5×06 Movin’ Out

If you didn’t know who Billy Joel was, after last night’s Glee, you should! Yes, last night was the Billy Joel tribute episode! And to be honest, I had really high hopes for it. We all knew that the music was good, and with good music usually comes a good episode. And while the episode had some great parts (and great music) I did feel just a bit let down. Just a bit. It was definitely better than the last two episodes, which was good. Overall, I give 5×06 ‘Movin’ Out’ a 3 out of 5. The episode could have been better, but it wasn’t, by any means, bad. The good thing about it was that it actually had some progression towards Grad and the future. We’ve been waiting for that! Anyways, here is what happened:

It opens with McKinley’s first ever career fair, organized by Sue. But Will soon finds out that there is no career panel available for the arts, and Sue says because it’s unreasonable and shall not be supported. That leads Will to take matters into his own hands. At the next Glee meeting, he says that dreams are always worth pursuing, no matter what. And so that they understand that message, he uses Billy Joel because Billy had a dream and he kept trying for it despite the roadblocks along the way. Then Blaine and Sam announce that they have some news which is that they’re taking a little trip to NYC. Blaine is going to see Kurt and prep for his NYADA audition and Sam wants to go to Hunter College for acting/impressions. So to kick off the tribute of the week, Blam starts singing ‘Movin’ Out’, which is a ridiculously catchy and upbeat song that perfectly matches what they’re doing because by the time the song ends, they’re in NYC, and Rachel, Kurt and Santana are thrilled to see them.

Back in McKinley, Becky and Artie are talking (well, Becky is hitting on Artie), and Artie asks what her plans are after Grad. But before Becky can answer, Sue pulls Artie away and informs him that Becky will be staying at McKinley and to leave her alone.

As for Jarley, things are not good. Marley opens her locker to find a shower of flowers, but she literally kicks them away. Jake comes up to her and tries to say sorry, but Marley is not interested in what he has to say at all. Understandable, I suppose, but ignoring things aren’t the same as dealing with them.

At the Spotlight Diner, which is that place that Kurt, Santana and Rachel work at, Kurt talks to Blaine and Sam, who have just come back from some school tours. But Kurt doesn’t think Blaine needs to look at any schools other than NYADA because he is sure of Blaine’s acceptance. And to prove it, Kurt drags Blaine to the stage and has him sing. So Blaine on the piano, with harmonica accompaniment from Sam, sings ‘Piano Man’. Blaine sings it so well, but I sort of wish they had let Darren do his own arrangement and sing it live, like he’s done before.

Despite Sue’s warnings, Artie goes to Becky and hands her a bunch of college pamphlets, all with great programs that he’s sure she’d love and succeed it. Props to Artie for not leaving her alone like Sue wanted, because he is doing a nice thing.

In the locker room, Jake is working out, but he looks like he’s just working off some anger. In comes Ryder, who declares that Jake was so stupid to cheat on Marley. Well, I guess that friendship is ending too, then. Jake replies that he is who he is and now it’s all out there so Ryder can basically butt out. That leads to Jake singing ‘My Life’ in the choir room. Although I’m not much of a Jake fan at all, I do think he sang this song well, and it’s one the episode’s best. However, if Jake is still trying to make it okay with Marley, that is soooo not the right song to sing.

Back in NYC, Sam is at an interview for Hunter College. But he totally bombs it. When asked why he’d like to go there, Sam says it because there are a lot of girls there and he cares for women’s rights. And from there, it gets worse because he also says he’s into diversity, and he asks the black interviewer if she knows Mercedes Jones. Bad move, Sam. The next thing we see is mopey Sam back at Kurcheltana’s place, talking to Rachel. He says that the truth is, school isn’t for him really since he’s not good at it (gee, I wonder why? Maybe because he’s dyslexic and nobody remembers that!). Sam’s real dream, as he tells Rachel, is to be a male model. It’s been a dream since he was a kid, and we even see a flashback of little Sam, who looks a lot like that Home Alone kid, looking at some magazines and admiring the male models. Then we see future Sam admiring his naked self on the side of a bus. So Rachel decides that she’s going to help him do that and get his start.

Again Artie won’t give up on Becky, and his new part of the plan is calling her to the auditorium. When she comes, he sings ‘Honesty’. Ah, Artie solos. So rare and delicate. 😉 Though Becky thinks the song his about his feelings for her, he says it’s actually about her being honest about what she wants for herself. He knows she’s scared to move on, but he says she’ll be okay and she’ll make lots of awesome friends. Then they hug and it’s so sweet. Artie has always been so nice to Becky, even way back in S3 when they had that one date thing.

In the school’s kitchen, Marley vents to her mom about Jake. It’s good to see that mother-daughter relationship between them. Millie (her mom) says that she thinks Marley made the right decision by waiting and that things will get better.

So Rachel keeps her word and brings in a photographer from Funny Girl to take some test shots of Sam. They have a crazy photo shoot and we see Sam model some nice looks like ‘nerdy’ and shirtless. Here’s a quote from my mother: “he looks good in glasses”. Yes, Mom, yes he does. 🙂

It seems that word of Artie’s kindness has gotten to Sue because she calls him to her office and reprimands him for what he’s done. But Artie, knowing he’s not in the wrong, says that Sue needs to just let her go and that he’s going to take her to tour University of Cincinnati. It seems that Sue’s disdain for Artie’s actions aren’t because it’s just Sue being mean. The truth is that Sue doesn’t want to see Becky, who’s always been faithful to her, leave. Sue seems to realize that, though, and knows that Artie is right, so she gives up and says that she expects a full report from Artie afterwards. But I must say, Glee was making it sound like Becky was literally the only person in Sue’s life ever, but are we all forgetting about Sue’s baby, Robin? Sue won’t be totally alone….?

Remember when Ryder liked Marley but she was with Jake, and Ryder was friends with Jake so he couldn’t do anything, and he liked Katie but Katie was Unique but nothing came out of that? Well, that’s all changed now because Marley is single now, so Ryder takes the chance. He goes to her and asks her out, being all sweet and everything, but Marley says that she’s hurt and needs time, so no. From there Ryder sings ‘An Innocent Man’ in the choir room. At the end of the song, which was not the best ever, he asks Marley put again, and this time, maybe because Jake was there, she says yes.

Oh, yeah, Klaine is engaged! I had almost forgotten (not really; I love them so much) but for the first time since Blaine arrived in NYC, they’re finally having a moment together…alone. Kurt and Blaine are prepping for Blaine’s NYADA audition when Blaine decides to break the news: he doesn’t want to go to NYADA. He says that he has other passions too, like medicine (we even see a flashback of adorable little Blaine playing Operation). But Kurt doesn’t believe that and says that Blaine is just scared of the transition, which is totally understandable, but he won’t be alone. Kurt assures him that he’ll be there to help him and that his musical gift shouldn’t be ignored. Then they hug (AWWWWW ❤ ❤ ❤ <3). Though not going to lie, I was expecting a kiss there. But seriously, I was kind of disappointed in Kurt here. Though he was right about what he said about Blaine just being scared, he wasn’t being very supportive. What if Blaine really did want to be a doctor? I kind of got the feeling that Kurt didn’t care and all he wanted was for them to be together at NYADA, no matter what.

So Artie and Becky do indeed take their trip to Cincinnati’s University. We don’t see much, but we do see them go into a room filled with students that all have Downs too. They’re all a bunch of happy, inclusive people and they all express their love for the school. One of the guys even hits on Becky. All in all, it seems like a great environment for her.

Sam has another interview, this time with a modeling agent named Bichette (pronounced as either ‘Bitch-ette’ or ‘Bish-ette’ or as ‘bish-ay’). Bichette is played by Tyra Banks, who’s famous in the modeling industry.

Bichette says that Sam’s unique and she particularly likes his Trouty Mouth (don’t we all!). However, she also warns him that being a male model will hardly be a rewarding job and he will be faced with many no’s. But Sam says he’s sure of himself and is sure of who he is and is totally ready. Bichette informs him that to be with that agency, he’ll need to also lose 10 pounds. Considering that Sam already has some body issues, that’s not a good thing to say to him. In fact, everything Bichette said to Sam wasn’t very good. I’m sure being a model would be a good job, so why is she trying to scare him out of it?

As a thank you from Blaine and Sam, they gift Kurtcheltana with a piano. Santana is so not thrilled with it, as she knows that Kurt and Rachel will be singing nonstop. At that time, Rachel brings out some bread, but Sam refuses it as he’s trying to lose those 10 pounds. Kurt, Blaine and Rachel all think that Sam shouldn’t do it, and that he should switch agencies. To prove their point, Blaine starts to play the piano. Santana is fed up and annoyed and leaves as Blaine and Kurt starting ‘Just The Way You Are’. Rachel and Sam join in and it’s so happy and cute. Halfway through the song, even Santana can’t resist coming back and joining in, making it even more happy and cute. The Klaine moments in this were adorable, and the song was so good for Sam’s situation. Now, without being too controversial: did anyone who saw the episode see some weird things going on with Rachel and Sam? I can’t really explain it, but they just seemed to gel, which is something new. And it seemed that even Kurt and Santana may have seen it to, by the slightly surprised looks they were giving the two. I don’t know, maybe I’m making it all up. But if you did see the episode, I’d love to hear what you think on that.

Like Artie promised, a full report is given to Sue about the university. Becky tells Sue that it was awesome. Sue asks if Becky is ready and sure, to which she says she is. So Sue has no choice but to support this. It’s for the best, really. Sue offers to help edit Becky’s application, which is sweet. I would like to know, however, what Becky’s parents have to say about this. Her mom was up and ready to help Becky get into Glee club when Sue fired her in ‘Funeral’, but now her mom isn’t saying a word. As a current high school senior myself, I know that picking Universities isn’t easy and having parental guidance is a huge help.

In the hall, Ryder is flirting with Marley and it’s revealed that the two of them went on a date. As they walk down then hall, Jake comes up, looking super jealous. Ryder confirms that he and Marley are a thing, so Jake leaves, and to make Marley jealous, he goes to talk to two girls. Right away, Marley turns to Ryder and says that they’re not dating, even though they went on a date, and she still needs time to heal.

Maybe as a thank you to Artie or because she was just in a good mood, Sue and Becky are seen setting up a new booth at the Career Fair. It’s a booth for the arts. Sue tells Will and the gathering ND that the arts kids deserve a shot too, even if they’ll all probably fail. At that moment, Blaine and Sam come back, back from NYC. Sam announces that Blaine had his NYADA audition and crushed it, and that he’ll be a male model no matter what anyone says. At this Becky says “You’re crazy!” and that leads to ND and Will singing ‘You May Be Right’, which finishes on the stage. That song closes the episode.

‘Movin’ Out’ is over. But hold up? We don’t even get to see Blaine’s NYADA audition? Kurt and Rachel’s audition was such a big part of their episode, but Blaine’s was just mentioned. And while we’re on the topic, why was the audition in New York? Carmen came to Lima for Kurt and Rachel? I’m kind of disappointed. Anyways, like I said, overall it wasn’t a bad episode. The Samchel friendship was cute, as was Becky and Artie’s. And since I wasn’t a huge Jarley shipper, I can’t say I’m upset at the budding Ryley/Myder thing going on. The songs sung here were all fab, so that was a bonus.

As for next week….well, I can’t say it looks as good. It’s 5×07 and it’s called ‘The Puppet Master’. Here’s the promo:
Last year’s Thanksgiving episode was awesome, and this year, I want to punch something. No offence, but this promo was awful. The thing is, it’s not the promo, it’s the episode! I mean, ‘What Does The Fox Say’ drives me insane as THAT IS THE SINGLE MOST DUMBEST SONG EVER. It’s supposed to be a joke song that would be good at a club where everyone’s drunk. NOT ON GLEE. If you like that song, then I’m sorry, but I do not. And those puppets: WHY? I heard that it’s because there’s a gas leak and Blaine gets a little crazy or something. As it stands, this episode doesn’t look good IMO. The only saving grace is that Elliot and Dani are back. That’s cool.

So what say you? What do you think about ‘Movin’ Out’? Do you like Billy Joel? And what about that promo? Yay or nay? Let me know, okaaaaay?

P.S. Who’s going to see Catching Fire??? I’ve got tickets to see it tomorrow night! Can’t wait! AHHHHH!

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