5×15 Bash

Hello! Welcome to the recap of last night’s episode of Glee called ‘Bash’. This episode had some interesting plots, some crazy plot twists and it even had some sad parts. While I don’t think the episode was a good as last week’s episode, it was decent. And you know, every song can’t be a hit just like every episode can’t be the best. Speaking of songs, the songs in 5×15 ‘Bash’ weren’t amazing, but were decent and tied to the plot nicely. Overall, I give ‘Bash’ a 3 out of 5. Here’s what happened:

It starts with Rachel, Kurt, Sam and Blaine on the streets of New York, holding candles and singing ‘No One Is Alone’ somberly. They’re at a memorial for a guy who looks a lot like Finn (but is not). The song is super chilling and sad. There are many people there, all putting flowers and candles down at the spot of the memorial. The scene ends there, so we don’t know how our gang knew the dude or if he’s dead or what. I wish that was explained more there.

Over on the Broadway scene, the Funny Girl producer is telling the cast that they need to be perfect and produce a hit here. As they begin to rehearse again, Rachel finds the producer and asks for a day off to go perform the NYADA Midwinter Critique, which every student is required to do. The producer isn’t thrilled with the idea, but Rachel convinces him that it’s just one day and as soon as it’s over, she’ll be right back to rehearsals. I guess the Midwinter Critique is not like the Winter Showcase, which is by invitation only. I do like how they mentioned Midwinter though, because it gives us a good estimate as to how large the time jump was.

So life at Mercedes’ place is going good for Sam. We see him eating a large mixture of cereal and watching TV late at night. Mercedes comes down and watches TV with him. They get to talking and Sam asks why she dumped him so long ago. He still feels the chemistry between them. Mercedes says no and doesn’t seem interested in discussing the past with Sam, but then, 0.5 seconds later, they’re making out. Not even joking. 😉

The next day, the whole gang is at the loft and we finally find out who’s memorial that was at the start. It was a dude named Russ, who was a friend of the neighbors. Apparently, he was gay bashed and was sent to the hospital in critical condition. The subject quickly turns to the Midwinter Critique and the NYADA students of the group express their excitement for the theme: Sondheim.

Outside later, Sam and Mercedes are on a date type thing. Well, Sam hopes it’s a date but Mercedes still is on the fence. So Sam throws a bunch of pennies in the river and wishes for Mercedes to date him. They joke around and eventually, Mercedes says that if they are going to date, they have to go slow. So it’s official, then. Samcedes is a thing. Sam ends up leaving and Mercedes sings ‘You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)’. A fab display of Mercedes’ vocals, but not her best. The song is kind of ironic because two minutes before she sang it, Sam convinced Mercedes to ditch her fur coat because the image of an animal killer, though the fur was fake, isn’t a good one.

It looks like Kurt isn’t the only one with new New York friends. Mercedes has two as well, but they’re also her backup singers. The three gals are eating and just as the other girls are saying that Mercedes dating Sam again is the wrong move, Sam comes over. Sam starts doing as Sam does: impressions and weird questions and more. The girls are not impressed, but Sam is blissfully unaware of how embarrassing he is to Mercedes.

For the Midwinter Critique, Rachel and Blaine decide to duet. They sing ‘Broadway Baby’ and it’s adorable. Blaine and Rachel together singing in fancy clothes is just plain adorable.

The song isn’t the best, but it’s catchy. I don’t mind it. But who does mind it is Carmen Tibideaux. She says that although they sang it well, the assignment wasn’t a duet. She considers flunking them both, but decides to give them both another chance because after all, they did sing it well. And while Blaine is fine with a new date, Rachel is not because she can’t get another day off from rehearsals. Rachel goes to talk to Carmen and asks for a different date that she can make, but Carmen refuses to move it. Carmen says that Rachel thinks she’s all that, but she’s not doing well in classes. Rachel is very upset now and when Carmen goes on to say that she takes NYADA for granted in a way, Rachel decides to quit. Yup, Rachel quit NYADA, her dream school, to star in Funny Girl. Who saw that coming? I sure didn’t.

Again Mercedes’ backup singers tell her that they don’t like Sam. They say he’s too white and that’s not a good image for her, a strong black woman, to have. Mercedes tells them that she doesn’t care for their opinions, but her face betrays her. So much so that she goes home and finds Sam and says they can’t be together. Sam asks if it’s because he’s white and she’s black. And Mercedes doesn’t deny it. Points for honesty, I guess. Sam says that she’s not acting like the Mercedes he knows and that in Glee club, race didn’t matter. But for now, Samcedes is over. 😦

Rachel, now free from the harsh bonds of NYADA, goes and meets Kurt at a restaurant. Rachel expects Kurt to be totally supportive of her decision, but he isn’t. Not that I blame him. I mean, he didn’t even make it in to NYADA the first try, and she did, but she gave it up. Of course he think’s she’s wrong. Rachel tries to defend herself to Kurt, saying that she has the chance of a lifetime and he’s not supporting her, but Kurt says she’s giving up something great. In a huff, Rachel says that Kurt is just afraid to be brave and take risks, then storms out. Kurt, now alone, pays for his meal and leaves. Outside, he’s walking home when he sees two guys beating another guy up. Kurt hurries over and tries to get the guys to stop and thinks that at least now it’s two against two, but the victim runs off as soon as he can, leaving the thugs with Kurt. And they beat Kurt up. There’s a brick involved. Then they drive off, leaving Kurt lying on the ground unconscious. Dang. I didn’t cry, maybe because I knew this was going to happen, but it was still shocking. I mean, after all Kurt’s been through, he now has to deal with this. 😦 😦 😦

At the loft, Sam is venting to Blaine about Mercedes when Blaine gets a phone call. We don’t hear anything, but we get to see the sad, shocked look on Blaine’s face. We obviously know who’s calling. We also see Mercedes get a call from Sam, and Rachel and Artie get a call from Mercedes. They all meet at the hospital, where they’re waiting to see Kurt. The doctor finally comes out and tells Blaine that Kurt is unconscious and cut up, but okay. They’re all sitting by Kurt’s bed, watching him with sad faces. Rachel takes some of the blame, knowing that if she hadn’t have been a diva and left the restaurant, Kurt wouldn’t have run into the thugs alone. Blaine starts singing ‘Not While I’m Around’ and everyone else leaves. Though the audio on iTunes of the song has Sam, Rachel and Mercedes also singing, the version we see on TV is just a heartbroken Blaine. We cut to Blaine, singing the same song for his solo Midwinter Critique. He looks just as sad. Back at Kurt’s bedside, Blaine finishes the song and climbs on the bed next to Kurt. IT’S SAD. Poor Blaine, you know? I mean, think about it. Since Blaine danced into Kurt’s life, he’s been there to protect and support Kurt. Protection from Karofsky in early S2 and support with the Prom fiasco in late S2 and protection from the rock-salt slushie in S3 and support about going to NYC in S4. And now, he can’t help Kurt. Oh, my Klaine heart is having feels. 😦


By invitation, Sam goes to visit the recording studio where Mercedes is about to record some magic. She tells Sam that he was right, and using race is an awful excuse not to date him. She doesn’t care what others think of them. To prove it, she sings and records ‘Colour Blind’ by Amber Riley herself. The song has nothing to do with the Samcedes issue, save the title, but that’s clever enough. And I think this is the best song of the episode. So pretty. Just as the song ends, Sam goes into the recording booth and hugs her. ❤ I ship them, have I mentioned that?

Kurt’s still in the hospital, but is now awake and healing. He has a new visitor now, and an important one: his dad. Yes, Burt comes to see him. At first Burt is mad at Kurt for being to reckless and getting in the fight instead of calling the cops or getting help. But Kurt says he’s not regretting that and he is fine. Knowing that Kurt is technically right, Burt calms down and says that next time, Kurt should avoid the physical stuff unless Burt is there to fight alongside him. Burt Hummel, you are the best dad ever. That is a fact.

When Kurt is finally let out of the hospital, he and Blaine go down to Russ’ memorial site again and Kurt lays another flower. As the two of them stand there and probably secretly thank the universe for not letting it be Kurt’s memorial that they’re at, Blaine says that he heard that Russ woke up from the coma and will be okay.

Later, in the loft, Rachel goes to talk to Kurt. She starts by saying that her decision about NYADA is final, but no matter what, Kurt is still her best friend and she loves him. She also says that recent events have proved her wrong: Kurt is brave and she admires that about him. Just as Kurt says that she’s his best friend too, the gang comes in for dinner. Sam and Mercedes say that they are officially dating and prove it with a kiss. ❤ Rachel announces that Kurt’s Midwinter Critique is the next day and they should all go support him. And they do, because we next see Kurt singing ‘I’m Still Here’ at NYADA. He sings it wonderfully, of course. And everyone, including Burt, are there watching him. After the song, they all go hug him and it’s beautiful. The end.

This episode was interesting because though I found the plot lines not the best, I think they are important. I mean, for Rachel, the question of how she’s managing NYADA, Funny Girl, her job and more has come up. So with NYADA out, it’s a bit more realistic. I kind of side with Kurt on the fact that giving it up is maybe a bad idea. NYADA is great and she could learn a lot, and it was everything she wanted in S3, but I guess Rachel can handle herself and if she knows deep in her heart that quitting school is what she needs to do, then so be it. As for Kurt’s plot line, I think that was a very interesting one. Glee has made New York City out to be a safe haven where they can run wild and express themselves and be happy in this magical place (jk Tahiti is a magical place XD), but the truth is, New York is not. I have never been there (I’m going later this year though!) so maybe trusting me on this isn’t the best, but just ask anyone. For once, Glee is being realistic about the place and I’m pleased, even if it came at poor Kurt’s expense. I once heard that when Madonna moved to New York City, she was attacked on a rooftop…. Anyways, the music this episode was okay. I’m not a huge fan, but I think some people were.

Next week is called ‘Tested’ because the boys all get tested for STDs. Here’s the promo:

So there’s Klaine in class doing some interesting choreography. Dang, Kurt, them muscles! *o* And also a nice view of Blaine’s booty. But do I really have to watch Blaine think he’s fat? I mean, look at him! I have books thicker than Blaine’s torso…..(Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix). What does Artie have to tell someone? That he has an STD, perhaps? Yes, that is the answer. And look, there’s Artie about to get into bed with someone. Who is that? Surely not Kitty (are they still a thing? Nah prolly not…). Eh, this episode looks kind of silly, but oh well. :S

What do you think? Was ‘Bash’ a great episode? Did you cry? Does ‘Tested’ look good? Tell me! And that’s all for now, Gleeks!

Hail Hydra… haha just kidding, I would never. But did anyone see SHIELD last night? Pretty craaazy, eh? 😉








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