5×13 New Directions

Heyyyy! Who watched Glee last night? I did! Who cried? I did! Last night’s episode was a real emotional rollercoaster. Unlike ‘The Quarterback’ where you knew it’d be sad the whole time, this episode went from happy to sad to happy to sad. The feels were strong in this one. Overall, the episode was good. The music wasn’t awful, though it wasn’t amazing either, and the emotional parts made for a touching episode. There were also some funny bits, which was great. All the originals were there too, so that was awesome. I give 5×13 a 4 out of 5. Here’s what happened:

In the staff room, though neither are staff, Holly and April sit and are playing a strategical version of Do Marry Kill. In comes Sue, who tells April that she and Holly are such good friends that they’re gonna enter The Amazing Race together. They show the two of them in matching tracksuits training for the show. I don’t watch The Amazing Race and know next to nothing about it, so this didn’t have a huge impact on me. I guess the only point of telling us is so we know what Sue will be up to when Glee moves to NYC and we don’t see her. Holly and April take the moment with Sue to try to put their plan to save Glee club into action. They said that music should be incorporated into other clubs and classes. Sue agrees to give it a shot, oddly. Can I just say that the idea of Holly and April as friends is so perfect? Like if they had a spinoff of some sort, I’d totally watch it!

Through voice over, Tina says she got rejected from Ohio State and while everyone is on their way to better things, she’s still lost. She applies to some Jewish school in New York, hoping to join the boys going over there. She walks into the choir room to see Rachel and a few people wrapping up all their showchoir trophies. In comes Kurt and Blaine with big news: Blaine got into NYADA! Klaine in New York: Coming soon to a TV near you! As they all cheer and jump around happily, Tina is accidentally hit in the head with a trophy and goes out. Like in ‘Props’, she has a warped dream and it’s equally as perfect.

In Tina’s dream, she’s living in a show called C.H.U.M.S. which is obviously a clever knockoff of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There’s a whole opening sequence like in FRIENDS where they all play in the fountain, and the iconic theme song plays (just with no words…copyright violation, most likely). Included in this group is Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Artie, Santana and Tina and they’re all dressed stylishly. After the opening sequence, we cut to the loft, where they all are living. Tina walks in on Klaine making out, Sam forgets to wear clothes, Artie doesn’t know there’s an elevator and they all hang out/work at the diner. Also appearing are Mike, Mercedes, Puck and Brittany. It’s hilarious and I just have to show a video.

I watch FRIENDS. Well, I’ve been watching it. My mom and I are trying to get through all the seasons, and we’re up to eight, but I’ve seen enough to understand all the jokes Glee made in the parody. I was totally thrilled they did that. Anyways, Tina wakes up and is suddenly super excited to be going to NYC with them all. But really, Tina has the best dreams. Like, her dreams deserve an award. 😀

On the stage stand Mercedes and Kurt. In the seats sit everyone else. Mercedes and Kurt have decided to deal with the Santana/Rachel fight themselves. So to motivate the girls to make up, they sing ‘I Am Changing’, complete with spectacular vocals. I expect nothing less from Mercedes and Kurt, especially together. At the end, everyone claps, but judging from the looks on Santana and Rachel’s faces, nothing has changed between them.

Or does it? Rachel corners Santana in the bathroom and tries to make amends. But Santana doesn’t want to hear it. So Rachel makes a peace-offering: she offers Santana any 10 Funny Girl shows after the first three months. I was really impressed with that offer, but Santana is not. She doesn’t want just 10 shows, she wants them all.

Music in history class is the first try from April and Holly’s plan, and they bring Will to watch. Holly is teaching it, dressed as some ginger cowgirl or something IDK. During the lesson, she pulls off the wig and starts singing ‘Party All The Time’. Suddenly, everyone is in flashy 80’s clothes and are in a nightclub, dancing crazily as foam pours down and it’s awesome. The song isn’t great, but I had it stuck in my head for a while.

In the choir room, Brittany has arranged a bunch of lilies and waits for Santana, who comes walking in. Brittany tells Santana that she wants to just run away with her and never go back to school. But Santana says that she has Funny Girl to do and a fab career ahead of her. She also admits that although Broadway isn’t totally her thing, she doesn’t want to let Rachel win their feud. And Brittany, always with a random wise piece of advice, says that if Santana walks away from the job to focus on herself and to find a real passion, she’ll be the winner.

Tina’s backup New York school, the Jewish one, rejected her :(. She tells Blaine, Artie and Sam the news and says that she doesn’t want to go to NYC without a plan, despite the fact that Kurt did it and is managing well (that was a mix of luck and passion, two things that Tina appears to be lacking). Sadly, she says that she feels like a loser, and that prompts the boys to sing a slowed down acoustic version of S2’s original hit ‘Loser Like Me’. And while I liked the original one better because it was so fun and powerful, this one is great too because all their voices are so nice together. After the song, the boys beg her to come to New York anyways and they’ll all manage together, so she agrees.

On the stage, Rachel is studying her lines when Santana comes over. Santana says that she admits she’s been mean at times in her life and she also has a tendency to made bad decisions. She says that Rachel’s worked her whole life for that role and honestly, she’s too lazy to do so many shows. So she quit, officially. But she makes it clear that she didn’t quit for Rachel, she quit for herself, just like Brittany said. Rachel asks to sing at least one song with Santana anyways, so they decide to sing ‘Be Okay’ in the choir room. It’s a fun, happy song that the two of them sing so well. I’m just so happy they’re back to being friends. Besides, with all the guys coming to NYC, they’ll still be the only girls and need to stick together.

It turns out that April and Holly’s plan isn’t working. Sue displays many, many letters of complaints that have been sent in about the new incorporated music. And like last episode, Will’s last hopes are gone. He leaves the office with Holly this time trailing after, saying that they could try other things, but it’s no use. Will says that Glee club is over and he’s accepted that. Holly hasn’t. She goes to Artie for help now.

Soooo remember last week when Quick kissed and the whole fandom just loved it? Well, if you liked that, prepare your bodies for what’s coming now. Quinn and Puck are singing ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ which is an adorable song. I had wanted Klaine or Finchel to sing it after they all broke up, but this is good too. And the two of them sing it perfectly. When it ends, Quinn tells ND (and Puck because apparently he wasn’t even aware of their relationship status) that they’re dating for reals. She says that it’ll be hard because they won’t be literally together, but she says she’d “rather do hard with you than easy with someone else.” ❤ ❤ ❤ Shoot, I think I’m shipping this.  Then she says she loves him and they kiss. From the back of the room, Will stands up and says that their song is the last one that’ll ever happen in Glee club. No offence, but why not end on group number that everyone can participate in and end it off with a bang? Anyways, solemnly, Will says that Glee club is officially over and that running it with such a great group of students has been an honor. 😦 This scene went from cute feels to major sadness.

After a commercial break, we go to Will, who finds a note on his desk inviting him to go to the auditorium. When he gets there, he sees a button set up for him to press. He sits down and presses it and it starts a video that’s projected onto the stage. In the video, everyone in ND leave a message to Will and Emma’s future kid about how awesome Will is. It’s a really touching video because when you think about it, who loved Glee club more than Will? No one. Will was Glee’s soul and drive right from the start. The video that was made here was so sweet that I just have to show you instead of tell you. This was the best quality I could find:

From there, the screen goes up and the original member of ND come out singing Glee’s best song, ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. A bit into the song, the second and third generation of ND come out and also pull Will onto the stage. So everyone is all there, dancing and singing and signing off Glee club properly. Even Will sings, which is a first for that song on Glee. Obviously, that song was not complete without Finn, but I’m just glad they did that song to end ND. Watching from the back of the auditorium are Holly and April. They both agree that they succeeded and then walk off. I hardly consider that succeeding. They didn’t save Glee club. They just preserved the memory of Will in a video that they helped Artie make. So if that was the goal, then yeah, but Glee club still is over….?

Guess what day it is? GRADUATION DAAAAAY! In the choir room, the newbies, all dressed up, are doing some last-minute cleaning. Jake looks around the empty room and expresses his disappointment for the ending of Glee club. Marley says that Sue can take the club but she can never take what they have. They group hug it out. I’m glad they got this scene. I know not everyone liked the newbies, but they were a part of Glee all the same and they deserve to be included in the ending festivities.

It’s the graduation ceremony now and Sue is working the microphone. She calls the Grads up, one by one. Artie, Blaine, Tina, Sam and even Becky. It’s so awesome to see them graduate. Especially Artie and Tina because they’ve been there the longest. And Sue gave Becky the biggest hug ever when she was called up. As Blaine, Sam, Tina and Artie hug excitedly, Tina tells them that she won’t be going to NYC after all because she got into Browns and she’s thrilled. Yay for Tina. Finally something is going her way. But the graduating isn’t done yet. Sue calls up one last person (assuming that all the other students have already been called up but really, they’re not mentioned and no one cares) and that person is Brittany. Santana tells her that she called in a favour from Sue so even though she technically didn’t earn all the credits to graduate, Brittany is going to anyways. 😀 Finally!

In the bathroom afterwards, Santana tells Brittany that instead of running away forever like Brittany had originally wanted to do, she suggests going on a vacation for a bit. And afterwards, she wants Brittany to come to New York. I think that Naya is leaving Glee for a few episodes and that’s why this vacation is happening (or maybe she’s leaving because the vacation is happening), but she will be back, don’t worry. As for Heather, maybe she’ll be back and in NYC in Season 6.

In the now empty choir room, Will and Sue sit, just taking in the last moments of the room. Sue says that Will was a great fighter and no one has ever tested Sue that much. She also recognizes that although he was a sucky Spanish and history teacher, he had passion for music. So she got him a small gift: a job interview for Show Choir director at Carmel High. Will doesn’t seem to keen on it. After all, they’re ND’s enemies and Will’s been at McKinley for years. Sue says to think about it then leaves the room, leaving Will alone in the empty choir room. Will stands up and looks to where all the plastic chairs used to be. He hears some memorable quotes from ND, mostly all from S1. A lot of them came from the little speech before ‘To Sir With Love’ in 1×22. Will bows to the sound of the voices, then slowly walks to the door, turns off the lights and leaves. And that, my friends, is the end of New Directions. And the episode.

Yeah, it was sad. The ending was very sad. I mean, I’ve been watching Glee since the second half of Season 1. I’ve seen ND grow and mature and fail and succeed and now it’s…over. But I think they did a great job closing it off. And it’s not like Glee the show is over! We still have the rest of this season and a whole other one too! Maybe we’ll see the choir room later on. Anyways, did anyone notice what song was missing this episode? I didn’t right away, but ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ was cut. I’m not too upset though. I don’t really have complaints for this episode. I mean, everything we wanted happened: Klaine kiss (okay so it was a dream but who cares), Quick, Holly and April, Grad, good songs and more. *thumbs up*

Well, with Glee club over now and Grad past, we have no reason to stick around at McKinley. Glee is now switching to full time New York! The next episode is set in the future (maybe present time because remember how Glee’s timeline is all weird?). 5×14 is called ‘New New York’. Sam, Blaine and Artie are now down there too! Here’s the promo:
Why isn’t every promo started with Blaine in his underwear? And Elliott is back! I wonder how Blaine and Elliott will get along….I hope there’s no drama. Blam singing ‘Best Day Of My Life’ by The American Authors should be fun. And finally, finally, FINALLY, Sam gets his haircut. He looks a lot better with short hair. As far as promos go, this isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst. I’m excited to see how the all New York episodes will be. 😀

That’s all for now, Gleeks! Like always, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on everything, so go ahead and comment! Bye!

P.S. Apparently, for reasons not yet known, this season of Glee will only have 20 episodes. 😦

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 23:19:13

    Did the newbies not get even one song? I mean, it’s great that most of the focus was on the old people and new grads but they were still part of ND. They really could have done a small goodbye song like the ones from season 3 to the current grads, Mr, Schue, and basically every other person because they have connections (Santana->Marley, Unique->Kurt & Mercedes, etc.).

    Aside from that rant I’m wondering what Glee’s going to do for its remaining episodes and season. Without ND the only thing I can think the plot would concern itself with would be Kurt’s band and broadway auditions.


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 26, 2014 @ 23:27:43

      Yeah it would have been nice to give them a goodbye song. Who knows when we’ll see them again too. I mean, it’s already known that we’ll see Sue and Will in a future episode, but we may not see the newbies until S6, if then.
      Well, Glee in NYC will be a change, but I’d assume that since it’s all there, there’ll be less random plots that never show up again. Rachel will be hard at work with FG and Blaine’s now at NYADA. Also there’s a Klaine wedding to plan, and Artie and Sam have to be doing things in NYC too.
      I think Glee’s been planning this for a while so they must have a good idea of what to do.
      And S6 may be set a few years in the future (that’s what I’m hoping at least!) so there’d be a whole new wave of plots to explore.
      I guess we’ll have to wait and watch and see! 😀


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