lose her man to Bree. Marley isn’t worried and says she trusts Jake and says that even if Bree is more promiscuous that she is, she’s not going to change herself.

It’s showtime, and Sam, Blaine, Ryder and Artie sing ‘Applause’ even dressing up like Lady Gaga does in the video. Marley, however, is there too, but she is not wearing her costume. Instead, she is wearing a Katy Perry costume from the ‘California Girls’ video. The song is good and hearing Sam take lead was cool, but it wasn’t spectacular overall. After the song ends, Sam right away turns to Marley and demands to know why she’s dressed as a Katy. Marley says she wasn’t comfortable with her costume, which was basically a bikini made out of black gloved hands (see the Applause video for it). But the fact is that Marley defied the assignment and so Mr. Schue suspends her for a week. WHAT? Mr. Schue are you out of your mind? Are you seriously suspending her from performing because she wasn’t okay with wearing a crazy Lady Gaga costume? I think that is just stupid. On the other hand, Marley could have maybe voiced her uncomfortableness earlier so the group could maybe make other arrangements. Or maybe she could have picked a different costume to wear? Not all of Gaga’s outfits are revealing.

As much as I didn’t looooove the Gagas’ song, it was a good performance, in terms of theatricality. And the Katys are wondering how they’ll top that. Their original plan included stealing a live tiger to use, but Lima has no zoo, so instead, they get Jake to dress up like a tiger. Not only is his costume super silly, Jake isn’t thrilled with it either. So Tina finally says that as much as Katy has done some crazy and cool things, at the end of the day, her songs are wholesome and nice, not always over the top. She suggests that they focus on the music, and just the music.

At that New York restaurant, Kurt is back working and in a monotone voice, he approaches a new customer. That customer turns out to be Elliot Gilbert. But we know him as Starchild. Only this time, Elliot is totally toned down. No crazy eyeliner or sparkly hats, just a normal dude with normal glasses. Kurt is super shocked to see him like that. Kurt sits down and Elliot explains that he’s from Jersey and loves the New York life. He also has a bucketlist, and one of the items on that is to be in an indie band (totally off topic, but did you know that indie music is short for independent music? I didn’t know that until recently….). Anyways, Kurt says that upon consideration, he’s decided to accept Elliot in either the toned down look, or as Starchild. Even when Santana walks by, she doesn’t recognize Starchild. So Kurt asks him if he’ll join, and although he doesn’t say anything, it’s a yes. Yay!

So Sam goes to find Penny and asks her what she thought of the Gaga song, but Penny says she didn’t love it. Then she admits that she’s found that she doesn’t have a musical dark side, what she really has is an attraction to badboys because she’s been labeled as such a good girl. The truth is, she doesn’t have a dark side and actually likes mainstream singers….like Katy Perry. So Sam right away exclaims that he does too and then they make plans to go see Katy Perry on tour the next year. The Sam asks her out and that leads to the two of them kissing. 🙂

The Katys take the stage and sing a totally beautiful acoustic version of ‘Wide Awake’. It was simple and calm and seeing the performance was much better than just listening to it because you can see Brad jamming out on the piano. Honestly, this is my favourite song of the episode. Penny and Sam also come see are acting all cutesy as they watch the song.

Marley didn’t see the song though. Her suspension also included banishment from watching, so she, dressed in her Katy outfit, is at her locker, in tears. Jake comes up after does his best to make her happy. He ends up inviting her over to his house. And that leads to them making out on his bed. And like expected, Jake starts getting handsy, but Marley puts a stop to that right away. So the two of them detach lips and talk about this. Jake is a bit mad because he says he’s been understanding and trustworthy since the start, and she clearly doesn’t trust him. But the fact is, Marley isn’t ready, and that’s okay. Marley is only in grade 1o, I think, so she’s like 16. Jake says that she’s just being silly because there are tons of other girls who are. Marley yells, telling him to go be with them then. And he does. Jake leaves and goes to find Bree and he asks her out, but not on a date, if you catch my drift. And Bree, being the person she is, accepts. That seems like the end of Jarley. My opinion is that Jake was a huge jerk. Even on Valentine’s Day he was ready to get with her and Ryder had to tell him off. Jake clearly is a Puckerman, but needs to understand that Marley is fragile and isn’t ready for that. And the fact that he thinks that dating her for half a year should be enough time is just wrong. I mean, yes, Klaine and Finchel weren’t exactly model couples, but they’re relationships aren’t like Jarley’s either so don’t go comparing them. Good for Marley for sticking up for herself.

With Kurt’s band set, all they need now is a name. They’re sitting and trying to come up with some, but Kurt is rejecting them all. Rachel comes in, back from Funny Girl rehearsals, and as a joke, throws out the name Pamela Lansbury, a mix of Pamela Anderson and Angela Lansbury. (I had no idea who the second person was and had to look her up). Either way, as soon as Rachel says that name, everyone in the band looks at her as if she was God. And just like that, the band name was set (if you ask me, I think it’s a rather silly name). Kurt then asks Rachel to reconsider joining the band. He says that even when Barbra Streisand was doing Funny Girl, she was also touring around and doing other things. So Rachel finally agrees. 🙂 Now the band is really complete!

Even though the Katy and Gaga songs are over, ND are still decked out in costume and chilling in the choir room. In comes Sue, and basically, the first thing she says is that everyone is suspended as their crazy outfits are against school rules. How that is possible as we’ve seen some pretty crazy outfits over the years and what Bree was wearing was waaaay worse, I don’t know. Sue is just back to her games, it seems. So Will decides to stand up to her. He looks her in the eyes and says that she’s tried to beat them many times, but he’s always won and he’ll do it again so she better be prepared to hear them roar. That leads into ND singing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ on stage wearing loincloths and swinging on vines. I appreciate this song for the shirtlessness of all the guys. Off to the side, Marley is watching, and waves to Jake, who waves back, but then Bree also comes in and Jake looks awkward. Hmmm… Also in New York, the new band also sings that song, so we get to hear them in action, which is magical. And that is the end of the episode. 🙂

Yes, the Katy verses Gaga episode is over. But I have to say that I don’t think Katy and Gaga are competing with each other at all in real life. Anyways, the music was pretty good and having Adam Lambert there was cool because he’s cool, but the plots weren’t awesome and Jake bugged me a lot. The episode was just meh….

But I want to know, are you a Katy or a Gaga? Katys see themselves as powerful, fun and sweet, but can get dramatic at times. Gagas are wild and dark and loud always. Which one are you?

Next week is 4×05 called ‘The End Of Twerk’ and here is the promo

Ugh. Hate me if you will but I don’t think I’ll be liking this episode. This may be the first time ever, but I’m on Sue’s side here. Please end Twerking now. Please. I do not want to see anyone twerking, especially not Mr. Schue. Also, I do not want to see Marley on a wrecking ball….at least she’s clothed. :S And Kurt and Rachel are getting a tattoo? Please no. I mean, no. I hear that Kurt comes out wrong, though so….yikes. ON THE PLUS SIDE, the only plus side I see in this promo, KURT IS SHIRTLESS. This is a big event for Gleeks because we have NEVER seen Chris without a shirt. Not even in a photo shoot. We’ve seen him in muscle shirts so we know that he’s probably super ripped. But really, we’ve seen basically every male character on Glee without a shirt whether it was on Glee or not. Even Figgins so….. yeah…. I think I speak for us all when I say that we’re very excited to see Kurt now. 😉

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 09:26:36

    I thought this episode was great. I would give it a 3. When Starchild came in I nearly freaked out, I LOVE Adam!!!! But the plot going on in New York was great!!! Unlike McKinley. It seemed… like they were trying but they weren’t. I thought it was weird with Marley how they suspended her. I know glee is a place of freedom, and during their lady gaga week everyone was wearing something gaga-esque. This time they go Katy and Gaga and the world has spriled out of control. Grrrr. I’m excited for next week!! I love Miley’s Music but her self as a image… just no. No. She used to be amazing but it all went downhill. I’m sorry for Miley. But Mr.Shue going with the glee club and twerking… this upcoming episode might turn my opinions…


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 09, 2013 @ 09:45:40

      I love Adam too! He’s so awesome. 🙂 And yeah, the New York plot was fresh and new and interesting while the McKinley stuff felt old and used, particularly regarding Jarley. The suspension of ND and Marley was just ridiculous.
      Next week seems okay from a fangirl point of view, because what fangirl doesn’t want to see Blaine twerking, but as someone who also watches the show with a critical eye, I can’t see it being the best. I see it being rather weird and uncomfortable too. :S we’ll see how it goes.


  2. Abbie
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:08:48

    I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers, but the episode doesn’t sound great;/ I agree with Audrey about miley, she’s a great artist, but she needs to snap out of this ‘shock the world’ phase:L I quite liked Starchild’s performance, unlike Kurt;)


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:49:35

      Kurt was just jealous that another super attractive gag male with outrageously good singing skills and quite an eye and talent for fashion has arrived. Understandable to some extent because who wouldn’t be jealous if Adam Lambert came to upstage you? ;D


  3. Aud
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 18:42:11



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