Open Your Ears To These ‘Opening Night’ Songs

Holla and Happy Easter! I hope you all are stuffing your face with chocolate and candy with no cares in the world. And if you’re not, then grab some and sit down to listen to the new songs from this coming Tuesday’s episode of Glee. The episode is ‘Opening Night’ so naturally, expect some songs from Funny Girl. Overall, the songs aren’t the best in my opinion. A lot of musical songs, so for you lovers of that, you’ll likely be in love this week.

‘Pumpin Blood’ (by NONONO) sung by Rachel, Mercedes and Santana
This song is catchy as heck. I swear I’ve heard it before, but it was probably from some random TV commercial. I don’t know how this will fit into the plot, but I’m excited to see Santana back and with Rachel and Mercedes. That’s quite a combination of people and it’ll be very interesting.

‘Who Are You Now’ (from Funny Girl) sung by Rachel and Sue
It’s not a typo, Rachel and Sue are indeed doing a duet. I never thought I’d see that. It’s not the best song ever….kind of boring, actually. But it’s Sue and Rachel, so it has the potential to be extraordinarily hilarious.

‘NYC’ (from Annie) sung by Will and Sue
Again, another boring-ish song. Will and Sue always have un-exciting duets. But Will is back, which should be good.

‘Lovefool’ (by The Cardigans) sung by Rachel
This is my fave song of the episode. It’s catchy and fun. I like when Rachel sings pop songs because her voice is so fun, you know? I wonder if she’s singing to the audience of her first show? That’d make sense because I haven’t heard of her and a new man coming anytime soon.

‘I’m The Greatest Star’ (from Funny Girl) sung by Rachel
Yes, this song has been done before. Kurt sang it in 3×02 ‘I Am Unicorn’ when he auditioned for West Side Story. But now Rachel’s singing in on Broadway. And naturally, there’s the age old battle of who’s better: Kurt or Rachel. While I can’t say I love the song, I think Kurt sings it slightly better. IDK it fits his voice better. But Rachel does sing it just fine. But just for fun, I opened two tabs on my computer and listened to both at the same side. It took precise timing, so take care, but when you get it right, the result is quite fun. Here is the Kurt version if you want to try it! I totally suggest it.

So those are the songs. Not the best, but okay. Hopefully the return of Santana, Will and Sue will make up for it. 😀 What do you guys think, though? Yay or Nay to these tunes? Tell me! And have a good Easter, or what’s left of it. See you later!

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