Amber Riley’s First New Song!

Yet another Glee cast member is gracing our ears with beautifully sung new music! And who better than the always fabulous Amber Riley? Though the date of her album release isn’t yet known, we already have a single. It’s called ‘Colour Blind’. And like Matthew Morrison did in S2, the song will be on Glee sung by Mercedes in 5×15 ‘Bash’. A weird inception type thing….actually I never saw that movie….

We don’t have the audio for the single yet, but today Amber sung the song on the Queen Latifah show, so I’ll share that. And also, we have the Glee version of it, which I’d imagine is pretty much exactly like the official single will be like. So take a listen to the song, which is really awesome. Amber’s voice is sooooo beautiful and the song is gorgeous even though it’s a sad song about dismal life after a breakup.



I’m excited to hear the rest of the album because they’ll all be great songs….I hope it comes out soon! This song will be up on iTunes April 8th, I think. That’s all for now!

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