Vote For The People’s Choice Awards!

Why should you do this, you ask? Because, as I told my religion teacher the other day, you’re a people and you should exercise the right to have a choice. Simple as that. Plus it’s fun. 😛

I don’t know if this is how it worked last year, but this year, we had to vote to be able to vote, meaning we had to nominate a pre-selected group of people (or a write- in) first, and now we are really voting for the finals. This year, Glee and it’s cast were up to be nominated for 8 awards and we got them all! YAAAAY! I think Glee is running with the most, which is fantabulous.

Here’s what we have to vote for regarding Glee:

  • Glee for Favourite TV Network Comedy
  • Chris Colfer for Favourite Comedic TV Actor
  • Darren Criss for Favourite Comedic TV Actor
  • Jane Lynch for Favourite Comedic TV Actress
  • Lea Michele for Favourite Comedic TV Actress
  • Blaine/Sam (Blam) for Favourite TV Bromance
  • Rachel/Santana (Pezberry) for Favourite TV Gal Pals
  • Kurt/Blaine (Klaine) for Favourite On-Screen Chemistry

If you thought voting between Melissa and Blake for TV Newcomer in the Teen Choice Awards this past summer was tough, this will be harder because we have to vote between Chris and Darren, as well as Lea and Jane. I’m picturing Sue yelling into her megaphone “You think that’s hard? Try picking between your favourite people ever. That’s hard!” Because I’m the kind of person who literally can’t choose and wants a fair game, I’m going to vote an even number of times for everyone, so when one of them loses, I personally won’t feel bad. There are three categories: Movies, TV, and Music. All the Glee-related nominees are in the TV part.

This year, the PCA are trying to rally as many votes as possible by using social media as much as possible. On Twitter you can vote by using the correct hashtags and a retweet also counts as a vote so I’ve seen some dedicated fans go crazy with that. You can also vote on Facebook, but I don’t know how that works. On top of that, the PCA have an app which allows you to vote easily and quickly and repeatedly, so I use that a lot. Then you can go old school and vote on using your computer on the website. The point is, if you’re bored and or have a few minutes to spare, it’s simple to vote multiple times, so get to it!

Click Here To Vote Online!    Download The PCA App Here!

So have fun voting for a few months, and tune in to the PCA on January 8th 2014!

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been watching Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Six episodes in and I’m loving it! Is anyone else watching it? If you don’t think you’ll like it because you’re not into the whole superhero thing, don’t let that stop you because neither am I, but I still actively look forward to each episode. The characters are so lovable and the show has some cool plot twists. Give it a shot, Tuesdays at 8 on CTV!

P.P.S. I’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars, even though I wasn’t going to, and Amber is KILLING IT every week with her partner Derek. They’re always top of the group and don’t seem to be headed home anytime soon, so good job Amber!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kmhands91
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 19:57:10

    I have 3 comments. I voted a bunch of times for all of the Glee peeps for every category they were in because, like you, I was completely torn when it came to choosing between them. 2nd, I’ve been on a superhero kick for my entire life and I am a huge fan of Marvel (I have been waiting impatiently ever since Thor came out to see the 2nd one, which was FANTABULOUS btw) and I have yet to watch Agents of Shield. I really really want to so it’s nice to hear good things about it. Maybe I’ll catch up when I’m not already watching 12 shows at once. 3rd, I don’t watch DWTS, but I am in love with Derek Hough and have been watching the videos of him and Amber and they are destroying the competition. It’s wonderful.
    Okay, I’ll stop talking now. 😀


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 10, 2013 @ 20:03:46

      1. Good job, keep voting! It’s open until January sometime so we have plenty of time to secure a win!
      2. Like I said I’m not a huge Marvel fan, but have seen some of the Avengers’ singular movies. The first Thor was pretty good, Chris is so awesome. I don’t think I’ll go see Thor 2 in theatres, but I’ve heard it’s good so I’ll probably rent it when it’s on DVD. But SHIELD is super good so I totally recommend it, especially if you’re a Marvel fan. But I’m watching about 12 shows too so I know how busy one may be.


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