Test Out These ‘Tested’ Songs!

Well, you might have heard that these songs came out yesterday. But I didn’t want to post them before my episode recap of ‘Bash’ and I didn’t want to post two posts in one night, so I held off this one until today. Don’t hate me. Because I love you.

Why these songs are out so early is a mystery. I swear, people just like to annoy the heck out of multi-tasking bloggers who respect and love schedules. Anyways, there are only four songs this episode, which is called ‘Tested’. They’re not the best in my opinion, but, take a listen.

‘Love Is A Battlefield’ (by Pat Benetar) sung by Blaine and Kurt
Not my fave Klaine duet at all. But it’s a new genre for them, so it’s interesting. I don’t like how it’s not a happy romantic song, but they sing it in class as they act like gladiators or something, so it’ll make sense.

‘Addicted To Love’ (by Robert Palmer) sung by Artie
Artie solo! I guess this song explains how Artie got an STD. Not Artie’s best solo, but it’s good. And it works perfectly with the storyline.

‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ (by Foreigner) sung by Mercedes
Another Mercedes solo! Now this is why I like having Mercedes back! Because we get smash songs all the time! And this one by a rock band, which is new for her! Is this to/about Sam? Because I do think that he can show you what true love is.

‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ (by Janet Jackson) sung by Mercedes and Artie
I don’t think we’ve ever had a duet from Artie and Mercedes. And that’s interesting because they’re both originals! As for this song, not the best. It doesn’t showcase Mercedes’ fabulous voice, and it’s a little boring for me, but it’s sweet…provided that Martie or Artcedes doesn’t become a thing because I can’t picture them as a couple…. *shudders*

Those are the songs from 5×16 ‘Tested’. My favourite would have to be ‘Love Is a Battlefield’ but I don’t LOOOOVE it. This isn’t a lot of songs, as far as Glee goes so we’ll have a lot of time for plot. Hopefully it’ll be good. šŸ˜€ Happy Thursday!

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