‘Frenemies’ Songs! Listen!

This is the first time we’ve had new Glee songs in 2014. The first time in three months, too. I’m practically exploding with excitement. Glee is finally back! Now I know you were expecting the songs on Friday, and so was I. Waking up that morning to find no new songs was really upsetting. Apparently, despite Glee’s move back to Tuesday night, the song release day hasn’t changed, so it’s still Mondays. I don’t know how long that’ll keep up.

Anyways. ‘Frenemies’ songs!!!! Let’s take a listen! 😀

‘Brave’ sung by Santana and Rachel
‘Brave’ AKA the song that Katy Perry apparently ripped ‘Roar’ off of… XD. Anyways, since this song hit popularity, I think it’s been overlayed a lot. It’s catchy as heck, though. I don’t love this version of it, I must say. It’s nothing special. Santana and Rachel’s voices are great, but I just don’t love this. :S

‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ sung by Kurt and Elliott (Starchild)
Dang. This song. So not a typical Kurt song. Though with Adam Lambert’s character Elliott, who is more accustomed to this genre, it is rocking! I can’t say I love it, but maybe when I see Kurt and Elliot on those stripper poles, I’ll be feeling it a bit more 😉

‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ sung by Santana
This is Rachel’s song. Everyone knows that. But hearing Santana sing it….hmmm… It’s different. Honestly, I like Rachel’s version from S1 better, but this is still good. Santana has a more pop-ish voice so it’s kind of neat to hear the song in a different way.

‘My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)’ sung by Artie and Tina
No, I’m not loving this one. I don’t like the vibe or the fact that Tina and Artie are singing it. We know they’re not going to date again. That ended in S2.

‘Every Breath You Take’ sung by Santana and Rachel
I enjoy this more than ‘Brave’. It’s catchy and iconic. Plus I’m not sick of it, like I am with ‘Brave’. Pezberry songs are always great, though. Anyways, this isn’t a good song to song to someone if you’re mad so I wonder why they sing it? Maybe they make up then sing it? Yes, that’d be nice.

‘Whenever I Call You Friend’ sung by Artie and Tina
This Tartie duet is better than the other. It’s cute and just reiterates the fact that they’re friends. :3 It’s also kind of sad because Tina isn’t going with the guys to New York…. FRIENDS FOREVER, THOUGH! ❤

‘Breakaway’ sung by Tina, Artie and Blaine
My fave song of the episode. Yes. The song is perf originally but put Blaine and Artie and Tina singing it? AMAZE. It’s also kind of sad…why is being sung? Ugh, I’mma listen to this on repeat for days. 🙂

So those are the songs! What do you think? Do you think the episode will be good? I think it’ll be alright. Hopefully I’m wrong and it ends up being totally awesome! Remember, Glee is back in TWO FREAKIN’ DAYS. 😀 😀 😀 And an hour earlier, like it was several seasons ago. Just don’t forget. Tomorrow Lea Michele’s last single before the full album will be out, so check back in!
That’s all for now!

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