Listen To The ‘Bash’ Songs!!!

What a surprise we got this morning when the songs from next Tuesday’s episode ‘Bash’ were released. This is the first First Listen Friday in a while. Unfortunately, since no one saw it coming, I was not prepared and therefore, couldn’t post the songs six hours ago. I had to go to school, so that’s why there’s late here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyways, here are the songs. This week, they’re half sad and sullen due to Kurt’s beating and the death of some random kid, and also half strong and upbeat, so it’s an interesting mix. Most of the songs are from musicals, so if you’re into that, then you’ll love the selection. Take a listen:

‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ (by Aretha Franklin) sung by Mercedes
Yesss Mercedes killing a song! I hope she’s singing this to Sam because that’d be cute. Not Mercedes’ best solo, but still great.

‘Not While I’m Around’ (from Sweeney Todd) sung by Blaine, Mercedes, Sam and Rachel
My guess that this song is what they sing at Kurt’s bedside or something. It’s a haunting song and hearing them sing it so low and slowly is just chilling. But the message is nice. And the fact that all upcoming fights will be put aside to help Kurt is awesome.

‘No One In Alone’ (from Into The Woods) sung by Blaine, Rachel, Kurt and Sam
Another haunting song. They sing this at the small gathering for the dead character. It’s not the best song of the episode, but I have a feeling it may cause a few tears.

‘Broadway Baby’ (from Follies) sung by Rachel and Blaine
Ooooh a Rachel and Blaine duet. These are rare, but always a treat. Unfortunately, this may be my least favourite out of the four they’ve now done (‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’, ‘One Hand One Heart’ and ‘Don’t You Want Me’). I love Blaine to bits, don’t get me wrong, but Rachel’s voice is the standout here; it’s overpowering. They sing this song at NYADA, I think, so that should be interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ This song is so fun, though! And ironic because both Darren and Lea have been on Broadway, where as none of the other New York characters’ portrayers have.

‘Colour Blind’ (by Amber Riley) sung by Mercedes
I posted about this yesterday, so go check that out! I like this song, and it’s the best Mercedes song of the episode. It’s catchy as heck!

‘I’m Still Here’ (from Follies) sung by Kurt
Wow a Kurt solo! When was the last time we had that? Ages ago. I wonder if this is sung before or after his attack? Not my favourite Kurt solo, or song of the episode, but Kurt’s voice is always so awesomely awesome.

So those are the songs. Personally, I don’t loooove them. I hope that the songs don’t translate to the episode quality, but maybe the emotional factor will save it. But I guess if you love these songs (do you?) then you’ll be in for a great episode! ๐Ÿ™‚ See you later, Gleeks!


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