5×05 The End Of Twerk

Hello, Gleeks! How are you? Did you catch Glee last night? No? Oh, well I have a recap here just for you! Last night’s episode, 5×05, was called ‘The End Of Twerk’ with Twerking being that crazy new dance commonly associated with Miley Cyrus. I’m sure that there are millions of Youtube videos you could watch if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyways, the episode was okay. Not the best. There were some good parts, but the music was just meh and the plots weren’t the strongest. All in all, I give ‘The End Of Twerk’ a 2.5 out of 5. And now without further ado, here’s the recap, just for you:

It starts with a viewer discretion warning. I haven’t seen one of these on Glee since ‘Shooting Star’. I guess Glee does not want to be held responsible when your impressionable five year old daughter starts Twerking because she got a pro lesson from Kitty. Anyways, I thought it was amusing.

In the choir room, we see Blaine with headphones in, putting away the chairs. As he does this, he’s dancing around and his dancing turns into Twerking. Little did he know, Tina was in the hall, watching it all and filming it. This video goes viral (or at least around ND) and the next day in Glee, they’re all watching it, to the annoyance of Blaine. Will says that Twerking is new and fresh and it’s maybe just crazy enough to help them win Nationals. So he appoints Jake and Kitty to give them all a Twerk-torial. On the stage, Kitty helps them all Twerk, or at least try to. From afar, Sue is watching and she does not look pleased.

Over in New York, Rachel is at a hair parlor and she’s telling the stylist that she wants something fresh and different. We don’t see what comes of that until she goes to her Funny Girl rehearsal and pulls of her hat to reveal a bob cut!

Yo. Crazy! I can’t say I loved it right away, but it made her look more mature, and it was certainly different. Anyways, the Director did not like it. But Rachel says she’s been going through a lot and she needs to be free to do what she wants. Rachel and her co-star Paolo rehearse ‘You Are Woman, I Am Man’ which is just meh. I was a little distracted by her new haircut. At the end of the song, the Director decides that he actually loves the new cut! 🙂

Back at McKinley, Unique gets out of class to go to the bathroom, but instead of going to the boys’ bathroom, she heads to the girls’. But our favourite bully Bree is in there, and although she promises in her fake little voice not to tell anyone about Unique’s change in bathrooms, we can tell it’s not going to turn out well. And it doesn’t because, as Unique narrates, that started a bathroom pandemic. Everyone was using everyone’s bathrooms and after a while it turns into a legit party in there with strobe lights and music. As a real highschool student, let me tell you that that is completely implausible and unrealistic.

Kurt hasn’t seen Rachel’s new haircut yet so when she comes back to the apartment, Kurt sees it and is super surprised. But before Rachel can argue anything, she pulls off the new look (literally). It was a wig. Part of me was really relieved because like I said, I didn’t love it. But I have to say that that is one super real-looking wig. Go back up to that gif and really look at it! I literally spent the entire time during her song with Paolo trying to notice if it was a wig or not, and I couldn’t tell different at all! Anyways, Rachel tells Kurt that she still feels in a rut and needs to do something wild. She wants the old highschool urgency back. Kurt disagrees, and Rachel says it’s because he’s boring and does nothing exciting anymore. That must convince Kurt because he stands up and decides to be crazy with her.

We haven’t seen a Sue’s Corner in a while, but it’s back now! Sue’s beef this time? Twerking, obviously! She vows to end it in McKinley and also in Ohio public schools everywhere. For once, I completely and 100% agree with Sue. That’s a weird feeling, let me tell you. The next day at school, ND are very mad about it. Will decides that Sue can’t take over everything again. He tells ND that Twerking is a way of expression and it’s a way of blurring the lines between acceptable and not acceptable dancing. That leads in to a very weird version of Robin Thicke’s controversial song ‘Blurred Lines’. (Fun Fact: This isn’t the first Robin song covered by Glee. In  ‘Silly Love Songs’, Blaine and the Warblers sing ‘When I Get You Alone’ at the Gap Attack to Blaine’s crush, Jeremiah). During ‘Blurred Lines’, Will and ND dance around the school, but the dancing from ND and other students joining in is very raunchy. As for the song, I don’t like it and I was worried that having Will sing it with a bunch of kids would be very creepy, but because they weren’t singing it for it’s disgusting meaning, it wasn’t as bad. During the song, Jarley is also dancing together, and they look okay, but then Jake makes eye contact with Bree and it’s clear that things are very not okay. Later, Will is called to Sue’s office and Sue informs him what the song is really about. She says his song, and the dancing, is super inappropriate and then fires him. He stands up to her again and says that he’s not going and he’s also going to appeal to the school board.

So Kurt and Rachel’s plan to get crazy involves getting a bit drunk and getting TATTOOS. They go to a tattoo parlor and look though some tattoos to pick from. I can’t believe they’re doing this, though. Neither of them seem like the type, you know? We don’t see the tats being done, but the next day, Kurt shows Rachel. And by showing her, KURT HAS TO TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT! Yes my dear Gleeks, we have finally seen Kurt without a shirt! FINALLY.

Here we go. Don’t mind the weird face Kurt has. Besides, if the first thing you looked at was his face, chances are, you’re either a lesbian or a straight guy….

 This is not a manip. This is real. This is Chris Colfer’s body. 😀 Okay, okay, back to the point. His tattoo, which is on the back of his right shoulder, is supposed to say ‘It Gets Better’, written specifically in Kurt’s fave font, but as Rachel looks at it, she notices that it says ‘It’s Gets Better’. And Kurt is super mad. Then he asks to see Rachel’s tattoo, as they had planned to surprise each other. But Rachel slowly tells him that she backed out and therefore, doesn’t have one to show. That only makes Kurt madder and he storms off.

Again Unique goes to the bathroom during school and this time, she runs into the Jocks in the bathroom. They’re even worse to her than Bree because they bully her verbally, flush her wig down the toilet, and shove her against the wall. When they leave, Unqiue starts singing ‘If I Were A Boy’ and then sings the last half in the choir room for ND. After the song, which was a good choice for the situation, Jake and Ryder immediately volunteer to go beat up whoever bullied her. But Unique and Will both say that it won’t change anything.

At the Board Meeting, Will gets up and brings up the topic of Twerking. He says that the dance is a new form of expression and over time, there have been many controversial dances that are now considered totally normal like the Charleston, the Tango and Elvis’ iconic pelvic thrust. For each dance he mentions, he has ND demonstrate, which was super neat. And you know what, I think Will really got his point across. To me, at least, who was totally Team Sue. Do I like Twerking any more now? Heck no! But I do see his point. Later, Sue talks to Will, and it seems that Will’s appeal went through. As a bit of revenge, Sue says that Unique made an appeal of her own: to get a coed bathroom. So Sue gave her one: a purple and yellow silly looking porta-potty that’s bolted to the middle of the choir room floor.

Kurt decided to go try to get his tattoo fixed. He storms into the parlor, back to the guy who did it and gets super mad at him. But the guy simply shows Kurt the exact words that he had printed out and as it turns out, Kurt was the one who wrote it wrong. But the guy says that mistakes can be fixed and offers to do it for Kurt. I once watched a marathon of America’s Worst Tattoos and that is super true. The guy also offers to give Kurt a free piercing, and when Kurt is a bit hesitant, the guy says that if Kurt backs out, he’ll regret it and never go back, and maybe regret that too.

In the hall, Bree teases Marley about her awful Twerking. Bree also goes on to tell Marley about her little fling with Jake, rubbing her face in all the details. On top of that, she also tries to make Marley the bully when Marley comments on Bree’s actions. But Bree’s goal to make Marley feel bad worked because Marley goes to Jake in tears and practically begs for it to be a lie. Jake can’t deny it, and tries to explain, but before he can get a word in, Marley runs off and starts singing ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus. She even reenacts the famous wrecking ball riding part, but Marley was clothed, which was good. Though I can’t say I loved this song either, it was totally perfect for the situation, and Marley is a good enough singer to sing it well.

During Glee rehearsal in the choir room, Unique requires the use of the bathroom, but with everyone right there, she doesn’t want to use the new bathroom.  So Will pulls her out into the hall and says that there will always be people to bring her down and make her feel like she won’t belong, so the key is to always be strong and keep trying. Unique understands that and thanks him for his concern. Then Will says that anytime she needs to, she can use the teacher’s bathroom and he’ll unlock it for her. Down the hall, Sue sees him open the door for her. It seems like Sue has nothing better to do than to creep on Will and ND. The next day, Will goes to Sue’s office and Sue says she has a proposition for him: she will give Unique a key to the teacher’s bathroom and remove the porta-potty if and only if Will and ND agrees to never Twerk ever again. But Will refuses to back down to Sue and says that he’s taking a stand against her tyranny, so he declines. And to top it all off, he leaves her office Sue-style, meaning he makes a mess in rage as he goes. We may think that Sue is a tough player, but even Will can play to match her, which is always interesting.

Kurt’s back and he’s all fixed up. Not only is his tattoo fixed, he also got his tongue pierced! :O

 Rachel, like I was, is super shocked. Never in a million years did I think Kurt would do something like that. As for Kurt’s tat, it now says ‘It’s Got Bette Midler’. That makes so sense, but Kurt says he loves it, and that’s what matters, I guess. Kurt tells Rachel, with a lisp, that since Finn died, he’s been in a funk and now it’s gone. He suggests that Rachel should do the same because he knows she’s in the same funk. But Rachel says she’s not comfortable with having a permanent ink on her body, which is totally fine. But after Kurt leaves to show Blaine his new bodily features via Skype, Rachel goes to the bathroom and pulls up her shirt to reveal….A TATTOO! On her right ribcage, in small letters, it says ‘Finn’.

And you know what? I think that’s really cute. That tattoo was for her alone in memory of Finn. Recently I heard that Lea had gotten a tattoo that says ‘If you say so’ because that was apparently the last words Cory had said to her, so I love the parallel there.

Back in the choir room, it seems that Will has had a change of heart. He announces that they are officially done Twerking forever, and it’s not Unique’s fault, like she says it is. He says that they should never betray a friend or one of their own, so he knows he did the right thing. Everyone agrees with that. As a way to get back into their old groove, they sing ‘On Our Way’ by The Royal Concept. Here is a direct quote from me from my last post when the songs came out: “Thirty bucks say it’ll be the closing number where ND realizes that they’ve sung some creepy songs this week and done some creepy dancing so they’re moving past that and going to be the family-friendly group we all know and love.” Yeah, I was pretty dead-on here. So I think you all owe me thirty bucks. 😉 Nah, I’m kidding (unless you want to, go ahead!). After the song, the episode ends. The end!

So like I said, not the best. The music wasn’t the best, though I will admit that it fit the storylines well. I’m not a huge Unique fan at all, so the spotlight she got wasn’t my favourite, and the plot was a bit preachy, but c’est la vie. Also, like I’ve said before, I don’t like Twerking, so I’m glad that it is now over. Why Glee had to even try it, I’ll never fathom. As for the New York plot, not my favourite. Call me conservative, but I’m not a huge fan of tattoos and piercings. A few meaningful tattoos, like Rachel’s, is fine and actually really nice, but those people who have their entire arm covered in weird designs is just kinds weird to me, no offence to anyone. It’s just not for me personally. Kurt especially surprised me this episode because I never would have guessed he’d do that. I don’t really love it on him, just because it seems so out of character. I have a feeling that the piercing will be gone soon. Basically, the episode seemed like it was written by a modern teenage fangirl. One thing I did like this episode is that they’re mentioning Finn. They’re not acting like he’s dead so they’ll never speak of him again. Glee is still recognizing him as important, and I think that’s awesome.

Next week is the Billy Joel tribute episode, 5×06, called ‘Movin’ Out’ because the seniors start thinking about life after McKinley and Sam and Blaine take a trip to NYC. That should be neat. Here’s the promo:

 It’s not the best of promos, but I have high hopes for this episode. All the Billy Joel songs Glee has done in the past have been awesome. And shirtless Sam is ALWAYS welcomed on my TV. I read that because Kurt and Blaine get busy together in NYC, Rachel hangs with Sam (oooh Samchel friendship! Haven’t seen that since Prom in S2!) and she helps Sam get into modeling. Yes, that lady in the promo is the famous Tyra Banks. As for Klaine, I think there’s supposed to be at least one kiss and ‘something more’ implied at the very least. 😉 So like I said, I’m excited for this episode.

Well, that’s it for now! See you guys later! Oh, not even kidding, as I type this I’m listening to Christmas music (Yes, it’s early but I have an obsession!) and literally right now a Christmas song sung by Bette Midler is playing! 🙂 Anyways….Bye!


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kmhands91
    Nov 16, 2013 @ 00:27:47

    I have to say that I am beyond excited for the Billy Joel episode! It is going to be amazing!! Oh and a shirtless Chris Colfer is like a god send as well as Darren Criss shaking his booty. 😀

    And the story about Lea getting that tattoo of Cory’s last words is so touching that I just might cry. RIP Cory.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 16, 2013 @ 08:59:10

      ‘Movin’ Out’ sounds good, so hopefully it’s better than the promo. 🙂
      Oh! I have good news and bad news for you: ‘We Can’t Stop’ is no longer being sung in 5×07. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s been replaced by ‘What Does The Fox Say’…well, that may be good news for you too if you like that song, but I don’t. :S


      • kmhands91
        Nov 16, 2013 @ 10:46:03

        Yes! I’m so glad that “We Can’t Stop” isn’t being sung anymore. Haha. I am however extremely amused by “What Does the Fox Say”. We’ll just have to see number goes. It’s going to be ridiculous yet hopefully funny.

      • pottergleefan4
        Nov 16, 2013 @ 10:49:23

        Nah, I really don’t like that song. It’s hardly a song in my opinion. Anyways, maybe Glee will do it as a joke and I’ll be able to enjoy the silliness of it. 😛

      • kmhands91
        Nov 16, 2013 @ 10:51:47

        I think that’s really the only way they could pull that song off. Have you seen the music video? It’s hilarious and SNL did a spoof of it with Kerry Washington called “What Does My Girl Say” that I think is much more enjoyable. Haha.

      • pottergleefan4
        Nov 16, 2013 @ 11:01:01

        Yeah, the music video is super weird. I had heard about the song on Ellen before it was really popular, and I had also heard it in the very clever Fox tv video. I also did see the SNL version, but it was funny at first and then it just dragged on and after a while I was so done with it.

      • kmhands91
        Nov 16, 2013 @ 11:03:38

        Haha. So hopefully Glee doesn’t make you dislike the song even more. :p

  2. Audrey
    Nov 16, 2013 @ 09:38:00

    Im SOOO excited for next weeks episode!! Im only like 13 but I <3333 billy joel.

    This episode… was… interesting. I loved the NYC story line. Back home it was… ok. I hate twerking…. and that was bad. The whole thing of everyone singing blurred lines drove me insane. For once in my life I had to mute, yes mute the tv because I cant stand that song. Ughh. I liked Rachel's tatt. But jurt went WAY to overboard… it seems anything but him. If he wanted to rebel… then why not do something musical 🙂 seems more- him.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 16, 2013 @ 11:11:53

      Wow, you muted ‘Blurred Lines’? Dang, your disdain for that song must be deep! I don’t like the song myself either, but I managed to make it through the Glee version :3 But just barely, so I don’t blame you.
      Yes! A musical rebellion would have been waaaaaay more Kurt’s style! Thank you! It seems like everyone loved Kurt’s wild-child moves this episode, but me (and now you!). Kurt can rebel through clothes or taste in music because that seems more like him! While I’m all for having round characters, there’s a difference between round and wrong.


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