The 2014 PCA Results

Last night were the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. All Gleeks went into it super stoked and excited but the show ended and we were all rather disappointed. Glee, or related people, had 8 nominations, but due to overlap noms like both Lea and Jane for Comedic TV Actress, we could have only won 6. Out of those 6 awards, we got 2.

Chris Colfer won for Favorite Comedic TV Actor, beating out Darren Criss. I’m okay with that because at least he’s from Glee and since I personally voted an even number of times for both Chris and Darren, I feel no guilt myself. Plus, Chris is hilarious, as is Kurt. And Rachel and Santana, known as Pezberry, won for Favourite TV Gal Pals, which is awesome. Below is Chris with his award and Naya with the Gal Pal Award (Lea didn’t attend). Congrats to them!!!!


As for Favorite Comedic TV Actress, which Jane Lynch and Lea Michele were up for, they both lost to Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. And Glee lost to that show too for Favorite Network TV Comedy. Blaine and Sam (Blam) lost Favourite TV Bromance to those three dudes from Supernatural.

But the biggest loss, as everyone can agree, was for Favourite On-Screen Chemistry. Klaine was nominated, and since it’s clearly Glee’s biggest and most notable pairing, we stood a good chance. Unfortunately, there were some fierce competitors, mostly Damian and Elena from The Vampire Diaries. The Delena ship and the Klaine ship went head-to-head and it got ugly at times. Apparently, the TVD fans used homophobic propaganda at times. Also, though I personally can’t confirm this, people say they had used robots on Twitter to rack up the votes. I can’t say if this is true or not, as I don’t know, but that’s what some Klaine fans who were probably way more dedicated to voting than me are saying. I hope it was a close vote. Seeing this fandom come together to try and win was nice, and it was fun, I suppose. At the end of the day, we did our best and we played honestly, as far as I’m aware. That’s what matters.

Overall, for me, it wasn’t the best PCA. Although, Super Fun Night did win, and that show is pretty good, and Ellen won her 14th award in a row so boo-yeah! And Robert Downey Jr had an awesome speech when he accepted a few awards. But SHIELD lost to Reign and Ming-Na Wen lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar and I really wanted them to win. 😦

I guess next year I’ll have to vote twice as hard and so will you. To see a full list of PCA winners, CLICK HERE.

Now for something awesome: Lea Michele’s first ever music video for her song, ‘Cannonball’! It came out just tonight and it’s fab.

I’ll end the post with that! That’s all for now! Take care, Gleeks! ❤

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