5×12 100

100. Wow. 100 episodes. That’s a lot. I’ve come up with some stats to put that fab achievement in perspective. If you’ve watched every episode on TV, at an hour each, you’ve watched Glee for just over 4 days straight. If you watched it online later, at 45 mins each, it’s just over 3 days. There have been 632 registered musical numbers, and if you listened to those all just once, then you’ve spent a little over one full day listening to music, and add another hour or so for all the songs that were released but not aired on the show. So anyways, for someone like me, who’s seen all the DVDs many times and listens to the songs very often, then you’ve spent quite a while. Those are days you’ll never get back, but I am proud to say that I don’t want them! 😀

Last night was episode number 10o, called ‘100’. Old characters came back, old songs were redone and overall, I thought it was a great episode. It was funny and sad and feelsy and having everyone back was awesome. I had such high hopes for the episode, and it paid off! While it wasn’t perfect, I can say that it was the best episode in a while. I give it a 4 out of 5. If you missed it, here’s what went down:

It starts with Rachel and Mercedes back in McKinley, being divas and enjoying the attention they’re getting due to their new fame. Apparently, they’re in a weird diva feud or something. Where did that come from? Anyways, in the choir room, all ND members, past and present, are there. Like, all. Quinn and Brittany specifically, because we haven’t seen them in ages. Brittany’s been gone since 4×22 ‘All Or Nothing’ and Quinn hasn’t been on since 4×14 ‘I Do’. And then Mike, and Puck are there, who’ve also been gone since 5×03 ‘The Quarterback’. And lastly, though Mercedes was just on last week, she is back again and I’m cool with that. To celebrate them all coming back to say goodbye to Glee club, Will Schuester brings in an old friend, April Rhodes. It’s been so long since we’ve seen her so it was so awesome to see her. 🙂 And April is a huge hit. Everyone’s got champagne glasses and she’s telling them all about her newest rich husband or something. Then she and Will sing ‘Raise Your Glass’ which was sung on Glee previously by The Warblers, as Blaine points out. It’s a happy song and ND dances along. Blaine even does some of the old Warbler choreography, which was adorable. I have to say, though, that isn’t the best song of the episode. But it’s fun.


Via voice over, Puck, decked out in his fancy military suit, says that he left his mark on the school and now is needed in the air. Quinn comes up to him and says he looks good. Just as they get to talking, Biff comes up. Who’s Biff, you ask? Why it’s Quinn’s fancy and attractive Yale boyfriend, who turns out to me super rich too. Puck is clearly not impressed with him.

It turns out MIT isn’t as awesome as Brittany hoped it be. She’s a math genius and people are always testing her. So to get her out of her funk, Santana suggests bringing the dynamic trio back: The Unholy Trinity. Those three get up and sing ‘Toxic’ and it’s awesome. Seeing the three of them together again is just fab. 😛   Throughout the performance, Biff is texting and afterwards, he says the song is ‘energetic’. It’s clear that he’s not fond of this whole singing thing.

After the song, Brittany tells Santana that she’s still not happy. So she goes on her talk show, Fondue For Two. Her two guests are Mercedes and Rachel. They’re still not happy with each other, so Brittany suggests a diva-off. They both agree, but they both want to sing ‘Defying Gravity’. Also, Lord Tubbington and Lady Tubbington were back! Meow!

At Breadstix, Biff and Quinn are on a date. Apparently he came to Lima with her so he could learn more about her past, but he doesn’t want to hear it from her. Puck, Santana, Mike and Artie come in and he calls them over. When he asks, they tell him all about Quinn’s crazy highschool years, right down to the Ryan Seacrest tattoo. It’s clear that Quinn did not want Biff knowing that, so she sends him off to get her purse, and when he’s gone, she tells her friends that she’s trying to present a certain imagine so they need to back off.

In Sue’s office, Will and April try to fight for Glee’s survival again. Since April still is funding The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion (AKA the auditorium) she decides who performs there, so if Sue wants the choir room, fine. ND will move to the stage. Sue can’t argue with that, so as it stands, Glee club is back on! 😀

What’s Glee club without a diva-off? It’s between Mercedes and Rachel, but Kurt is there too, singing ‘Defying Gravity’ (in front of Glinda herself LOL). Kurt is hardly shown, but he does have few solo lines, which Blaine happy claps for. ❤ Those three voices together are so perfect.

Outside, Brittany, still in a weird funk, is playing chess but against her phone and with real people dressed as chess pieces (think Wizards Chess in the dungeon of HP1). Santana comes over, and being the good friend that Santana can only be to Brittany,  suggests that they try a duet together. Brittany isn’t totally up for it, though.

To persuade the voters as to why they should be voted as Glee’s biggest star, Rachel and Mercedes each speak to the group. Mercedes says that since her fame will lead to her being on the radio all over the world as opposed to only on Broadway, she should win, but Rachel says otherwise. I guess the voters have a hard choice because when it comes down to the song, they both were amazing.

In the choir room, April talks to Klaine. She wishes them well on their wedding journey, then gifts them each with a canteen of alcohol for their apparent inevitable divorce. I’d be mad at that implication, but it’s April and she’s likely drunk. However, I don’t think Kurt should be accepting any more drinks from April….remember what happened last time?

As Puck decides to sing, Santana gets up and decides that she’s going first, and she wants to sing with Brittany. It take a bit for Brittany to join in, but eventually the two girls are singing along to ‘Valerie’ with dance accompaniment from Mike and Jake. Not the episode’s best song because I think it sounds too much like the first time Glee did it, but Brittana fans will be happy. And it does seem to get Brittany back to her old self, just a bit.

Puck decides to sing after, but takes them all to the stage first. They all sit in a circle, with Puck and Quinn directly across from each other. Puck sings ‘Keep Holding On’ and sings directly to Quinn, in an echo of S1 when ND sang it to her to show support for her pregnancy. However, this time, Quinn looks very uncomfortable and sad. Halfway though the song, members of the original ND, so anyone from S1 basically, get up and dance on the risers that appear behind Puck (minus Quinn because the performance is for her). They start doing the choreography from S1 ‘Keep Holding On’ which is super sweet. The other half of the current ND also join in on the dancing. By the end, Quinn is totally crying and everyone has the decency to leave so Puck can talk to her. Quinn says that she had forgotten about that song and likely will again in the future. Puck tells her to stop trying to leave the past and just embrace because everyone in ND loves her for it, where as Biff doesn’t know about Beth yet. But Quinn says she loves Biff then walks away. Anyways, I think that song is maybe one of the episode’s best. It’s sweet and not sounding exactly like Glee’s first version and I’m not going to lie, seeing ND do the same choreography and seeing Quinn and Puck so emotional made me tear up too.

Before ND votes for the diva-off, Santana stands up and decides to say a few words about Rachel. For a moment, silly me thought she’d say something nice and that the feud between the two of them would be over, but who was I kidding? It’s Santana Lopez we’re talking about. Santana straight up says that Rachel is an awful roommate and person in general. She says Rachel is self-centered and proves this by having Rachel guess Ryder’s name (“Rick?” she tried and I’m not even kidding). But what’s even worse, Santana finally admits the truth about Rachel’s Prom Queen win in S3. Santana says she and Quinn gave it to her and the truth is, no one likes her. Now THAT is harsh because Rachel winning Queen and Finn winning King is one of my fave Finchel moments because Finn gives her that beautiful speech about her deserving it and being so awesome and inspiring. Now she has to learn that it’s all fake? Ouch. Rachel starts crying and storms out of the room as she declares that Santana is a mean person. She goes to the bathroom and is crying when Mercedes comes in. Rachel admits to Mercedes that life with Santana is sucky because it’s just like highschool all over again. Mercedes advises Rachel to take Santana’s hate and use it as motivation. Mercedes says she imagined Santana as every producer and record label who ever told her ‘no’. Then Mercedes admits that she’s always felt threatened by Rachel’s amazing talent, why is why they’re in the middle of a silly diva-off. The two girls hug and make up.

Remember like a few scenes ago when Glee was apparently saved thanks to April? Yeah, well, that’s not happening anymore. Sue apparently took a look at April’s money and as it turns out, it’s all used up. Will and ND used it all for costumes and set designs. And when April just shrugs and says she’ll give more money, Sue hands her a paper that says that April’s money is all frozen. So basically, Glee is done. Will leaves in a sad huff, telling April that he gave her hope but now, thanks to her crazy spending habits or whatever she did to get her assets frozen by her new rich husband, she can’t do it again. EXCUSE ME, Will Schuester, but I think it’s your spending that’s to blame? Might I remind you of the rain in ‘Umbrella/Signing In The Rain’ or the spinning couch in ‘Blame It On The Alcohol’? Mmhmmm. Those aren’t free or cheap, you know.

It turns out that Quinn’s secrets are finally out. Outside, Quinn tells Biff about Beth and the tattoo and everything. And he is not happy. He’s yelling at her when Puck comes over, ready to intervene if things get bad. And things do. Biff insults Quinn and after she grabs his nose and does her best to hurt him, Puck jumps in and beats him up. Quinn tries to stop Puck  from going too hard, but it ends with Biff in a dumpster. Puck tells Quinn that she has to choose between fancy losers like Biff or the ND members and himself who will always love her. Oh Biff, we never liked you anyways. Though you are good looking, you are too pretentious for us and also, ‘Toxic’ was fab. Bye.

In the choir room, it’s FINALLY time to vote. But just after they do and Will counts it, Mercedes and Rachel come in and announce that the voting thing is silly when it’s clear that they’re both talented and beautiful and friends. Coincidentally, as Will announces, the votes end up as a tie. Then April gets up and says that she’s let them down so in last attempts to make them happy, she’s used the last of her money to bring in an old friend. In strolls Holly Holiday, who we haven’t seen in years. 😀 I’m so glad she’s back because who hates Holly? NO ONE. Holly and April apparently met on the ND guest Facebook page! Anyways, Holly tells them all that instead of being a supply teacher, she’s now a random teacher, meaning she’ll dress up, go to a totally random class somewhere and just teach a fun lesson, even if the real teacher is there. Rachel informs Holly that they’re singing some of their old hits, but Holly doesn’t do old, so she sings the current hit ‘Happy’ with a few ND members as they all dance around. 😀 Oh Holly, I’m so glad you’re back! However, to people who watched the episode, did Gwyneth’s acting seem a bit forced? IDK….

It looks like Quinn chose her ND friends because as Puck is looking at Finn’s old jersey in the locker room, she comes in. Puck asks if she thinks Finn ever forgave them for the whole cheating thing in S1. Quinn says yes and that by cheating, they let him be with Rachel, who was his soulmate. While Puck and Quinn are talking, we cut to Brittany and Santana, who are also talking in the choir room. Santana tells her that she should have a life and be free and even date people. Cut back to Puck, who says he loves Quinn still (awww) and then he says he’s going to leave McKinley…unless she wants him to stay. Back to Brittany, who is kissing Santana (cue loud Brittana shippers scream), but Santana stops it because she’s still with Dani. When Quinn doesn’t tell him to stay, Puck leaves the locker room. Brittany says she wants to be with Santana, as their love is one-of-a-kind. As Puck is walking down the hallway, Quinn goes racing after him. She grabs him and kisses him, then whispers “Stay.” I am not a huge Quick shipper. I never was, even in S1. I liked Sam and Quinn a bit and I also liked Quinn and Joe, whatever they had, but honestly, I was 10000% happy with this Quick kiss. Maybe I was just glad that they were back and happy, but I almost started crying at that.


On the stage, Will gathers them all. Finn and Lillian Adler’s plaques are hanging up there now since they don’t have access to the choir room. It looks like Glee club really is over. Will thanks them all for making Glee happen, when it was only a junky dream so many years ago. They all hug and cry. Up above on the catwalk/rafters thing, April and Holly sit, drinking wine. They decide that they must, no matter what, save the Glee club. So I guess….it’s not over?

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out, because that’s the end of the 100th episode. It’s still amazing to think we’ve come so far. Anyways, like I said, the episode was great. I loved having them all back, and the fact that they got storylines too was good (except Mike, he did nothing). I do wish that Mercedes and Rachel had a better one, though, because their fight was just so random. Like, why are they not supporting each other’s successes? It’s not like a musical role and a record contract are even in competition with each other…. I also didn’t like the whole Glee club on and Glee club off thing that will apparently still continue into next episode. And while we’re bringing back people, where was Joe and Sugar and Rory? They’re not as important but as seen as Joe and Sugar just left without an explanation, it would have been nice to just mention them. But, the music was good and it was an overall feel-good episode.

Next week is technically part 2 of the 100th episode, but obviously, it’s episode 101. 5×13 is called ‘New Directions’ But I think it’s meaning like actually new directions to take, you know? In this episode, there is more re-used songs and also GRAD! Here’s the promo:
Oh, ‘Don’t Stop Believin”….this is the first time it’s been done without Finn…. But I’m glad they’re singing it for old times’ sake and to end ND. It looks as though the Quick kiss wasn’t just as kiss as they’re seen together here. And is Dantana going to be over if Brittany keeps pursuing Santana? I’m excited for Grad. The first Grad was so sad yet happy and now we get to experience it all over again. And according to the promo, it looks like Glee club will be over. We all saw it coming considering the next set of episodes are all in New York completely. I have a feeling this episode will be a crying one, so get tissues ready now!

That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for being here to celebrate the 100th episode! And here’s to another great 33 episodes! *Raises glass*

P.S. Speaking of Sugar and her whereabouts, has anyone been watching Vanessa’s new show Mixology? I have. It’s funny and the way it’s set up is interesting and also the guy who played Fitz from Lizzie Bennet Diaries is in it, which is awesome. It’s only a few episodes in if you want to catch up! And a new episode is on tonight!

P.P.S. On a totally unrelated note, has anyone been watching that new show Resurrection? I started it because it looked interesting and I wanted to know how that kid came back to life. And though it’s kind of creeping me out, I have so many questions that need answers so I have to keep watching now! LOL

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bubblybubbles7
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 18:56:32

    i thought 100 was absolutely perfect. ❤


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 20, 2014 @ 18:58:17

      😀 I’m glad you think so! There’s so much criticism when it comes to Glee episodes and even I partake in it but when people really love an episode, it’s just awesome.


  2. Mark
    Mar 21, 2014 @ 03:12:43

    This episode kind of frustrated me because I just realized that I want to see more of the really fantastic dancers together but there’s only one episode left for most of that to happen. Jake could go to New York to go to Juliard like his actor was supposed to but Mike and Brittany don’t really have much reason to stay on after next week 😦


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 21, 2014 @ 07:44:56

      Hmmm I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t love an episode because there was too little dancing! XD
      But you have a point, I’ll admit. I don’t think we’ll see Jake go to Julliard anytime soon. He’s only what, a junior at most? Sophomore probably.
      And yes, we will see less of Brittany and Mike after 5×13, but maybe we’ll still get some good dance moves. Blaine isn’t half bad and Santana is alright. And Kurt’s decent when he wants to be. And who knows, maybe with the full NYC switch, we’ll be introduced to new characters who can dance or maybe living in a new city will bring out some crazy moves in the rest of them. :S
      Since dance moves doesn’t seem like a big fan-want thing, I doubt Glee will ever be pandering to that.


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