5×09 Frenemies

It’s back! It’s back! Glee is finally back! After a long 3 month hiatus that began with the end what I think was a rather bad Glee episode, ‘Previously Unaired Christmas‘, Glee finally came back last night with 5×09, ‘Frenemies’. The episode was pretty good, compared to the last two. Though the music wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t awful, and the plots weren’t ridiculously silly, so I guess by those standards, it’s considered good. Overall, I give ‘Frenemies’ a 3 out of 5. And here’s what went  down.

It starts in New York, at the diner. Santana and Rachel are working, but Santana is getting really fed up with the job.  She rants about it to Rachel who says that it’s fine to rant because they’re FRIENDS. Well that overly obvious statement is just foreshadowing their drama coming later in the episode. Santana then admits that she feels guilty for being friends since she was so mean to Rachel at McKinley. Rachel isn’t bothered though. Then Rachel says that she has a magazine shoot for Funny Girl and she offers Santana a role as background model, which Santana accepts right away. Before Santana leaves to serve more people, she says that she wishes she’ll be as cool and kind as Rachel is when the roles are reversed. That’s sweet…

On the stage, ex-lovers Artie and Tina are talking. Even though they broke up like a billion years ago, they’re still friends and next year, when they’re gone, they both known they’ll miss each other. Tina tells Artie that she’s been waitlisted for Browns and she doesn’t think she’ll get in. The two of them, with ND accompaniment, sing ‘When I Call You Friend’ which was adorable and especially nice because Tina and Artie got leads in the song when they’re always overlooked. As the song ends, Becky comes in and collects Artie and Tina, taking them to Sue. In Sue’s office (the principal office), Sue says that they are miraculously tied for the position of Valedictorian. Why anyone would vote for them, I don’t know, but alright then… Sue tells them that to break the tie, they’ll both deliver speeches and they better not sing it.

At Rachel’s photoshoot, Santana and Rachel are being friends and actually nice to each other. They start singing ‘Brave’ as the photoshoot goes down. However, when the song ends, it appears to have been all in Santana’s head. Is Santana jealous? Heck yeah.

Back in Lima, Artie and Tina are talking, but the cute friendliness that they had only ten minutes ago our time is gone. Tina, in attempts to get into Browns, asks Artie to let her be Valedictorian. But he’s not about to do that, (though I don’t know why, he already got into a school and he’s shown no desire to lead/motivate his peers) and that leads into a huge fight with them. Slinging insults and poking fun at Glee’s mistakes (ahh, that third wall being kicked down!). In the end, Artie says Tina is a self-centered creeper (he mentions the thing with Blaine way back in S4 and we all know what that is ;)) and Tina says that Kitty is only using him. Harsh.

The last episode we got before this was sadly lacking in Klaine, so seeing some interaction here was great. Over the phone, Kurt expresses concerns for the band since he believes that Elliot is trying to take it over. Blaine says that he shouldn’t worry, but suggests that he follows the old saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Prepare for some hardcore Kelliott friendship, y’all! Kurt hangs up and announces to Santana and Rachel that they have band practice soon, but neither girl is excited so they decline.

In the choir room, Will organizes a little sing-off and the first two go are Tina and Artie. Unlike their first song, this one is not happy at all. I’d argue that it was the worst of the episode. It was ‘My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)’. The song gets pretty intense and it ends with Tina accidentally pushing Artie over. She says sorry and insists that it was an accident, but he’s still angry at her.

So without the girls, Kurt takes the chance to ‘get close’ to Elliot. Elliot is over and they’re talking. Kurt, being so obviously nice it’s fake, compliments Elliot a lot. It’s a rather awkward conversation between them and it ends with Kurt saying he wants to learn guitar so Elliot suggests he gets a real good guitar of his own, first.

Rachel and the Funny Girl Director are watching auditions for Fanny’s understudy. We only see the end of one really awful girl before the next person comes out. Guess who? Santana. She marches out singing Rachel’s number one tune, ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. She sings it pretty good, and though many people thought Santana ruined it, I don’t. Anyways, the Director is loving it while Rachel looks beyond mad. Understandable, I suppose. After the song, the Director expresses love for Santana and is rather shocked to find that the girls are old pals from highschool.

So Kurt and Elliott go down to some music store to get Kurt a guitar. They walk in and when the people there almost seem to laugh at them (let’s be real here, Kurt does not look like a heavy rock kind of guy. He was wearing a shirt with little puppies on it, for goodness sakes!), Elliott decides to show them all up. With musical accompaniment from some band in there, he and Kurt sing ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’. This song wasn’t the best, but Kurt Hummel on stripper poles was very entertaining.

Later, back in the loft, Rachel and Kurt are talking about Santana’s surprise audition. Rachel is still very mad, but Kurt thinks she’s overreacting  just a bit. In comes Santana, and naturally, she expresses no remorse for the situation. And this leads to the big fight; Artie and Tina’s little tiff seems very minimal compared to this. Rachel and Santana start yelling and basically saying what they’ve been holding in. Santana says that Rachel loves being on top for once because all the hate dished at her in highschool is just fueling her. And while that’s true, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Santana goes on to say that Rachel is only mad that Santana manages to be popular, pretty and talented while she only got talent. The fight goes on and Santana follows Rachel, so Rachel says that they aren’t friends and Santana is still the rude, mean person she was in school. It ends with Rachel whipping around and slapping Santana across the face then saying that she should move out. Kurt is the innocent bystander here and looks very upset that this all is happening. Then Santana’s phone rings and it turns out to be the Director. So to add more fuel to the fight fire, Santana got the understudy role.

In the auditorium, Tina and Artie wait, ready to give their speeches to Sue’s panel of judges consisting of Figgins, Will, herself and Coach Beiste. Tina goes first and I didn’t know what to expect, but I sure didn’t think of her speech being about Artie and how nice and important he is to her. Cut to Artie’s speech, which is about Tina and how deserving she is of the coveted Valedictorian role. Basically, the speeches, which leave Figgins in tears, are both urging the judges to pick the other person. That is so sweet, but also kind of silly. Like why bother giving a speech if you wanted the other person to win?

At the first Funny Girl rehearsal with both Rachel and Santana, they start fighting before it even begins. The Director intervenes and says that there are lots of press who want a story on two highschool friends making it big in New York and that it’ll be good for them. So he demands them to be “joined at the hip” forever, and both Rachel and Santana are sooooo not pleased with that. As they rehearse, they sing ‘Every Breath You Take’ which is a good song for the joined at the hip thing but not really for the fighting thing.

Kurt and Elliott are still hanging out, this time they’re back in the loft. Finally, Elliott admits that he knows what Kurt is doing, which is finding out if he’s trying to take over the band. Elliott assures him that he’s not and that they shouldn’t be against each other, they should be taking on the world together. That seems to do it for Kurt, because he agrees and to seal the deal, they take a selfie. Only while Kurt is smiling into the camera, Elliott is kissing Kurt’s cheek. Jokingly, of course. Calm down, angry Klainers.

Well, it turns out that having four judges for Artie and Tina’s speeches wasn’t a good plan because the vote was split. Therefore, as Sue announces, the 3rd place person gets to be Valedictorian. Guess who that is? Blaine Anderson, naturally. He gets it all. I literally yelled “HA!” at this part. There’s already so many jokes about Blaine randomly coming in and stealing the show and now he literally just did that. And like myself, Tina and Artie weren’t happy. They confront Blaine in the hall and he says sorry and that they deserve it, but doesn’t seem too sorry. He seems rather flattered. Just then, Becky comes in and shows Blaine the seflie from Kurt and Elliott while asking when Klaine broke up. Blaine says they’re not, but looks very concerned at the picture. Ironically enough, it was Blaine who at the beginning of the episode told Kurt to befriend Elliott. I don’t think he ever considered it work that well…

In the choir room, Blaine announces that he wants to sing his Valedictorian speech. Artie says Sue will kill him, but then Blaine offers parts in the song to Tina and Artie, who he thinks deserve it. They agree because after all, they hardly ever sing so they’d never turn down a chance to.

Rachel is on one side, Santana on the other and poor Kurt is stuck in the middle. Literally. That’s how they were standing. The three of them are talking/insulting/arguing. But when Rachel isn’t getting much support from Kurt, she decides that instead of Santana leaving, she’ll move out. To Santana, she says that they have never been friends and never will be. So while Blaine, Tina and Artie sing ‘Breakaway’, we see Rachel pack up all her things and get ready to go. Before she does, she stops to do two things. One: hug Kurt goodbye. Two: rip up a picture of her and Santana from Grad right in front of Santana herself. Then she’s gone. The end.

Kind of a sad note to end it on. While I do think that both Rachel and Santana are being silly, it should have been Santana to leave simply because the apartment was Kurt and Rachel’s first. But really, as soon as those three get into an argument, they think that moving out will solve it all. They need to talk it out. Because yes, Santana shouldn’t have done that song, or maybe she should have talked to Rachel first and maybe Rachel could have helped pick a different song. But on the other hand, it is just a song. Rachel needs to know that Santana is free to sing it, if she so desires. Anyways, I’m sure they’ll resolve it sooner or later. Overall, the episode was okay. I liked how Artie and Tina got a focus.

Next week is 5×10 ‘Trio’. The promo isn’t the most exciting, but here it is:
Well the first thing you hear is ‘Don’t (You Forget About Me)’ which is sung by Blaine, Sam and Tina. Also, not only is Elliott still around, but Dani is back. Maybe she’ll help with the Rachel/Santana fight. Wemma trying to have a baby? Aww, okay! 😀 I think Emma does indeed get preggers, but I don’t know if it’ll be announced this coming episode or later. Rachel and Santana are still feuding, and the question of where Rachel moves to is answered here. I think it’d be very, very entertaining to see her live with Elliott. And lastly, Sue cancels and event, but IDK which. Something Tina related, but who knows. 😛

Well that’s all. I know I’ve been posting like four days in a row, but I also have another post coming tomorrow too. And if the music comes out on Friday like we’re all hoping it will, then another one then too. I’d say sorry but… I’m not. 😉 But check in often, okay? Or follow the blog, or my twitter, where all posts are linked too. :3 So anyways, smell ya later, Gleeks!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 01:47:36

    Why on earth is Rachel still working at the diner when she has a Broadway lead?


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 10, 2014 @ 07:26:06

      Hahaha a good question. I can’t answer that. I think the writers have also forgotten that she’s enrolled in NYADA but I haven’t seen her do much of that lately.
      But to your question, I don’t know. From a plot-wise perspective, it’s likely just so she can interact with everyone else who’s there. :S


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