New ‘Frenemies’ Promo!

Finally! A promo that’s longer than 10 seconds! AAAHHHHH! And on Valentine’s Day too! ❤ I hope you and your lovers are having a rrrrrromantic night, BTW. As for me….threesome with my Snuggie and the TV…but that’s every night too…

Okay so this promo is the first legit one for episode 5×09 ‘Frenemies’ which airs in 11 days. The end of the wait is near!
Okay. Well. Kurt on a pole. Yes good. And on the next pole over is Adam Lambert’s character Elliot. Yes good x2. And we’re back to the Broadway with Rachel rehearsing for Funny Girl to the tune of ‘Brave’. I can’t wait until the songs are released in what I hope is a week, maybe sooner.

Anyways, what’s going on with Santana and Rachel, you may be wondering? Well let me tell you: it’s getting crazy between them. Santana gets the role as Fanny’s understudy, which is why we’ll be hearing her sing Rachel’s number 1 jam ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. Her new role causes tension between her and Rachel because, as you can see in the promo, maybe Rachel doesn’t think she’s cut out for it….aaaand I kind of have to agree because since when has Santana had Broadway goals? It’s not her thing. But Rachel’s ‘never been friends’ speech is kind of silly if you ask me because if I remember correctly, and when it comes to Glee, I usually do, in ‘Dance With Somebody’ it’s Rachel who insists that they spend the last 42 days of high school being friends. And also, if I remember correctly, when Rachel had that pregnancy scare, it was Santana being the supportive friend. So for Rachel to say they have never been friends is just false. However, I do get that they’re in a moment of anger and they’ll say a lot of mean things. I just hope this fight doesn’t have drastic consequences, because Pezberry didn’t win TV GalPals for nothing! 😀

I am soooo ready for Glee to come back. These three months have been so long. I miss the new songs and seeing new pictures and I JUST WANT GLEE BACK NOWWWWWWW. Please.

That’s all for now! Have a happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget, one year ago today, Klaine made out in a Prius then hooked up in a hotel room. And Finchel hooked up too, as well as claimed their endgame status. Ugh, ‘I Do’ was such a good episode….. 🙂

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