Lea Michele’s First New Song! :D

Following the likes of Naya, Matthew and Mark, Lea Michele has finally released her first single, ‘Cannonball’ today! Her album, called ‘Louder’, will be out on March 4th, a week after Glee comes back to us. 😀

Her single, ‘Cannonball’ is so good. A preview was released yesterday but I forced myself to wait for this morning to hear the song in full. And I’m glad I did because it’s super catchy. I had to listen to Naya’s single ‘Sorry’ a few times before I really started to love it, but with this song, it only took one listen. 😀 I know you’re probably itching to hear it now, so here you go:
If that is not the most empowering song you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what to say. Like jeeze, I wanted to go do something crazy and wonderful when I first heard it….but actually all I did was eat breakfast. And when you’re having a bad day, just blast this and passionately lip sync along and it’s sure to boost your spirits. ;)Anyways, as you can tell, this is a pop song, which is rather different from what we’ve heard Lea sing on Glee. Honestly, I’m kind of glad. Personally, I’m more of a pop person and Rachel Berry’s song choices are usually more show-tunes. I was kind of worried Lea’s album would just be a lot of showcasing her fab voice with slow-moving ballads. Not that it’s a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not MY personal preference.

Anyways, this song was also written by Sia, the ‘Titanium’ singer. Also, maybe it’s just me, but Lea pronounces cannonball weirdly. Like, I say it ‘can-in-ball’ but in the song she’s saying ‘can-nun-ball’. Maybe it’s a New York thing or maybe she’s just saying it differently to fit the song’s beat. Or maybe I’m saying it wrong. IDK it’s cute. 😉

Anyways, her album, which you can pre-order now, is out on March 4th and features 11 songs: ‘Cannonball’, ‘On My Way’, ‘Burn With You’, ‘Battlefield’, ‘You’re Mine’, ‘Thousand Needles’, ‘Louder’, ‘Cue The Rain’, ‘Don’t Let Go’, ‘Empty Handed’, and ‘If You Say So’. Also, on the deluxe version of the album there are three more songs: ‘What Is Love?’, ‘Gone Tonight’ and ‘The Bells’. Some of them sound like pretty emotional songs….(‘If You Say So’ is specifically about Cory as those were the last words he said to her). But I’m super excited to hear it all.

Lea performs her song on Ellen on Thursday, which I’m super excited for and hope to catch it. I may have to watch it later because I have curling practice…..

All in all, ‘Cannonball’ is a killer song and I’m super proud of Lea. ❤ Click Here For The iTunes Link! What do you think of it? Comment and tell me!

On an unrelated note, let’s talk about the music from two other Glee peoples: Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff (who play Shelby and Jesse). On Saturday my friend and I went to see Frozen. I was a bit on the fence about it as I’m not really a Disney kid and it looked kind of predictable, but I gave it a shot. It was SO CUTE. Like that little snowman, Olaf, was adorbs and Anna was so awesome and literally, go see it right now. Anyways, it was technically a musical as there were several songs. Idina, who played Elsa, Anna’s older magical sister, had a fab solo that my friend and I are obsessed with. It’s called ‘Let It Go’, and yes, Demi Lovato did also cover it on the Frozen album, but let’s be real here: Idina sang it better.
Eeeekk so good, right?!?!?!?! And Jonathan did have a song too, but it’s more of a silly song and it’s short. That’s what disappointed me the most: Jon’s lack of songs. Here’s his song anyways:
So adorbs. Sven is Kristoff’s reindeer and he too is adorable.

Anyways, that’s all I have to share. Have a good day, folks! Love ya! 😀


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