5×07 The Puppet Master

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Americans!

P.S. There is a lot of news at the end of this post so make sure to read that!

I’m going to be honest, I did not have high hopes for this episode. The whole puppets deal seemed weird and creepy and it’s no secret that the music didn’t seem up to par. However, while 5×07 ‘The Puppet Master’ wasn’t an awesome episode by any means, it had some funny moments, and all in all could best be described by the word ‘cute’. Not to mention that this sneak peek video came out and it greatly changed my perspective. Though it’s late, take a look:That was cute. And funny. Chris Colfer has such a humor. Anyways, I can’t say I loved the episode. It wasn’t the best at all. There was hardly any plot progression and things were just too weird. It was crazy and I’d love to know just what those writers were smoking when they came up with that. I give 5×07 a 2.5 out of 5. But anyways, there were some LOL moments and like I said, it was cute. Here’s what went down:

Mr. Schue is unable to make this Glee meeting because he’s dealing with Board inspectors, so Blaine steps up to his coveted New Rachel role and basically takes the reins. He says that he has some great ideas like a piano ballad, and when that’s shut down, going a capella like he used to with the Warblers. But no one in ND likes these ideas, or the fact that Blaine is being bossy. Blaine then pulls the rude diva card and says that he’s won more competitions than them all and they best be respecting him. Thank You Blainchel Berry, you may take a seat. When the only one agreeing with him is Jake (and I have a feeling that may be just because he wants to impress Marley), Blaine storms out to protest silently. Yo, Blaine, the role of New Rachel just means you take a few solos and lead the group no matter what, not that you pull all the diva acts all at once. This is very OOC and I don’t like it.

Over in NYC, Pamela Lansbury is meeting, and Kurt announces to them that he booked the group’s first gig at Callbacks, on a dead night. Elliot, Dani and Santana think it’s an awful idea, as Callbacks is a Broadway place and not a good place for the band’s important debut. But there’s no changing Kurt’s mind, who is convinced that it’s a perfect place to jam out to some Madonna. Yes, he’s back to his Madonna cover band idea in a way. Then Kurt imagines their performance at Callbacks, packed with an enthusiastic crowd who are clapping along as the band, dressed in funky colours, sing ‘Into The Groove’. It’s the episode’s best performance, so it’s too bad it’s just a dream. After Kurt’s dream song ends, his phone rings and it’s Blaine, who complains to Kurt that ND aren’t listening to him and his fab ideas. Kurt says he can’t be too controlling or they’ll see him as a puppet master. The Kurt invites Blaine to New York to see the band’s first gig. Why Kurt thinks Blaine will be able to drop everything and fly out there is a mystery because in grade 12, if you miss two days of math or science or something, you are screwed for the whole unit. Side note: if you watch the episode, you’d have seen that Dani now has blue hair. I watch X-Factor (go Alex and Sierra!) so that wasn’t a surprise for me.

In the hall, Sue is poking fun at poor Figgins. She announces that the Board will be here to evaluate her and since she’s done some awesome things for the school, she’s sure her principal position will be made permanent. Figgins looks like he wants to shove his mop down her throat. 😛

In Sue’s office, she chats with the Board inspectors including superintendent Bob Harris. Afterwards, Bob asks Sue out, but he thinks she is a man. It seems that Sue really likes this guy, so Sue asks Becky if she’s too manly. Then she explains how she got to be the way she is. We see a flashback of Sue at the start of her Cheerleading Coach career. Sue had long neat hair and wore a pink blouse and skirt.

sue hair

When young-Sue tried to talk to the students, none of them were intimidated by her, so to scare them all, she put on a tracksuit, cut her hair, and became the hardcore Sue we know now. While that story is slightly believable, Glee has clearly forgotten that story of Sue having perpetually thin/short hair because she and her sister used to dye it with chemicals in attempts to look like Madonna. Anyways, back to the present, Becky suggests that it’s time to girl up.

Kurt’s advice has clearly not helped Blaine, as he walks into the choir room and rants to Brad the piano man, who speaks again (the first time since ‘Swan Song’ last season and the second time overall!). Brad has his own woes he tries to share but Blaine is too focused on his own. As another act of protest, he decides to sit in the corner all Glee meeting and not say a word. He sits down next to a vent in the wall, which, unbeknownst to anyone, is leaking gas and when Blaine inhales it by accident, starts to see ND as puppets. These puppets in Blaine’s trippy world worship him and love him, which is exactly how Blaine wants them to act. He and the puppets sing Queen’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’. Blaine and his puppet pals are all having a great time, and it’s cute, until I realized that Blaine Anderson is singing with toys and this is Glee. That is precisely why I didn’t have high hopes for the episode. Anyhoo, Blaine is woken up from his dream by the real human ND, who are still slightly mad at Blaine and his act of rebellion.

Despite the drama, Jake is still helping the Cheerios with their dance routine, but Jake is not impressed with their skills. As he dismisses the class, it becomes evident that pretty much all the Cheerios have a crush on Jake. This is not missed by Bree, who seems a bit mad. As Jake leaves the dance room, he’s met with Blaine, who thanks him for being his only supporter. Blaine also warns Jake about the corner and how it induces trippy dreams. And Jake has a chance to try it for himself next Glee meeting when Mr. Schue volunteers Jake to teach ND some good dance moves for Nationals. Jake says no one in ND is good enough for his moves so he retires himself to the corner and like Blaine, inhales the leaking gas. In Jake’s dream, he imagines himself and Marley and Bree and the Cheerios singing and dancing to ‘Nasty/Rhythm Nation’. It’s a catchy song and it displays Jake’s pro dance moves, but at least Blaine’s crazy dream was cute. Jake’s was pretty lame.

In crafts class, one of Blaine’s electives (how on earth is Blaine, a senior with hopes of University, taking a crafts class? I wish I had that class at my school!), Blaine asks the teacher, a looney old lady who is probably Professor Trelawney’s muggle sister, if he could use felts this class and make a puppet. The lady wonders why an 18 year old would want a puppet, a valid question, and Blaine explains that he’s going to make a puppet of his fiance wh he misses a lot. So this is Blaine, who is mature enough to be school President and be engaged, but he’s acting like a two year old. I’m not okay with this. But Blaine does indeed make a Kurt puppet, a rather good one at that, and he proceeds to take it around the school and talk to it. AND THEN Y’ALL WONDER WHY ND IS GETTING BULLIED. As Blaine and Puppet-Kurt talk, they see Sue, wearing heels, fall down. After Blaine helps her up, Sue, in her anger, takes Puppet-Kurt away from Blaine and says that it’s creepy and he’s weird. Blaine looks heartbroken as she takes his fake fiance away.

So the heels didn’t work for Sue. Her next plan to girl up is to get help from Will Schuester. She goes to him and says that although he’s weirdly girly and dances like one too, he’s still a man, so she needs his help to make her girly. Will makes a reference to Fred Astaire and some girl, which I and probably most viewers didn’t understand, and he says he’ll teach her how to dance if she’ll give him 600 bucks for Nationals outfits. Sue refuses, pointing out that their Lady Gaga attire a few weeks ago must have been $1000. THANK YOU, SUE. THAT IS THE AGE OLD MYSTERY OF GLEE. Since no deal is made, Will leaves and Sue sits down in that cray-cray gas corner. When she inhales the gas, she imagines her and Will, dressed all old-timey, singing and dancing to Fred Astaire’s ‘Cheek To Cheek’. This is one of the worst songs of the episode.

In the hall, Bree pulls Jake aside and drops the bomb on him: she is pregnant. PREGGERS I TELL YOU. This plot seems used before…oh that’s right. In season 1 when Puck got Quinn pregnant. Yes, I remember that. Does Glee? Bree says the baby is Jake’s and she wants him to come to the doctors with her. She also says that this will stay between only them forever, meaning that she’s probably considering abortion. We know that Jake is someone religious, so maybe he’ll have some reservations about that?

In the dead of night (or after the lights were off in the school) Blaine sneaks into Sue’s office to retrieve Puppet-Kurt. Sue catches him, takes the puppet and then says he has to attend detention or she’ll suspend him. So I guess there’s no NYC trip for Blaine. He knows it too because he calls Kurt and says he’s got detention and is still in Lima. Though he expresses how much he hates missing the show, he explains how he got it. The, Kurt, while on the phone, for reasons unknown to me turns into Puppet-Kurt and gets mad at Blaine for caring more about a fake, manipulated puppet. After he hangs up, Rachel comes in to see Kurt and takes him to see the crowd, or the lack of one. Only one guy turned up and he’s expecting to see Angela Lansbury. Elliot, Dani and Santana turn to leave.

Since no deal with Will was reached, Sue, in a time of desperation, turns to Unique for help. She calls her to her office and explains her issue and Unique is all over it. She’s already got her makeup out.

Detention consists of three people: Blaine, Jake and Becky. After Figgins gives them the rules spiel, he leaves and Blaine tries to get them to all talk and share secrets and basically reenact The Breakfast Club, but Jake and Becky ignore him. Blaine imagines the puppets again and Puppet-Jake and Puppet-Becky (who is rather adorable!) love and care for Blaine, like he wants them to. Then Blaine realizes that he has control issues and likes to control his friends too. While I still think it’s an awful plot for Blaine, who up until this episode, has had no control issues, it does explain how Blaine became leader of the Pips…I mean the Warblers. Puppet-Jake also points out that Blaine isn’t near the trippy gas yet he’s seeing puppets. He realizes it’s a dream and is woken up by real Jake, who is ditching detention.

Jake meets with Bree and he’s ready to go see Doc but then she says that she’s got her period so she was mistaken and is indeed not preggers. You know what that sounds like? The Rachel pregnancy scare last season…. -_- Then Bree plays the victim card and says that if Jake wasn’t such a badboy, they wouldn’t be in that situation. Excuse me, Bree, it takes two to tango. Either way, Bree’s message is right: that should be a wakeup call for both of them.

So Sue, all dolled up, business classy of course, is taking the Board guys and Bob on a tour. They stop in the choir room, where Figgins is waiting. Figgins tries to frame the gas leak on Sue. But Sue says that she’s fixed it already and actually, pipe maintenance is his responsibility. Bad plan, Figgy. The Board decides that Sue is a great principle and is impressed with her, making her job now permanent. Then Sue asks out Bob, who awkwardly turns her down. :/

On the stage, Blaine sits with a new puppet, Puppet-Tina. He’s talking to it, thinking out his control issues. In comes real Tina, who is super weirded out by the puppet, which is dressed exactly like she is. Tina then tells Blaine that ND talked it over and decided that Blaine is really stressed with Grad and school and ND and his engagement so they’re going to cut him some slack and also give him a song at Nationals to do whatever he wants with.

In the hall, Jake finds Marley and she agrees to listen to him for a minute. He says that he misses her and he wants to try again. Marley says that although he’s a nice guy and all, it didn’t work and she’s ready for a change. She doesn’t feel the same way as him. So she leaves. Buh-bye Jarley…

Pamela Lansbury meets again (though Dani is mysteriously missing) and they assume it’s to end the band. But in comes Kurt with great news. He booked them another gig, this one at the William Music Hall, which is awesome. Apparently, that one guy who came to their first show taped it and gave the tape to his nephew who works at the Hall. As they’re celebrating, a huge package comes from Blaine to Kurt. Inside is a puppet of each of them. needless to say, they’re creeped out.

Over in ND, Blaine says sorry to them all for his diva and controlling ‘tude. He promises to be a better leader and not just a boss. To show how sorry he is, he wheels out a box with puppets of them all. They take the puppets and along with some crazy animal masks, they sing my all time fave song (just kidding!) ‘What Does The Fox Say’. Over in NYC, the band sings that same awesome song with their puppets. Da End.

You know, there’s this fandom-wide inside joke that Blaine is a 5yr old stuck in the body of an 18yr old and it’s always been cute and funny, but this is just wrong. Too far. Blaine in this episode was simply immature and very out of character. All the other characters also got ignored so Blaine and Jake and Sue could get high off gas. Speaking of which, there should be some legal issues here as that gas could have been toxic or something. The music in this episode was also pretty bad (in my opinion). I think Glee needs to really work on episode that either lead us closer to Nationals or Grad. These dumb filler episodes are not only weird, but fruitless. :S What do you think?

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Yes, next week is the Christmas episode, ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’. I always love Christmas episodes, but I have to say that I don’t think this year’s will be the best. Here’s the promo: Happy ND being happy: yes good. And cute Kurt being an elf with Santana and Rachel: also good. Also in this episode, ND acts out the Nativity, which is sure to bring some laughs…(Becky will play baby Jesus!) And yes, 5×08 is the fall finale. Sadly, we’ll then be without Glee for about three months as Glee won’t be back until February 25th. And if you check the calendar, you’ll see it’s a Tuesday because starting then, Glee will be back to its original time slot of Tuesdays at 8. Some people are happy about that, I AM NOT. I don’t like the earlier time, I don’t like the day and most importantly, that hour is my SHIELD time. Out of all 168 hours in a week, my shows have to double up in that one. BOOOO! 😡

Now for the announcements:

First: Chord Overstreet will be on Ellen on Monday!

Second: Lea will also be on Ellen on December 12th TO SING HER NEW SONG LIVE. Yes, her first solo song is out on Dec. 10th, as well as the album’s pre-order. The song is called ‘Cannonball’ and the album is called ‘Louder’. I’m sooooo excited to hear them! So proud!

Third: On March 18th, Glee will air its 100th episode (WOW!) and to celebrate, they’re remixing our fave songs over the seasons. From now until Dec 3rd, I think, we get to vote 10 at a time for our fave songs. TO VOTE CLICK HERE Have fun voting!

Fourth: Did anyone see Starkid’s new musical Twisted yet? It came out yesterday, but I haven’t seen it yet. It’s around 2 hours and I haven’t had a chance to sit down for that long because Glee was on and I had school and stuff. I hope to either watch it tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m so excited because I heard it was great! 😀

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