New York Verses Lima

I’ve been planning this post for ages, and wanted so badly to write it the day after ‘New New York’ aired, but I realized that we’d need more than one episode on the New York side to fairly gauge which one is better. So I waited. For two more episodes. I’m an awful waiter, in case you didn’t know. ūüėÄ

Well, we had three Seasons of full and complete Lima. I could probably walk the halls of McKinley with my eyes closed. That silly old choir room became familiar and it became home. Although all the characters also ached to get out of Lima as fast as possible, it was clear that Lima made them who they are today. We saw the bunch of little adorable losers grow up to be attractive and confident losers. It was fun and dramatic and magical.

Season Four brought a change, it brought New York as a permanent setting. The season’s episodes jumped back and forth between locations and it gave viewers a chance to get used to the new city and the dramatically huge difference there. It was the best of both worlds, because as much as some people were ready to ditch Lima fully, some people (like me!) were not. It was a change on both ends of the spectrum, and some would argue that it “ruined Glee’. While I don’t think so, I can understand how they felt. The three years we spend were gone and we had to adjust to new characters and new plots and much more.

But here we are in the¬†now, and maybe the back and forth in Season 4 was preparation for where we are: full New York mode. We’ve bid goodbye to the choir room and to Lima for the¬†time being¬†and it’s another big change. More new characters and new settings and things. Was this a good move?

And that’s¬†what I want to know! I’m very curious as to what the fandom thinks is better, now that we’ve had a chance to fully experience both: New York or Lima?

Lima, like I said, was home. And though it was painfully prejudiced and at times, very unrealistic, its closed mindedness was what encouraged the characters and us viewers to break free of society and follow dreams. What was a huge seller, especially at the start, was that the whole highschool aspect was very relatable. I would know first hand, as I lived highschool as the characters did. I know what students are like and so does everyone who ever went to highschool. Glee did a good job at capturing the judgemental aspect of the student body. And the characters were total dorks and outcasts and anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t belong can understand what the characters were feeling. The Lima portion of Glee, in a nutshell, embodied hope, passion and normality.

New York¬†on the other hand, was different. There was no safe place quite like the choir room, and the feeling of togetherness obviously¬†wasn’t there because not all the characters came out there. And while that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because it gave the focus to the main characters and made the visits from the others so special, it wasn’t the same. New York gave a slightly more realistic view of life, as well as also being totally unrealistic, as only Glee can do. However, New York was freeing and had possibilities, which people who weren’t entirely happy with Lima liked. It was a fresh start, but had the same basic features as before: fitting in and singing, which made it familiar. For those who were bored and tired with the highschool aspect or perhaps found it immature (I’m guessing some of the older Glee fans may have), it was a chance to see the show in a more mature way.¬†All in all, the New York portion of Glee embodies growth, change and independence.

Seasons 1-3 had some great episodes. Ironically, one of my favourites is ‘New York’ from S2. There were also some bad episodes and some mehhh¬†episodes, but that’s normal. S4¬†also had a mix of good, bad and meh¬†episodes, as has S5 so far. ‘New New York’ a few weeks back was great, in my opinion. It was a great start and it made the sad end to ND only the week before a bit easier to bear. Since then, to me at least, I don’t think the New York episodes have been the best.¬†While I do love the fact that the characters haven’t changed too much and the old relationships that we loved from highschool are still around, I didn’t like the plots as much. And maybe that’s just me. The full New York switch was really being pushed for from the half of the fandom who didn’t like the newbies and just wanted to focus on the growth of the characters that were already there.

As for me, I have trouble picking. It’s silly, I know, since I’m the one posing the question, but I don’t have a strong inclination to one side. I guess that since I haven’t been insanely impressed with the New York side, especially the most recent episodes, and I really did love the fun highschool aspect that we used to have, I’d say Lima. But I do like the new stuff and the fact that we as viewers are still on a journey with these characters. I’m excited for the future and what New York has to offer. ūüėÄ Ugh, that was a hard decision!

And now I’m making you answer it too! Mwahahah!¬†Since I know that not everyone wants to express their opinions (though I can’t comprehend why), I’ve made a poll that will take you half a second to complete. And if you want to explain your feelings and discuss the topic with me, give it a go and leave a comment! We can have a fun debate or something! :3

There’s been some talk that¬†in the next season, the final one, Glee won’t be all in New York.¬†I don’t know if¬†means we’ll be back in Lima, though. Who knows, Glee may be set in some totally different place! I suggest Canada, but I think that’s only a good idea in my mind. ūüėõ I just may have to do a followup post in the future having y’all pick between Lima, New York and a possible new loctaion! Stay tuned!

That’s all for now, Gleeks!





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