5×14 New New York

Last night was quite a night. Since S4, there have been at least one all-Ohio Glee episode, but never has there been an all-New York one. We’ve always had that choir room and that bunch of McKinley kids… Until last night. Since the end of Glee club last episode, Glee has transitioned to all New York all the time. I was worried how it’d be. But let me say, all my worrying was for nothing. ‘New New York’ was great. Like amazing, considering we were in a slightly unfamiliar territory.
Though the music wasn’t the best ever, the plots were good and haven’t been overused. I give 5×14 a 4 out of 5. 🙂 Here’s what went down in New York:

It starts with Rachel, talking with the Funny Girl producer. To say thanks for all her hard work, he gives her a fancy black car, complete with its own (attractive) driver that she can use for whatever whenever. That’s so cool. As she gets in the car and it starts moving, Rachel starts singing ‘Downtown’ and looks out the window at the passing buildings in awe. Elsewhere in New York, Blaine and Kurt are out walking and also sing, as do Artie and Sam, who are walking around too. They all meet at some corner and Rachel says that she wants to take them all to lunch to thank them for their constant help and support. Unfortunately, the fancy car can’t take all five of them, so Artie says that he and Sam will get to the restaurant on their own. There seems to be some hard feelings from Artie there.

The next day, we see Blaine and Kurt, asleep together. Blaine gets up and proceeded to make Kurt breakfast but Kurt wakes up before the food makes it to him in bed. Blaine expresses how much he loves this new New York life with Kurt every day. It’s revealed that it has been months since Grad, so there has been a time jump, thought a slight one, which is great. Anyways, Blaine and Kurt start singing ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ in the loft. It’s adorable. They’re dancing together in their pyjamas and having pillow fights and just being so dang adorable. In the span of that one song, pretty much everything the Klaine fandom wanted to see happened. 😀 Just as the song ends and Kurt is on top of Blaine on the couch, Sam bursts in. Kurt whispers that Sam must move out, as he was never meant to stay for so long.

Down underground, Artie is wheeling down in the subway area when a man on crutches comes up, grabs Artie’s backpack and hurries off before Artie can catch him. The guy moves fast for being on crutches.

So while Blaine is very much loving New York, Sam isn’t. He’s not doing anything but staying at the loft all day. So Blaine decides to make him love it and feel like New York is a special place. Blaine drags him out to Times Square and the two of them sing ‘Best Day Of My Life’ by The American Authors. The Blam friendship is so awesome that even though the song was good and not great, seeing them happy together as pals made up for it. At the end of the song, Blaine says that if Sam can sing in Times Square and have people like it, which they did, he can do anything.

In Kurt’s NYADA class, he’s surprised to see Blaine, but Blaine says he has special permission (how on earth did he swing that?) and is in 6 of Kurt’s 8 classes. And as the professor has the class mime being trapped in a box, Kurt realizes that Blaine is suffocating him in New York.

With Blaine’s advice in mind, Sam decides to go get a haircut. Goodbye long blonde locks that although was nice hair, looked silly on him and hello nice fresh cut! I did read that Chord grew out his hair for cancer donation so it’s hard to hate the hair when it’s for good. Sam is now totally ready for a fresh New York start!

In the loft, Artie tells the gang about his robbing, but only Kurt is concerned for him. Blaine is too busy making sodas with a machine, which gets on Kurt’s nerves (and mine too, like jeeze, Blaine!). Rachel seems to be concerned, but she compares it to accidentally giving a hobo too much money. Yes, Diva Rachel is back. Every second episode or so she arrives just to drive me slightly crazy. I mean, Determined Rachel and Motivated Rachel are good and productive and made us fall in love with her in S1, but Crazy Diva Rachel is just overused. Artie is not amused with Rachel’s behavior on the matter.

Elliott is back! I like him. A non-threatening cool as heck talented dude who is sensible about things. Yes. He and Kurt are at that little music shop again and Kurt is venting to him about Blaine’s clinginess. Kurt fears that being in close quarters with Blaine all the time will lead the two of them losing their identities. That makes sense, I think. And Elliott, a voice of reason, says that he didn’t think Klaine would work out at first, but he can see they’re meant to be and are worth fighting for, even if things get hard, so he suggests getting space and setting boundries. To get Kurt’s mind off the problem, Elliott starts singing ‘Rockstar’ and Kurt joins in. This is one of the episode’s bests, I think.

As Rachel rides in her fancy car, she realizes that she’s not living the New York life the way she should be. She’s lost and closed in. If she wants a real New York experience, she’s got to do it right! So she makes the driver stop the car and decides to walk and just enjoy the cityscape.

Blaine’s in the loft, making arrangements for a new workspace set up, when Sam comes in excitedly. Sam says that after his haircut he went out and managed to get a new modeling job. And on top of that, he and a bunch of models from that agency are all going to be living together. Though it was Blaine who was pushing Sam to leave, he does look sad, but feigns excitement for his friend. As Sam goes off to pack his things, suddenly Kurt comes in and see’s Blaine’s new floor plan. I guess that was the tipping point for Kurt because he loses it. He says that Elliott is right, that they need space. Blaine doesn’t like that Kurt’s getting advice from Elliott and is also mad that Kurt feels like the loft is Kurt’s home, not Blaine’s too. As much as I hate to see Klaine fight, at least this one is slightly more realistic.

Artie is in the streets on New York looking like a lost puppy. We only see him for a second, but it ties into a later bit so that’s why I’m mentioning it.

Blaine decides to take a visit to Elliott, who is a threat in Blaine’s mind. When Elliott answers the door, Blaine starts getting mad at him, saying that Kurt is engaged to him and he needs to stop trying to break them apart. Also in this spew of rage, Blaine calls him a ‘Glitter Rock Vampire’. Luckily for Blaine, Elliott isn’t fazed or angry at Blaine’s outrage. He’s chill. Elliott says that he’s not interested in Kurt and it doesn’t matter because Kurt clearly loves Blaine. That calms Blaine down and Blaine admits that being apart from Kurt was hard and he never wants to have to do that again. He apologizes to Elliott and says that he’ll need to learn to give space. Then he and Elliott jam out to a new song called ‘Glitter Rock Vampire’. It’s stupid as heck, but I’m glad that they’re on good terms.

Somewhere on the street, Rachel finds Artie. She tells him that she’s given up the car because she knows how shaken up he is about the robbing down on the subway, so she has decided to take it with him every day instead. I never thought I’d see Rachel and Artie as friends, but this is good. And I’m glad that she’s understanding how he was feeling. So they go down to the subway and as they ride, they sing ‘Don’t Sleep On The Subway’, which is just meh, but like I said, this new Rartie friendship is so weird it’s awesome.

So Sam has moved into a large apartment with a bunch of other models. We only see one, an Asian who shows him around quickly, but then we meet Sam. New Sam is a girl, a pretty blonde one, and Sam’s roommate (meaning her bed is literally in the same room of the apartment as his). Suddenly this new housing arrangement is looking good to our Sam.

It turns out that after Blaine left Elliott’s, he didn’t go back to the loft. Kurt was expecting him, since Elliott had texted Kurt and explained things, but apparently, the time in between was used for both Kurt and Blaine to do some thinking, so by the time he does get back, at some point at night, they’re both ready to have a talk. So with sad, teary faces, Blaine tells Kurt that feels like he should move out (Cue collective gasp from the Klaine fandom). Blaine goes on to say that he thinks they need some space and it’ll be okay. Kurt knows this is best and agrees, but makes sure that Blaine knows that he still loves him and it’s not a breakup at all and that it’s for the best. Then they kiss and though I’m kind of upset that Blaine won’t be living with Kurt anymore, I know it’ll be fine and Klaine is still so very on!

Sam and Sam are bonding, with our Sam doing some impressions and other Sam laughing. And just when I think that maybe we’ll see Sam dating Sam sometime soon, other Sam offers our Sam some pills to help him stay thin. Our Sam looks around and realizes that other Sam has a bunch more some bottles of pills nearby and all the models in that apartment take them too. Fortunately our Sam is smart and leaves before he’s pressured to take any. Good job, Sam! (not female Sam, let me be clear)

Back in the loft, Kurt, Blaine and Sam are hanging out when Rachel and Artie come in, bursting with news. Okay Rartie bonding is officially super adorable. Artie and Rachel say that during a trip on the subway, they see Artie’s crutched robber, preparing to make another move. Rachel hands Artie pepper spray and he stops the man before anything happens. What’s more is that with the police’s help, he managed to get his backpack (containing his laptop) back! And so while news is being shared, Blaine announces that he’s moving out and it’s a good thing because now he can experience New York his own way, which is great. When Sam admits that he’s not at the model apartment anymore, he and Blaine agree to find a place together. And just as they highfive it out, the loft door opens and guess who walks in? Brody! Nah, I’m just kidding! It’s Mercedes! She’s now going to reside in New York too! 😀

There’s a commercial break, but afterwards, we see everyone helping Mercedes move into a new cute apartment. As Blaine and Kurt struggle to carry a couch in, Sam and Mercedes are inside talking. Mercedes says that LA was lonely so she told her manager that she wants her album to have a new vibe and needs to move to NYC. She also says that she has an extra room, so she’ll rent it out to Blaine and Sam, which is awesome. And now, with Sam and Mercedes together again, the question of Samcedes comes up. Sam seems eager to get back with her (YAAAY) but Mercedes says they’re just friends…. As a Samcedes shipper, I’m just glad they’re back in the same city and I hope they’ll get together again in time. But mostly, I’m just glad Mercedes is in town with the gang! Oh, this will be so fun!


Back outside, Rachel has to leave to go to practice for the musical, but before she goes, they all plan a potluck dinner together for later that night. Next we see Rachel on a stage, looking lovely as always, and singing ‘People’. During the song, we see Klaine walking down a street and buying flowers as well as Artie safely riding a subway alone. The last scene of the episode is all of the gang having a fun dinner at the loft together. It’s cute and silly and I was just ridiculously happy at this point.

That’s the end. The end of the first totally New York episode. Like I said, it was really good, and I am really glad. For Glee, mostly. I mean, there was a chance that after Glee club shut down and the basis for Glee that we were used to was gone, episodes after that would be suckish and people who were only around for the Glee club part of Glee would stop watching. But that isn’t the case. I hope that all episodes keep this great streak up. As for this episode particularity, the only things that I didn’t like was a) how slightly immature and jealous Blaine was, b) Diva Rachel (though she left halfway through the episode) and c) how often these people move residences as if it’s a simple, hour long job. But I can totally overlook that all because a) Klaine finally had a realistic argument and solved it maturely, b) Mercedes is in town and that should be a hoot, and  c) new friendships and a new lifestyle in New York. What did you think? Was ‘New New York’ a good episode? Do you miss the choir room? Are you liking the new permanent setting? Let me know because I like a good discussion. 🙂

Next week, the feels go in a totally opposite direction. While this week’s episode was, for the most part, happy and cheery, next episode is sad and emotional. It’s called ‘Bash’ and not only does Kurt get beat up (not even joking, this is happening) but some random student dies or something (no more deaths pleaseeeee!). Here’s the promo, but beware: it’s a tear jerker.
Yeah, this does not look fun. I mean, not only is there fighting between the friends, but we have to see poor Kurt get beat up. Noooooo thank you. Seeing him bullied in S1 and S2 was bad enough. This actually lands him in a hospital! But don’t worry, he will be fine. There were pictures like this, showing Kurt a little scratched up, but okay.


Well, there you have it. That’s all for now! 🙂



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