Lea’s Book And Cory’s Old Band

Howdy! How are y’all doing? I’m doing okay…waiting for the new episode of SHIELD to air tonight…and Glee, but that’s in a month. Well, less than a month now that it’s February. 😀

So books. Let’s talk about Lea Michele’s upcoming book, Brunette Ambition. It’s out May 13th, so we still have  while to go, but it’s available for preorder already! This book will be about Lea coming to stardom, as well as some tips and beauty tricks. I guess it’ll be slightly like Jenna’s book, Choosing Glee. Anyways, the other day, Lea released the book’s cover, which looks like this:

Embedded image permalink

Put some pants on, young lady! Hahah I’m kidding… I like the Rachel Berry knee-socks! She kinda looks like a young Paula Abdul here….kinda…. Anyways, I’m excited to read it. 😀

Anyways, a little known fact is that Cory Monteith was in a band. It was called Bonnie Dune. I knew this fact as I read it in passing once, but never looked them up, and honestly, I didn’t know if the band was still together or anything. As it turns out, the band is. And they’re pretty good. They’re kind of indie rock. Cory played drums and sang backup. The band isn’t well-known at all, like they don’t have a Wikipedia page, but they have Twitter and stuff. Anyways, the reason I’m telling you all this is because today, Bonnie Dune released an EP called Miramar and it’s one of the last recordings of Cory in existence (unless Glee is secretly hoarding them and I bet they are). He sings and plays drums for the band, and although the lead singer and Cory sound somewhat the same, you can still hear him clearly. The band also has another EP called The Lost EP from 2012, which has 8 songs. I’ve been listening to them and my faves are ‘Sea Sick’ and ‘Quiet Confidence’ and my fave from Miramar is ‘Maybe Tonight’. I recommend you give them a listen. The new EP is available on iTunes here and their first EP can be heard on YouTube here or bought here. And if that wasn’t enough reason to give them a listen, for all you girls or gay guys or simply straight guys who appreciate good looks, all the band’s members are pretty fine looking 😉

Okay so that’s all for now! 🙂 TTYL, Gleeks!

P.S. It’s Darren Criss’ 27th Birthday tomorrow!!!!! Woot-woot!

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