Merry Christmas, Gleeks!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it, friends? There wasn’t any huuuuge news to report and I’ve been a bit busy to report the little things (curling games, school dances, homework, TV shows…..). I was going to compile a list of news/spoilers today but I though ‘what the heck, it’s Christmas!’ So I decided to forego the news and for the first time ever, just have a post that is just calm and blog-like! 😛

Five days until Christmas! Who’s ready? I’d say I was, but I’m not done shopping yet. I am literally the worst person ever when it comes to giving gifts because I can’t think of anything for anyone. What are y’all doing for Christmas? I’m visiting relatives on both sides of the family, and later on, my brother has a hockey tournament which I will not be attending because I despise hockey. I also plan to not do a lot of school work, watch a lot of TV, and finish reading Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series. Has anyone read those books?

Anyways, provided nothing outstanding and press-stopping happens between now and Dec. 26th, I’ll be back in action after Christmas and will post things again, so check back in later! 😀 And right now, enjoy these cute heartwarming fuzzy Glee Christmas pics.


Here’s hoping that all you beautiful and awesome readers have an Extraordinary Merry Christmas doing whatever it is, be it watching TV or hanging with family or going to dumb hockey games or baking cookies. Stay safe and stay happy and have an awesome week. I love you! ❤

P.S. Who saw Lea perform ‘Cannonball’ on the X-Factor finale last night? She killed it! I was watching that show anyways because I like it and also because I was desperately hoping that Alex and Sierra would win because they are so freaking cute and talented and perfect. They did win, too, which made me super happy.

P.P.S. You know Jane Lynch’s TV game show, Hollywood Game Night? Well it’s a summer show and therefore isn’t airing now, but on December 23rd, a special Christmas episode is going to air! 😀 I’m so excited because I like that show. Also, Chris Colfer MAY be on it, which should be hilarious. So make sure to check that out, December 23rd at 10 pm.


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