5×17 Opening Night

Last night was the night that Rachel’s dreams came true. And while I expected the episode to not impress me, I am proud to say that I was wrong. The episode was funny, emotional and dramatic. Though the music wasn’t amazing, it worked well with the plots. Diva Rachel didn’t annoy me too much and the return of old characters made the episode special. Overall, I give the episode a 3.5 out of 5. And here’s what went down:

It starts with Rachel having a dream. Unlike Tina’s dreams, which are always hilarious, Rachel’s dream is crazy and kinda scary. In it, she’s reverted back to S2 in terms of her outfit (oh reindeer sweaters, we have missed you!) and in terms of the people. Making a triumphant return is Dave Karofsky, Jacob Ben Israel, Sue and Becky Jackson. Rachel is on a stage and starts inexplicably singing ‘Lovefool’. Watching the show are Dalton Blaine, Cheerio Santana, Goth Tina and youngly dressed Kurt and Sam. The song starts off okay, but towards the end of the song, the Hecklers start heckling and everyone’s voices get distorted and even her friends start not liking it. I know you’re prolly reading this and are very confused, but this is real. Rachel has messed up dreams and that’s a fact.


Back to the slightly more understandable present, Rachel and Kurt are in the loft and Rachel is reading hateful reviews of herself. Kurt takes her phone and says the only reviews she should care about are her friends’ and the New York Times’.

Back at McKinley (yes, you read that right! We’re back in Lima for a moment!) Sue finds Will in the hallway and says she wants his extra ticket to New York (Emma is too preggers to go). Sue explains that on her TV segment she said some rude words about New York and it’s suggested that she goes to New York for herself. Will agrees to let her come if she goes to Rachel’s show as well. That leads to Sue having a dream song sequence to ‘NYC’ with Will. The song is just mehhh but the dancing they do is fun and it is good to see Sue and Will back. The song ends with them arriving in New York City.

New York has another visitor too. Into the loft comes Tina, very excited to see everyone and Rachel’s show. But Tina hasn’t outgrown her awkward personality that she got in S4 because as she talks to the gang, it’s clear that she lacks a brain to mouth filter. She only adds to Rachel’s worries, so Rachel leaves to take a nap.

That night, however, Kurt wakes up to the sound of videos. Rachel is sitting in her bed watching and reading every mean thing said about her on the internet. As if that will do any good. Kurt stops her, and the next day, tells the gang what she was doing and how they need to do everything they can to support and praise her. Blaine, Sam and Kurt try. Blaine offers a massage, Sam plays his guitar and Kurt forges a letter from Barbra herself (but Rachel sees though that easily). All in all, their attempts all fail as Rachel is not in the mood for them. Just then, Sue comes in the loft (like literally, she just walks right in as if she owned the place) and demands to stay with them because she doesn’t want to sleep with Will. Because the gang is too scared to say no, they sort of agree to let her.

With Blaine, Sam and Kurt’s attempts at motivating Rachel a fail, Kurt calls in the big guns. In comes Santana, back from her trip with Brittany (though neither the trip or Brittany is mentioned at all). Santana goes up to Rachel’s bed and begins reading out loud some more hateful reviews. But these reviews aren’t about Rachel though, they’re about Barbra, back when she was about to be Fanny Brice. Santana says that although Rachel can be a pain, she’ll nail the role and be just fine. As it turns out, Santana’s methods worked. Rachel gets out of bed and is ready to do the show.

It’s show time and outside, Sue is trying to scalp her ticket, despite Will’s annoyance. But then she sees a guy. And Sue gets this lovestruck look on her face. When the guy goes in to see the show, Sue does too. This guy is played by Chris Parnell.

Rachel is in her dressing room when Will comes in with flowers. They hug and Rachel says that she’s ready to do the show. As Will notices her Finn necklace, Rachel says that she bought Finn a ticket and saved him a seat because she always promised him a seat to her first show. Well, guess who just burst into tears? ME. As Will is about to leave the room, his phone rings. It’s Emma and apparently, her water broke. Will wishes Rachel luck but rushes out and doesn’t end up seeing the show. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit mad at Will there. I mean, the baby will still be there after the show, you know? But it’s his first kid and Emma needs him so it’s understandable. Besides, Rachel seemed thrilled with the fact that there was a baby on the way.

It’s finally time for Rachel to go on. We see Rachel slowly making her way to the stage, taking deep breaths. There’s a commercial break but the first thing we see is Rachel singing ‘I’m The Greatest Star’ on stage. She does it perfectly and the audience seems to love it. The only one who doesn’t love it is Sue, of course. She makes several loud, negative comments before simply getting up and leaving. At the same time, that random guy she saw outside was leaving too. Rachel, on stage, notices them leaving and for half a moment gets flustered, but recovers perfectly. In the lobby of the theater, the man goes up to Sue and makes casual conversation. They discover that it’s both their first time in New York and they both don’t love theater. All in all, they have good chemistry, which is hilarious since we all know Sue is like a cactus when it comes to people. The dude apparently owns a bunch of restaurants so he offers to take her to get dinner.

During intermission, Kurt and Mercedes go into Rachel’s dressing room and express how awesome she was. The show’s Producer also comes in and says she was wonderful, but Sue getting up and leaving may have had a negative effect on the New York Time critic. He says that nailing act two is key if she wants the show to go on. Otherwise, the show is over and all their time and money was a waste. Wow, what a great pep talk to give her when she’s already nervous. Like really, how stupid is he?

Sue’s new man there, named Mario by the way, takes her down to his restaurant (named Mario’s) and as they talk, it seems clear that they still have a lot in common. As they sit down to eat, Mario comments that Funny Girl would have been a whole lot better if Sue was in it. That leads to Sue imagining herself singing ‘Who Are You Now’ at the same time Rachel is in the show. During the song, we see Sue slow dancing with Mario in the restaurant, which would have been cute if it weren’t….Sue. As for Rachel, she gets very emotional in the song as she thinks of Finn. This is fact because there’s a quick old clip of Finn, smiling, back at McKinley. That was unexpected and very emotional.

Now that the show is over, the gang all comes in and hugs Rachel, exclaiming their love for the show. In comes the Producer again and he seems happy too. He invites her and all her friends to a cast party to celebrate, but Rachel says she doesn’t want to go. She is still nervous about what the review will say. So Blaine suggests they have their own party and he takes them to what seems to be a gay bar. All the workers recognize Rachel right away and they all love her and Funny Girl. They convince her to stay and sing and party, so she does. Rachel sings ‘Pumpin’ Blood’ and the gang goes wild. The song is kind of silly, but it’s a fun dance song. And it was so awesome to see them all just let go and enjoy the night. It was like ‘Tongue Tied’ in S3 where the song wasn’t amazing but the scene was awesome. I totally wish I was at that club with them because it looked like fun. 🙂

They return back to the loft, tired yet exhilarated. Out from a room comes Mario, who looks surprised to see them all. Rachel recognizes him as the guy who left her show. Sue comes out too and informs them all that she and Mario hooked up all over the loft. Then she proceeds to make cracks about the show and Rachel’s talent. And Rachel flips out. She says that Sue was a bully to them in highschool but she won’t stand for it now. She says that Sue will never be as loves as she is and then she kicks Sue out of the loft, earning herself a round of applause from her friends. 🙂 Go, Rachel!

As soon as The New York Times is out, they’re there on the street buying a copy. Rachel is too scared to read it, so Santana takes the paper and reads it out loud. And guess what? It’s a good review. The others all take turns reading out the article, which praises Rachel on her talent and drive. Rachel is thrilled. Like, so ecstatic and it’s awesome. She deserves this! Just then, Will calls Rachel. Will says that he made it back in time and both Emma and the new baby are fine. It’s a boy and they named him Daniel Finn Schuester. THAT IS SO ADORABLE. Will says that he feels completely happy for the first time in forever (haha Frozen!) and Rachel says that she does too, which is awesome.

As for Sue and Mario, the time has come for them to part. Neither can make the move to permanently join the other since they live far away, so with one last kiss goodbye, Sue gets in the cab and leaves. As she does, she looks sad. The last scene is Sue’s Corner, where she says that although she stands by the rude NYC comments she had made, she also recognizes that the city is actually nice and it’s a place to find love.

And that’s the closing of ‘Opening Night’. Like I said, it was a good episode. It made me laugh and cry and more. Seeing Will and Sue back was great, even though Sue annoyed me very much (but it’s Sue so what did we really expect?). As for Rachel, I’m so glad the show went great. She deserves this and considering we’ve spent five years watching her work for this, it’s really quite extraordinary to see her achieve her goal. I have to ask though, where were her parents? Her dads didn’t come to support her on her big night? I also do wish that the last scene of the episode wasn’t focused on Sue and her random romance. The episode wasn’t about Sue, it was about Rachel, so she should have closed it. But anyways, a good episode overall and I’m glad!

Next week is 1×18, the third last episode of the season. It’s called ‘The Backup Plan’ and here’s the promo:
So Rachel is now famous, which is awesome. As for Kurt and Blaine, they meet June Dolloway, played by Shirley MacLaine (who is apparently a big deal but I didn’t know who she is so I had to look her up). June will be a rich socialite who ends up trying to help Blaine rise to fame. And now Rachel has a face for radio? This will be easy for Lea to act because she faced the same thing as Rachel will be before she was on Glee. Overall, the promo isn’t anything special, but I hope the episode is better.

🙂 So what did you think? Was ‘Opening Night’ good? Are you proud of Rachel? Leave a comment! That’s all for now, Gleeks!





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