New ‘New New York’ Songs

How many times can I put ‘New’ in the title? A lot. 😉

Yes, the songs from Glee’s first ever all New York episode, 5×14 ‘New New York’, are here! There’s a neat mix of current songs and older ones here. I think such a mix describes Glee perfectly. So take a listen! As I blog, there are still songs missing, so if this post is kind of late, it’s because the songs came out at a weird time.

‘Downtown’ (by Petula Clark) sung by Blaine, Rachel, Sam, Artie and Kurt
This is prolly the first song that we’ll see in the episode, where Blaine, Artie and Sam are first in New York (I’m still unsure if there’ll be a time jump or not). Anyways, this song is okay, but not awesome. I was kind of hoping it would be ‘Downtown’ by Lady Antebellum, but no such luck.

‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ (by Frank Sinatra) sung by Kurt and Blaine
KLAINE DUET. KLAAAAAINE DUET! Oh, it’s been SO LONG since we’ve had one of these. The last one was what…’Got To Get You Into My Life’? Okay, so it’s been 14 episodes but that’s still a while! Anyways, though I hate to say it, as far as Klaine duets go, this isn’t my favourite. IDK what it is. I do, though, associate this song with Christmas because it’s used in that movie Elf when Buddy and Jovie go on their date and it’s all Christmassy around. Anyhoo, this song is cute and I’m so happy that Klaine is together at last. 😀

‘Best Day Of My Life’ (by The American Authors) sung by Blaine and Sam
This is good. Blam together will be awesome because they’re so cute in a totally platonic way. This song is top of the charts now and Glee’s version is good. It’s not extremely different than the original, but Blaine and Sam still kill it! 😀

‘Rockstar’ (by A Great Big World) sung by Kurt and Elliott
This song is my JAAAAAM! This isn’t the first song by this group that Glee has done (remember ‘This Is The New Year’ in S4?). I didn’t know about the group back then but a few months ago I looked them up because their now hit ‘Say Something’ was good and I had heard good reviews about their album. This is a fab group. Their songs are super catchy. Anyways, Elliott and Kurt sing this awesomely. It’s not 100% like the original, which is good, and really these two can sing the phonebook. 😀 😀 😀

‘People’ (by Barbra Streisand) sung by Rachel
Rachel singing Barbra? Who would have thought? 😛 This song, though sung perfectly because Rachel is perf, isn’t anything special to me. I’m just not a fan of these slow songs. But to each his own.

‘Don’t Sleep In The Subway’ (by Petula Clark) sung by Rachel and Artie
IDK who this Petula Clark is, but this is the second song of theirs that Glee is doing this episode. Anyways, I never ever ever thought I’d hear Rachel and Artie doing a duet. Never. And while I can’t say that I love this song, the fact that we’ll get Rachel and Artie bonding will make up for it. 🙂

So these are the songs. What do you think? I think that it’s not half bad. Half the songs are nothing outstanding, but aren’t awful by any means. And even if I don’t think the Klaine duet is the best ever, it’s still a Klaine duet and I shall love to see it all the same. Two days until Glee, folks! Take care until then!


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