Lea Michele’s Second New Song!

Yes, SECOND! 😀 And in two weeks, there’ll be a post saying THIRD because apparently, every two weeks until the album release, a new song will be out as a single. YAY. It was quite a treat this morning to wake up to her newest single, ‘Battlefield’, which is out on iTunes tomorrow, I think.

This song is very different than ‘Cannonball‘ because it’s not upbeat and motivational. It’s actually sad and raw and what I imagined ‘Cannonball’ would have been. I think it’s a breakup song because it sure as heck isn’t a love song. ‘Battlefield’ perfectly shows off Lea’s amazing vocals and if you’re into playing piano, this song doesn’t sound too hard to learn. Take a listen:

I have to admit, at first I wasn’t sold. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of these piano ballads unless they’re super catchy or the piano parts is crazy good. But after listening a few times, it caught on and I had it stuck in my head. But I do like ‘Cannonball’ better. It was more fun and this one makes me want to hug something and cry. Which one do you prefer?

Yes, I did say yesterday to come back in two days. I didn’t expect this to be out today. But yes, tomorrow I will have song spoilers for you. The post is already in the process of being written. 🙂


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