100% Of The ‘100’ Songs!

Like last week, the songs came out at weird times, and not all together, but here they are now. These are the songs for the magically magical 100th episode, featuring the originals and all the coolest guests. I am soooo excited. Like…SO EXCITED *screams with excitement*. Anyways…the songs. It took a while, but here they are. In case you didn’t hear the news, but all these songs (except one) have been done on Glee before, but are now sung differently and sometimes with some new people. The songs were voted upon several months ago. Take a listen:

‘Defying Gravity’ sung by Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel
This song was first done by Kurt and Rachel when they were just little adorable people and not even friends yet. Now their voices have matured a lot, and adding Mercedes in is a genius move because those three are perfect together. While I’m still on the fence if this version is better than the Kurt/Rachel one in S1, no one can deny that this is awesome too.

‘Toxic’ sung by Quinn, Brittany and Santana
The Unholy Trinity! They’re back. They’re alllll back! I’m so excited to see Quinn and Brittany back because I’ve missed them so much. The first time this song was sung on Glee, it was mostly sung by Mr. Schue, which was weird…. This time it’s the three former Cheerios and together, like always, they sound so awesome. If you’re one of those Gleeks that worship the girls, you’ll be veeeery happy with this song.

‘Happy’ sung by Blaine, Mercedes, Will, April and Holly
Holly and April!!! I’m so happy! Now this song is the one that was never done on Glee before. This song was supposed to be ‘The Dog Days Are Over’ but randomly changed. No complaints here because I like this song. It’s so catchy! And hearing April and Holly back will be awesome. Those two have never interacted but I think they’ll be absolutely hilarious because they both have that free spirit crazy personality. Overall, I don’t think this song is the best, and prolly won’t be in the episode, but it’s fun and cheery and that’s awesome!

‘Valerie’ sung by Brittany and Santana
Brittana! I’m not a huge fan of them, sorry to say, but I like this song and I think having the two of them sing it is great! And fans of them will be floored. Considering that they’ve been through a lot, I’m glad they get this happy moment at least! 😀

‘Keep Holding On’ sung by Puck
This song has double emotional meaning for me because not only is it one of Glee’s cutest and feelsy songs done back in early S1, but it was written for the Eragon soundtrack, and though that was a junky movie, I still get hit with a bunch of feels with the series in general (I will ship Murtagh and Nasuada forever!!!)….Anyways, Puck’s silky smooth voice is so perf on this song. I’m glad to see him back too! I wonder if he’s singing to Quinn…they will get some interaction here, despite Quinn’s new bf, Biff. Quick fans come out of hiding!

‘Raise Your Glass’ sung by Will and April
Honestly, this is my least favourite song of the ones here. I mean, April’s voice is just so different from P!nk’s and even Blaine’s that the first line surprised me a lot. Anyways, I think this will be a fun group song like ‘Happy’ if the background vocals are in fact ND. But fun group songs are always a pleasure to watch, and April is too. 😀

So those are the songs. I am very impressed with them. I think this is shaping up to be an amazing episode, and I am so pumped for it! What’s your favourite song? I like ‘Keep Holding On’ and ‘Defying Gravity’ the best. But really, I’m just so glad everyone is coming back. I have such high hopes for this episode!  Remember, it airs tonight!


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