Look-alikes Part 2

On June 8th 2012 when this blog wasn’t even a year old and I had like 12 followers, I did a post about Glee look-alikes, which you can see here. It was awesome, if I do say so myself. And now, almost two years later, I have the second look-alike post and I am super excited. Like I am so proud of myself because I think these are so bang on. I have seen one or two Glee look-alike posts in the past and I didn’t want to copy any so these here are ones that I have come up with all on my own. Yay me. I’ve been working on these for a while, because let’s face it, these aren’t exactly easy to find, but I have 5 good ones so that’s it for the time being. And now, without further ado, check out these fab look-alikes.


Jess Walton, who plays Jill on The Young And The Restless, looks like Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester.

My mom watched Y&R so I’ve seen a lot of this show and I’m kind of upset at myself for not seeing this sooner. Sometimes Jill’s hair is different but the face is a good match.

toothpase girlMelissa+Benoist

Girl in the Crest 3D Arctic Fresh Toothpaste commercial looks like Melissa Beniost who plays Marley on Glee

I don’t know who the actress in the commercial is, but it looks like Melissa. And since Melissa had done some commercial work before Glee, I did think it was a possibility to be her, but Wikipedia and IMDB aren’t agreeing with me.

gordon-ramsay_1209144cOKJ pic

Gordon Ramsay, famous chef, looks a lot like Oliver Kieran-Jones, who played Adam Crawford.

If you add a few years to Oliver, this would be good. I’d also like to point out that both of them are British and in ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’ we did see Adam making cookies…..hmmmm can anyone say Time Machine?


David Pressman, who I saw as Officer Gilbert, looks like Burt Hummel, played by Mike O’Malley

Over the Christmas break, I was watching Merry Christmas Drake And Josh, because that was an awesome show back in the day, and there was this character named Officer Gilbert who looked a lot like Burt Hummel.

home alone kidchord

Macaulay Culkin, known as the Home Alone kid, looks a bit like Chord Overstreet, who plays Sam

But it’s in these pictures only because as soon as the glasses come off, it’s a whole different story. Macaulay was/is a huge drug user since his days in Home Alone and his face shows it, his eyes are sunk in and he looks dead. Anyways, I these pictures, they also both seem to have a bit of Sam’s famous Trouty Mouth 😉

Well, those are the Glee look-alikes I have come up with. Like I said, they aren’t easy to come by. So by all means, if you know of one, tell me and later, hopefully not in another two years, I’ll do another look-alike post and credit will be given! Collaborations are fun! I think pictures can be posted in the comments, and if not, just give a URL and I’ll save the picture myself. 🙂

That’s all for now, Gleeks! ❤

P.S. Monday Nights! Hollywood Game Night! That’s right, Jane Lynch’s funny and amusing game show is back for Season 2! I deffo suggest you tune in because it’s mindless fun! 😀 PlusChrisColferIsGonnaBeOnSoon!

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