Second Half Of S5 And A New Old Song!

Well, first I’ll start with the song. Remember ‘Seasons Of Love’ from RENT that was covered beautifully in the ‘The Quarterback’? As it turns out, 5×03 wasn’t the first time Glee sang it because at some point in S3, I think in the last episode, ‘Goodbye’ or possibly in ‘Nationals’. It was sung by the Grads: Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Puck, Quinn, Kurt, and, yes, Finn. We get to hear Cory’s voice new again and that’s something magical. As if I didn’t like ‘Seasons Of Love’ before, now I have a whole new reason to cry over it. Grab some tissues and click play.
At first it sounds like the one from 5×03, but then you hear Puck and Finn’s deeper voices singing along and slowly but surely you can start to hear differences. At 1:58, Cory has a solo line and even though it’s like only 7 seconds, it was enough to make the tears spill. And hearing Rachel in it is also awesome because she wasn’t there when they sang it in 5×03 either. ❤ I don’t know why this was cut from the episode in S3, but to be fair, several songs were…they just made it to the Graduation album when this did not. All in all, I am super glad to have this song out because unless Glee has a whole archive of unreleased songs (and I bet they do!) I don’t know how many more times we’ll get new recordings of  Cory.


Now let’s talk about S5. Though it’s still a journey until Glee is back, we did get some info a while ago about episode 5×12, which is episode 100, called ‘100’. And now there’s some new info that is very exciting, interesting and kind of sad. For one, this episode will be in 2 parts, I think. I think Graduation for the current seniors (Blaine, Sam, Tina and Artie…and maybe Brittany because she’s back here) will occur then. After that, we’ll be saying goodbye to Ohio because the rest of the Season will be set primarily in New York because Blaine and Sam move there. I also heard rumors that Mercedes will be back as a regular and will move to NYC too, but that is not confirmed. Artie’s film school is in NYC too but there’s hasn’t been word on if he’ll join the others out there. I hope so, though!

Also arriving in ‘100’ is what is apparently Quinn’s new man from Yale. He’s played by Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame, who is super attractive.

This dude’s character is apparently named Biff. Yeah. BIFF. I think of that character from Death Of A Salesman and that makes me think of Jiffy Peanut Butter. HOW DOES A HOT GUY END UP WITH SUCH A SILLY NAME?!?! Anyways, Biff will be involved in Lima somehow, which should be interesting. And also to appear in ‘100’ is everyone’s favourite sub, HOLLY HOLLIDAY. Holly hasn’t been there since ‘Night Of Neglect’ way back in S2 so it’ll deffo be good to see her again. 🙂

Since Glee will be in NYC mostly after ‘100’, that means ND is apparently over for this Season. Apparently it’ll be written so that Sue finally takes down ND for good (though I can’t say that’s what I want to see). For those Gleeks who hate the newbies with a burning passion, I’m guessing that you’ll be happy because I doubt we’ll see them much. Though I have to say, I was warming up to Kitty a lot. I never did hate the newbies, though, just to be clear. Honestly, I have to admit that saying goodbye to ND will be sad. I mean, that was the premise of Glee: that failing show choir at McKinley. So to see it end (by Sue nonetheless) may be kind of emotional. However, it is confirmed that we will still see Sue still, and with that I’m guessing Mr. Schue too.

As for S6 (aaaaahh, the future!), we don’t have much to go on other than that it is the last season (but let’s not talk about that now). The set up for the second half on S5 may not be the same starting for 6, so who knows, maybe ND will be back in S6? If you ask me, I hope S6 is set like three years in the future. That way, we can be past the whole new beginnings thing and get into the characters’ already set lives. We’ll see how it goes. It’s too early to tell. I just wanted to point out that S6 may not be the same as S5. That’s it.

What do you think of Glee’s S5 set up? Are you happy to see it all NYC? I want to hear some opinions! 😀

Anyways, that’s it for now!

P.S. I fiiiiiiinally got a chance to see Darren Criss’ movie, ‘Girl Most Likely’ as well as Dianna Agron’s movie ‘The Family’. Though both weren’t anything super amazing, they are deffo worth a watch!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 23:56:03

    I feel really weird that ND is ending apparently because that’s basically been the entire show until last year. I still really wanted this really silly thing to happen and it might not happen now: Rory leading a rival glee club at nationals composed of the Gerber Baby and other Glee Project people, it’s silly but it would be so much fun to see ND vs. basically another ND (really I just want Damian McGinty on the show in a singing role and not a dream).


    • pottergleefan4
      Jan 16, 2014 @ 22:06:49

      ND was the whole show. Like without ND, we’re relying on just the characters and I think that’ll be interesting but different. A funny adjustment.
      Haha I loved Rory and I so want him back too! I didn’t care much for Harmony, though. They brought Rory back once so here’s hoping they do it again!


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