5×11 City Of Angels

Greetings! I write this from the Punta Cana airport, because the Dominican is where I have been for the past week, hence the awful wifi I’ve had. But since you’re reading this, it means I am home and back in the swing of things. 🙂 So last night was Glee, and luckily, I had access to a few American TV channels, including Fox. The episode was 5×11 and was the long-awaited Nationals episode. I guess LA is called the City Of Angels or something because that’s what the episode is titled. Overall though, I can’t say it was a great episode. The music was decent and I teared up/cried several times, but there weren’t any laugh out loud parts, and it wasn’t a happy episode by any means. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. I guess the only saving grace for the episode was that it was emotional and heartfelt. Here’s what happened:

It starts with Sam talking to Mr. Schue in his office. They’re discussing Finn because it’s Nationals time. Will says that Finn was a leader and was special, which is true. Then he, in a way, plays the guilt card and says that Sam should endeavour to fill Finn’s shoes because Sam too has leadership qualities, and should the need arise in LA, Sam should be ready to take control. Not that I don’t like Sam, but I don’t really think he’s much of a leader. He’s never taken lead by himself, you know? Like in ‘Guilty Pleasures’, it was he and Blaine who ran ND. Blaine does have leadership qualities. I mean, he led the Warblers and was voted The New Rachel. But I guess that Sam should get some spotlight before he graduates….

In the choir room, Burt and Carole come visit, and this is their first appearance since ‘The Quarterback’. They announce that they’re coming to LA as chaperones to support ND and see through was Finn was so passionate about. They give ND a pep talk, motivating them to go to LA and win for Finn, who would have wanted them to try their hardest no matter what.

From there we see ND in LA, touring around like tacky tourists in a double-decker tour bus thing and they’re singing ‘I Love LA’. I’d say this is maybe the episode’s worst song. On the plus side, everyone is so happy and adorable so it’s slightly forgivable.

As ND waits in the hotel lobby, they’re visited by everyone’s favourite diva, Mercedes. And she has great news to share: she’s famous. After pathetically trying to sell her CDs independently (in some parking lot), she managed to get a record contract because a lady knew a guy who knew a guy or something like that. Long story short, Mercedes is over the moon. And I’m so happy for her because after the awful run she had with the last record deal she got, she deserves this.

Finally ND meets their biggest competition, Throat Explosion, led by Jean Baptiste, played by Skylar Astin. But unlike Skylar’s character in Pitch Perfect, Jean is mean and fierce and is like a Jesse St. James wanna be. Jean and his group taunt ND, saying that they’ll never win. Oh well, what’s Glee without a little show choir group drama?

In a hotel room, Ryder is talking with Marley and she admits that if ND loses, she’s quitting Glee club. She’s already planned new extra curriculars to join, ones that she thinks she’d be good at. Because Marley doesn’t think she’s useful in ND. Why? Because she took her songwriting skills and entered a few contests and lost them all. So now she wants to quit.

The night before Nationals, ND break onto the stage and Sam, with Finn’s choir room plaque in hand, gives the group a meaningful pep talk about winning for Finn and doing their best. In comes Throat Explosion and despite seeing the plaque, they vow to not give any mercy during competition.

In a hotel room, Burt and Carole talk to Sam and Tina. It’s light and cheery until Tina says how sad she is to be approaching their last Glee competition ever. She goes on to say that she doesn’t know what she’ll do with her life after, to which Carole mutters “At least you have one.” And just like that, the mood got depressing. Burt suggests that Sam and Tina leave the room and when they do, Carole admits to him that in a way, the Grads leaving Glee sort of symbolizes Finn’s presence leaving with them. Burt then suggests to Carole that they ditch Nationals all together.

Remember how Jarley was a thing but then Jake cheated and Marley was single again? Wow, it was earlier this season, but it seems like ages ago. It wasn’t mentioned in a few episodes so I’ve totally forgot about it. Anyways, it seems that Jake still has feelings for her, as does Ryder. And yes, Ryder and Jake are still pals. For now, at least. Jake says that Ryder’s little chat with Marley (though literally nothing happened) wasn’t cool, but Ryder admits that Marley’s thinking of quitting Glee and suggests that maybe since they’re in LA, they try to help her out. Yes, Ryder, because being in LA leads to automatic record deals. Easy as pie.

Finn’s plaque is missing. Sam is searching for it frantically, but to no avail. Blaine is with him, but advises him to focus on more important things like the competition. I was a little miffed at that, because that plaque is special and important, especially because it was Rachel’s gift to the choir room. Anyhoo, Sam is super mad though and right away blames Throat Explosion and Jean, who happen to be walking by. Sam confronts them and it even gets a bit physical, but not only does Jean not own up to the missing plaque, but they shove in a few more taunts at ND, insisting they’ll lose. As Throat Explosion leaves, Sam and Blaine take control of ND who were watching it all happen, and they say that Finn is with them in spirit and that they WILL win it.

It’s showtiiiiime! After the judges are introduced (three people who I think are famous IRL but not famous enough because I didn’t know who they were) the first group sings. It’s The Amazonians singing ‘Vacation’ and they were wearing silly feathered showgirl outfits. During their mediocre song, we see Burt and Carole grab their luggage and leave the hotel room. Next to sing is Throat Explosion and they start off by singing ‘Mr. Roboto’ in weird robot-ish outfits but that song leads into ‘Counting Stars’ and the gray comes off to reveal blue suits. Their performance was really good and Jean has a great voice, so it’s no wonder ND looked a bit worried.

Backstage, ND are waiting to go on. Will comes up to them and he decides to give a pep talk himself in place of Burt and Carole, who left apparently. But just as he starts, in come Burt and Carole who decided to stay after all. Carole says that Finn would want them to go out on that stage and kick butt.

So that’s what they go do. They start with the Blaine and Tina duet ‘More Than A Feeling’, which was cute. Whenever I read the song title though, my brain automatically sings it to the tune of ‘More Than A Woman’ from ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver’. After that song they sing ‘America’, which is what I think is the weakest in the set. Lastly they do ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’. As they begin the last song, Carole whispers to Burt that all the songs they’re doing were Finn’s favourites, especially the last one. During the song, we’re hit with feels just like in ‘Come What May’ where there were sudden flashbacks. For each person who sings a line in ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ there’s a flashback of them with Finn, as well as others of Finn alone. It was sad because some of those flashbacks were from S1 where they all looked so young and adorable. At the end of the song, Sam holds up Finn’s drumsticks in tribute, and I think it was really touching. Overall, while I don’t think that their setlist was the best, it was meaningful. However, their dancing/choreography was weak. I guess without Brittany there, they’re screwed. Speaking of Brittany, it’s sad that she missed her last Nationals too.


After their performance, they’re backstage cheering with relief. But Sam is sitting off to the side alone looking terribly sad. Will hugs him and says he did great as a leader, but it’s clear that Sam isn’t so sure himself.

Also as they wait, Mercedes takes the chance to talk to Marley upon Ryder and Jake’s request. Mercedes corners her and says that she shouldn’t have pity parties because her songs are really good and giving up won’t do anything. Marley says okay but we’ll see if she takes the advice. It’s hard to argue with Mercedes though, especially now that she’s successful.

Now for the results. Like expected all three groups are on the stage, holding their breath. In third, obviously, The Amazonians. In first place….not New Directions. They come second. Yes, Jean Baptiste and Throat Explosion came first. ND didn’t win another Nationals. I did know that the result would be so before hand so I wasn’t shocked at all. And like I said, their performance wasn’t amazing.

Back in Lima, Sam hangs up Finn’s plaque. Apparently, someone from Throat Explosion stole it and as soon as Jean found out, he mailed it back with apologies. Then, with ND gathered, they apologize to Burt and Carole for letting them down. They were planning on bringing them up to the stage if they had won. Naturally, Burt and Carole say that they weren’t let down and that they did amazing no matter that the results say. Just then, Becky comes to collect Will and bring him to Sue.

In Sue’s office, Roz Washington is there, showing off her first place cheerleading trophy. After she leaves, Sue calls Will in and breaks the news. Since ND lost Nationals and Sue now has the power, the Glee club is forced to end. Will looks crushed but knows that he has nothing more to argue. Sue then acts slightly more human and tells him that overall, despite the constant fights, Glee did amazing over the past 4 years. They won Nationals the year before, right? And what’s more, Glee changed the lives of several lost high school students and created so many awesome friendships.

The last scene is in New York. We haven’t had one all episode. Kurt, in the diner, runs up to Rachel and Santana (who are still fighting) and says that he just got a call and Glee club is officially over. All three of them look absolutely shocked.

So that’s the end of the episode. Not the best, but okay. It gets bonus points for being emotional. I mean, the flashbacks and Carole and Sam being sad really got to me. And even Glee club being officially over was sad. I mean, I’m looking forward to the all New York episodes now, but come on! I’ll never not love the choir room and all the craziness that went on in there. That was and always will be Glee’s basis. Anyways, I’m just glad we finally got to Nationals because really, Sectionals was two Thanksgivings ago.

Next week is the big one. The 100th episode. Filled with fun and friends and more. I am so excited. Like in a way, all the episode since the break have sort of felt like filler episodes in preparation for this. 5×12 is called ‘100’ and here is the promo:
EEEEEEKKK it looks so awesome. I wonder if there’ll be flashbacks in the episode though. I can’t wait for April and Holly to come back. 😀 I hope the episode is as good as I’m hoping it will be! 😀

So that’s it! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to tend to my sunburns and and catch up on like 7 TV shows that I missed when I was gone. ;P TTYL, Gleeks!

P.S. During my flight to Punta Cana, guess what I watched? Go on, guess! Okay I saw ‘All The Wrong Reasons’, which was one the last two movies Cory filmed before he died. It was clear that it was a Canadian film. I didn’t love it…There were some boring parts IMO and the ending, though I didn’t love it either, worked well with the movie. I’m glad I saw it though. Cory’s acting was great, though. And I liked Simon, the guy with one arm.

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