5×10 Trio

Hey y’all. Imma give the heads up now, this post may seem a tad rushed because I am in fact in a hurry. Sorry’s in advance. 😀

Okay so ‘Trio’ was the newest episode, 5×10. I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t random, which was good. There were some cute moments and a couple of laugh out loud ones and the music was alright. Overall though, I think the episode lacked in places. It wasn’t the best. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Here’s what went down:

It starts off weird. Will is teaching a class when Emma comes and pulls him out. The two of them hurry to the staff bathroom and HOOK UP DURING SCHOOL HOURS. Like whaaaaat? I can expect that from the teens, but not the mature adults. Will was Teacher of the Year for goodness sakes! To make matters worse, Becky walks in on them and is scarred for life. Sue then talks to Wemma and they, very flusteredly, say that they’re trying to have a baby and since they’re both on the older side, they have to try a very certain times to prevent any issues. Sue is sooo not pleased with the idea, but the consequences for their behavior is hardly an issue. I’m surprised. In the real world, they’d likely be fired.

In the Choir Room, Blaine, Tina and Sam sing ‘Jumpin’ Jumpin”, which is a fun song that they sing well, but isn’t amazing. It’s clearly not even an option for their upcoming Nationals. Blamtina say that this is their chance as Grads to do things for the last time. Left out of this is Artie, who is also a Grad and is very annoyed at the rejections. I feel bad for him. Tina, overcome with sad feels starts crying and Blaine and Sam are clearly accustomed to this because they start hugging her and telling her to stop. Artie is pushed out of the hug.

Over in NYADA, Rachel and a band are doing some Funny Girl rehearsal when Elliott comes in. He’s been unknowingly roped into the position Rachel’s assistant of sorts, and that began when Rachel moved in with Elliott. Rachel decides that Elliott is her new BFF and she gets all clingy and weird and controlling, which sort of creeps him out. When she offers to let him help with her rehearsal, he declines in favour of singing a different song with her, ‘Barracuda’, a song that they did do well with, even if it’s not Rachel’s type of song. But the fact is, Rachel can sing anything. Anyways, I’d like the Rachel-Elliott friendship if it was more natural. Rachel’s attitude is getting in the way.

In an empty classroom, Blaine and Sam try on their Grad gowns. Yes, our guys are finally graduating soon! *Proud momma tears*.

In comes Tina, who sees them in the gowns and promptly begins to cry. She thinks they’ll lose contact after they graduate and she doesn’t want them to go. I guess she hasn’t heard from Browns yet either, only adding to her reason for the crying. Blaine and Sam swear they’ll stay friends with her forever no matter what. I hope so, because they’re so adorable together.

Will and Emma’s attempts at baby making are all coming out negative, as Emma informs Will in the staff room. Will then suggests In Vitro fertilization and Emma gets stiff and walks away. Sue and Beiste advise Will to not be so tense. He needs to be calm and let things be natural, or else it’ll never work. It’s good advice, but coming from Beiste and even Sue (despite her baby) it’s kind of weird.

Apparently, the seniors were planning to have a lock in, which is where they stay locked in the school all night for fun. That sounds like a fab idea and I wish my school did one. But the event is then cancelled by Sue, and Tina, who was especially looking forward to it, starts crying in the floor of the hallway. Wow, three scenes with Tina so far and she’s sobbed in all of them. At first it was cute and funny. Now I’m concerned for her wellbeing. Blaine and Sam try to calm her again and suggest their own personal lock in. Oooohh….

In the loft, Santana is visited by Elliott. Santana, assuming he has no contact with Rachel, tells him about her plan for mean Santana-like revenge. Elliott is not thrilled with her idea and lets slip that Rachel lives with him. Santana is shocked at this and when Elliott’s motive is revealed to be money, she makes him an offer… (but we don’t see what it is; I’m not holding out on info for y’all).

So Blaine, Sam and Tina’s personal lock down begins with the three of them sneaking in through a Choir room window late at night. Blaine is dressed in his adorable Night Bird  superhero costume just for fun. Then, just for the heck of it, the three of them run around the empty school and sing the famous song from The Breakfast Club ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’. One of the episode’s best IMO. During their song, they rollerblade/scooter/skateboard down the hall, wear Cheerios uniforms (Sam wears the girls one!), break into the office and more. It’s fun and cute. I mean, they have total freedom and they don’t do anything that bad.

But just as the song ends, Becky appears. Uh-oh! Becky takes them to the stage where Twister is set up and she demands that they all play and drink a bunch of energy drinks to stay up all night. They don’t want to play and try to get out of it, but Becky threatens to call the police if they don’t.

At Will and Emma’s apartment, Will is painting Terri’s old craft room for a future nursery. Emma comes in, worrying about bad luck. But Will uses Beiste and Sue’s advice and tells Emma to calm down and just be in love. They sing ‘Danny’s Song’ as they paint the room together and watch movies together and be all cute. The song, though not the episode’s best, is adorable. I know people dislike Wemma, and though I can sort of understand how, scenes like these just show that they don’t deserve the hate. They’re adorable and drama free.

Blaine and Becky are playing Twister, but Sam and Tina are nowhere to be seen. As a way to get away from Becky, who is being her naturally creepy/provacative self to Blaine, he goes to look for them. And he does indeed find them. In an empty classroom. MAKING OUT.

glee tina sam kiss

I guess the fandom as a whole was so disturbed by this that they didn’t bother getting good pics so I had to take this picture myself from a bad quality video. Sorry. But the point is, SAM AND TINA KISSED. Woah, I never saw that coming. Honestly, I don’t love it. It’s just…ugh. Their personalities hardly match. But if you liked it and ship that, then have fun! :S Blaine’s reaction to the kiss was also amusing. I mean, his two besties making out. Not exactly his favourite thing.

He interrupts them and hardly gives them time to explain because Blaine is mad. He says they ruined their perfect night together as friends and then runs off, probably to go wash out his eyes from what he just witnessed.

Back in New York, Kurt, Santana and Rachel are at work. Elliott, though not working there, is present. He is running lines with Santana because she’s paying him to. And big surprise, Rachel and Santana are still mad at each other. When their boss comes up and says a customer named Gloria is requesting they sing the song ‘Gloria’, Rachel and Santana grab Elliott and they all sing it. The girls spend the whole song trying to outdo each other. The song was just meh, though. After the song, they ask Elliott who was better. Naturally, he remains the middle man and says they’re both good but he refuses to pick one. And until they can sort out their stuff, he’s out of the band.

Tina and Sam try to say sorry to Blaine, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He is still mad. Maybe part of Blaine’s anger is coming from him missing Kurt. Or so I hope. Sam and Tina assure Blaine that they are not in a relationship and any feelings they may have had is over. They ask him to be a trio with them again, but Blaine just isn’t okay with that just yet.

So Kurt now has to get involved again. He sits Rachel and Santana down and tries to have them talk like mature people. Ha, like that’ll work. Silly Kurt. Neither girl agrees to be nice so Kurt is forced to drop the bomb. He kicks them out of the band. AND, on top of that, he, Dani and Elliott are starting a new trio group without them and they already have a gig. Kurt invites them to watch. BTW, Santana and Dani are still in fact dating.

Rachel and Santana both go to see the show and they agree tensely to just support their friends and not make a scene. Kurt, Elliott and Dani get on stage and introduce their new group, ‘One Three Hill’. 😀 A hilarious name. They sing ‘The Happening’ which is maybe one of the episode’s worst for me. It wasn’t anything amazing and the song wasn’t that catchy. Santana and Rachel watch, but they both look sad.

Later the next day, Rachel is at Santana and Kurt’s place, looking for a candle when Santana comes in. And for the first time ever, they talk, almost nicely. They both realize that they don’t have many friends and this fight is causing them to lose even more. Rachel asks the main question of why Santana chose THAT role to go for. Santana answers that it was an opportunity. And honestly, you’d think that out of everyone, Rachel would understand how important single opportunities are. But their talk is cut short by Kurt, Elliott and Dani walking in. Dani and Elliott say that both girls are talented and are welcome to sing with them when their problems are resolved. Rachel leaves for rehearsals and Santana goes to work.

So while Santana and Rachel haven’t yet learned to forgive, Blaine has. He forgives Sam and Tina and reiterates the whole bit about them being friends forever. Awww <3. Just then the rest of ND and Will come in and Will says that they are magically ready for Nationals in LA next week (I haven’t seen a setlist yet!). But Blaine, Tina and Sam decide to take one more song on as top Grads and this time include left out Artie. The four of them sing ‘Hold On’ (my fave song of the episode). In New York, One Three Hill also rehearses it, and both in their individual places, Santana and Rachel also sing it. The song is cute and the lyrics are very empowering. Both Santana and Rachel looked sad as they sang so maybe they’re finally realizing that fighting isn’t doing any good.

Will is busy packing for Nationals when Emma comes in the room. Slowly, she tells him that she isn’t going to come along. Why, you ask? BECAUSE SHE’S PREGGERS! Yes, Emma and Will are finally starting a family. They’re both really happy. That’s how the episode ends. 😀 Yaaay. however, we all know that the baby story line is just a way to get Emma got because Jayma isn’t going to be on the show much. She’s on a new TV show but I forget which one right now. I’ll miss her and I hope she comes back every once in a while. :S

And that was ‘Trio’. Like I said, not a standout episode by any means. I wasn’t a huge fan of how they made Tina cry 75% of the time, but I really do love the friendship between Sam, Blaine and Tina. Hopefully Rachel and Santana’s feud is resolved soon because I really miss having them as friends.

Next week is Nationals! OOOHHH! 5×11 is called ‘City Of Angels’. Observe the promo:
LA, baby! I’ve never been there and I want to go so I have a feeling this episode will only make me want to more! AHHHH Mercedes is back! Yaaay! If I remember correctly, the last time we saw her was in ‘The Quarterback’ so it’ll be good to see her again when it’s not so sad. Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect! He’s the lead of Throat Explosion, and I am super excited to see them perform! I think it’ll be a good episode. Apparently ND dedicates their performance to Finn, and Burt and Carole will be there to see it. Awwww <3. And ooh bonus promo for 5×12, AKA the 100th episode? YES! The whole gang is back and I am so pumped! I’m even happy to see Brittana. I am so excited you don’t even know.

Anyways, I have to go! TTYL and happy Gleeking….or something LOL.

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