Billy Joel Tribute Songs From ‘Movin’ Out’

Yes, they’re here! Honestly, coming home from school to these songs is such a  treat! Like I said, these are all songs by Billy Joel as this episode, 5×06, is called ‘Movin’ Out’ (one of his songs). Though I know very little about Billy Joel, I do know that every one of his songs that Glee has done has been totally awesome, so though I grow a bit weary of tribute episodes, I can’t say I was too disappointed to hear of this. So take a listen to these songs!

‘An Innocent Man’ sung by Ryder
We haven’t had a Ryder solo in a while. I wonder if they’ll even mention the fact that Ryder said he’d be quitting ND but inexplicably never did? Anyways, this song is okay, but I can’t say it’s the best of the episode.

‘Piano Man’ sung by Blaine
Possibly Billy Joel’s most iconic song, sung by one of Glee’s best singers. Blaine rocks this. And yes, this is the song that Bryan Ryan started singing in that bar way back in 1×19 ‘Dreams’. Man, that was so long ago! Anyways, Bryan was super drunk and I’m not going to lie, Blaine sings this way better.

‘My Life’ sung by Jake
While I didn’t know this was Billy Joel’s song, I have heard this song before. I think Jake does a really good job with it. A perfect match for his voice. I’m guessing this is about Marley and if I’m right, then Jarley will prolly be officially over. Not that I’m complaining. They’re not the best. Maybe we can try Ryley or Myder or whatever we’re calling them…?

‘Honesty’ sung by Artie
Wow, an Artie solo! I honestly can’t even remember the last Artie solo we’ve had. Anyways, I think this is pretty good. Not the best of the songs here, but still good. Artie has such a good voice. Give him some more solo lines in group numbers please and thank you.

‘Movin’ Out’ sung by Blaine and Sam
BLAM! I do love me a Blam song. Well actually I love their friendship more. Blaine and Sam take a trip over to see their pals in NYC, so maybe they sign this as they go (I’m assuming they take a road trip). I’d say it’s not their best song together (‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ is first!) but it’s maybe second on that list.

‘You May Be Right’ sung by Ryder, Jake, Mr. Schue, Kitty and Artie
This song, out of them all this episode, makes me want to dance. They sing this song to Sue as a way to annoy her. Though having Mr. Schue sing with the kids isn’t anyone’s fave, this is way less creepier than ‘Blurred Lines’, and they all sing it well.

‘Just The Way You Are’ sung by Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Santana and Rachel
Aw the NYC crew in the episode! This is a cute song. And I think people will like it more because it has no newbies. Everyone here is part of the original since S2 cast, and no one hates them the same way some may hate the newbies. 🙂

I honestly can’t say I hate any of these songs, which is great. I’m glad that my prediction for good songs was pretty legit. What do you think of them? I’m excited for this episode. Klaine is reunited, Samchel friendship, no creepy dancing or songs, Blam trip…all good, my friends! 😀 Anyhoo, that’s it for now! Keep on voting for the PCA and see you on Friday with my recap!


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  1. kmhands91
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 22:47:13

    This episode is just asking for greatness. 😀


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