5×18 The Backup Plan

Greetings, Gleeks! Who caught Glee last night? If you didn’t then I have a recap here for you! Last night was the season’s third last, called ‘The Backup Plan’ and it was just meh for me. Which makes sense because last week’s episode was great in my opinion, and I find it quite rare to have two episodes that I love in a row. Anyways, the music was better than just okay, and two of the three plots made sense, but one didn’t really. There weren’t many laugh out loud funny parts either, but I did snicker a few times. Anyways, I give the episode a 2.5 out of 5. Here’s what happened:

It’s been three weeks since Rachel’s big Broadway debut and she’s living the life. She’s got adoring fans, her shows have been great, and what’s more is that she’s signed on with a Talent Agency. She’s thrilled. However, when she goes into the Talent Agency’s office for a meeting, the manager guy basically says her wants are irrelevant and she has a face for radio, so going into movies or TV, like she wanted, was silly. This guy was a major jerk and no one in their right mind would sign on with him. Luckily, Rachel seems to know that too, though she did look a bit unsure.

Over at NYADA, Kurt meets up with Blaine and tells him about the big news: rich famous socialite June Doloway is donating money for a new dance hall so there’s going to be a big party for her and Kurt’s been selected to perform. It’s a huge honor and Blaine is happy for him, but he’s even more happy when Kurt says that he wants to perform a duet with Blaine.

Mercedes’ record deal isn’t going so well as she returns back to her home to find Santana (who lives there now?) and Mercedes tells her that the producer said he doesn’t hear a single. It’s hard for Santana to be empathetic because she has no idea what it’s like to have a record deal, or any success for that matter. She says she’d kill for a chance like Mercedes’. And that gives Mercedes an idea to maybe give her that chance. She says that all their duets in highschool were awesome, so they should do another one together for the album.

It seems that the stupid Talent Agency guy kind of got to Rachel, because we see her preparing for another Funny Girl show and looking rather sad. She sings a slow but beautiful version of ‘Wake Me Up’ as she works her way to the stage for the show. It’s a catchy song and the message really works with how Rachel is feeling, I think. After the show, she’s in her dressing room when a man comes in, He introduces himself as Lee Paulblatz from Fox TV…you know, the channel Glee is on! 😛 Lee says that he loves Rachel and thinks she’d be great in a new Fox show called ‘Song Of Solomon’. He invites her to come test for the pilot in LA on Tuesday, meaning she’d have to miss a show.

One show isn’t all that much to miss though, so Rachel tries to talk to the Funny Girl Producer and ask for a sick day because she claims to be feeling stressed. But he says they’ll get her meds and she’s so fabulous that she’ll be fine. All in all, he is basically not letting her go, so it seems that Rachel isn’t going to LA.

In the studio, Mercedes and Santana are trying to find the right key, but they’re just not working out. So Santana suggests that they try something totally new and really get the NYC vibe that Mercedes had wanted. The producer guy says that Bruce Springsteen once did a song in an elevator because it had good sound. So that’s what they do. Santana and Mercedes sing ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ with producer guy (who follows them around recording the song). The song has a real street feel and hearing Mercedes and Santana rap was cool, especially as they move around NYC in empty car lots and old buildings and stuff. At the end, the producer says that Mercedes should record her last song in some old dungeon thing and it’ll be great. 🙂

At the loft, Rachel talks to Kurt, who is getting ready for the party thing. Despite what the Producer said, Rachel still wants to skip a show and go to LA for the test, but Kurt doesn’t think so. He says that her dream was Broadway so why is she trying to get away now? I agree with Kurt here. I think Rachel is feeling overly confident because of the Funny Girl success and thinks she can do more. But Broadway was her lifelong dream. She should keep it going and enjoy it, not move past it. However, Rachel is adamant and Kurt knows she’ll do what she wants. His only advice is to not lie to the Funny Girl people.

It’s partaaaay time! Kurt and Blaine are ready to perform. In comes June Doloway, played by Shirley MacLaine.

Kurt and Blaine go on stage and sing a cute and wonderful version of One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life’. Though neither of them try to outdo the other, one does end up standing out to June, and it’s Blaine. After the song, June comes up the them both and says how much she loved the song. She goes on to say that she likes finding new talent and making it better, so she asks Blaine to escort her to an event the next week and then get lunch. Kurt thinks she’s talking to him, so eagerly says yes, but June has to awkwardly tell him that she means Blaine. Uh-oh!

A week later, Blaine is getting ready to go to the event with June and Kurt is helping him get ready. Thankfully, there are no hard feeling between them and Kurt is totally supportive (on the outside. Kurt it likely totally jealous in the inside). Blaine tries to not go, making silly excuses, but it’s clear that he’s just trying to make Kurt feel better about not being chosen. But Kurt says it’ll be fine and sends him on his way. At the event, June and Blaine are amongst some rich people and Blaine looks like he feels out-of-place. June talks to him and says that she wants to get to know him and be his friend before they can make his career skyrocket. Suddenly, a man comes up and tells June that they haven’t raised a lot of money, because apparently this event is a benefit, so June brings Blaine to the stage and they sing ‘Piece Of My Heart’ to encourage donations. This song is super catchy and fun to watch. I just wish it was sung on Glee by someone other than June.

Mercedes really wants Santana on her album, especially after they nailed that other song they sang. The two of them go to the studio and ask the producer to let Santana sing on it with Mercedes, but he isn’t keen on the idea. He’s thinking from a business sense and says that Santana is a no one so she won’t help Mercedes rise to fame. He says he can try and get Santana as a backup singer and maybe lead on the next album. Santana knows the dude is right, so she leaves. Mercedes looks upset.

Despite Kurt’s advice, Rachel lies to the Funny Girl Producer. She calls him and fakes a cough and says she’s sick. He reluctantly has to bring in her understudy, leaving Rachel, who is already in LA, free for the day. She head over to Fox offices and meets with Lee and other guys who’re judging her. She introduces herself then sings ‘The Rose’ which is sad but sweet. It’s a good song for the audition. However, after the song, the Fox people say that it’s not a musical role, despite the show title. She was supposed to get a script, but never did. So Lee quickly explains the plot: it’s a sci-fi show about some alien people who travel across galaxies in search of a magical flute that will bring back a secret song that will help the main character get back to his home galaxy. It’s an interesting plot, though I’d never watch the show. But more importantly, it’s a silly plot for someone like Rachel. Nevertheless, she agrees to do a reading of a scene with the lead. As she reads and tries to act, she stumbles over the odd sci-fi words and doesn’t really get into the plot. Not even when the characters kiss, and Rachel is too creeped out to kiss back properly. The main guy was kind of…greasy…and not….hot…. So Rachel leaves the test and realizes that it was an awful test. When she sees a missed call from the FG Producer, she calls him back and before he can speak, she reiterates her dedication to the show and them and says that she’s better now. The Producer says that the understudy fell and therefore, Rachel HAS to go on tonight. That’d be okay…if Rachel wasn’t across the country. She quickly tries to find a taxi and get to the airport.

June and Blaine are having another fancy dinner. Blaine says that he wants to be like June when he’s older. She seems to like that and says that she’s organizing a show that’ll showcase his talent. Blaine is all for it, but wants Kurt to be a part of it too. And June straight up says no. She says that love is fickle and she thinks Blaine should break off his engagement so he can go into the world free and ready. HOW DAAAARE SHE? The Klaine fans now hate June. Luckily, Blaine seems to look pretty upset at what she’s saying, though we don’t get a definite answer.

Rachel is stuck in LA traffic and so she calls Kurt. She tells him that she’s stuck and won’t make it back in time. She refuses to tell the FG Producer the truth so she asks Kurt to do something to delay the show. Kurt rushes to find Mercedes and Santana who are at the Diner. Mercedes is in the midst of trying to get Santana to sign a song contract despite what the producer said, telling Santana that she makes her better. Kurt bursts in and says that they have to delay the show somehow. Luckily, Santana has a plan. And that plan involves Santana taking Rachel’s  place. She’s even in the dressing room ready to go when the Producer finds her. Santana tells him she’s the only way to save the show, so he lets her. Um, how is Santana prepared for this? She quit so long ago that she missed a whole lot of rehearsals so there’s no way she’ll do it perfectly. She’s a risk, even if it is the only option.

The next day, Rachel makes dinner for Santana and they talk. Rachel says she caught the second act of Santana’s show. And she emailed the Producer and Director telling them the truth, but now has been summoned to a meeting. She fears she’ll be fired. Santana, on the other hand, has decided to be nicer now and use her snark for protection. Yes, well, let’s see how long that lasts. My guess is half an episode.

With Blaine being so busy with June, this small break he has with Kurt is welcomed. The two of them settle down with some popcorn and chat idly. They haven’t had much time to talk, so it seems. Blaine admits to Kurt that June is planning a showcase. Kurt is super excited for him and asks why he wasn’t told sooner. Blaine lies and says that they were just finalizing Kurt’s part in it. Kurt freaks out happily and hugs Blaine. BLAINE YOU LIAR WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? I’m interested to see how he gets out of this one.

So Rachel, with her head hung, goes to the meeting with the Producer. He says he was really upset and considered firing her, but won’t. He states how angry he is and makes it clear that if she ever does something like that again, he will end her career forever. He’s not too harsh, luckily, but Rachel still walks out with a sad look. Once out of the office, she starts to cry. As she stands there and sobs, her phone rings. It’s Lee from Fox. He says that she didn’t get the role she tested for (ooh shocker) but he still really loves her so he offers her a development deal, which basically means they build a show around her and she can do it all from New York too. Rachel is speechless at first but then stutters out thanks. The episode ends with a smile on her tear-stained face.

Okay, well, that was it. While Mercedes’ plot made sense, as did Rachel’s to some extent (more on that in a second), Blaine’s did not. I mean, some rich lady decides she wants to help Blaine succeed in his career…WHAT CAREER? Literally, what does Blaine want to do in life? Broadway? Singer? Dancer? What? He has no idea that we know of. Maybe he should figure that out. Like, what is he studying at NYADA? These decisions have to be made in Grade 12, take it from me….what is Blaine doing with his life? Anyways, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes with June. As for Rachel, I’m kind of disappointed in her. She’s been on Broadway for a month and now is trying to move on to bigger and better. Slow down, girl! Stick with your dreams! And then Kurt told her not to lie and look what happened when she did. I feel like she needs some reliable adult advice, someone to guide her and advise her as she goes through this fame journey. And not a manager because all they want is money. Anyways, that was the episode. Not awesome but not horrible. Two more to go now!

The next episode is 5×19 and it’s really special because it’s written by Glee’s own Chris Colfer! Yes, TV writer is now on his mile long list of accomplishments. The episode is called ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ because it literally involves dogs and old people. Take a look at the promo:
Okay, so Kurt gets involved with an old folks home and they all do a production of Peter Pan, with Kurt as Peter obviously. This takes the ‘never growing up thing’ to a new weird level! I don’t know much about why there are dogs there, but cute dogs + awesome actors = fun show, so I think I’ll manage. Chris is a good writer, as you should all know, so I’m hoping the episode has plot lines that make sense and some of Chris’ wit in it. I’m excited for this!

That’s all for now, Gleeks!

P.S. Okay, so, you know the band A Great Big World who’s had two songs on Glee (‘This Is The New Year’ and ‘Rockstar’?). Well a week ago they released the video for their next single ‘Already Home’ and it stars the always attractive Darren Criss. I mean to post this last week but kept forgetting, so I am sorry! But here it is! I loved this song before I knew about the video and Darren, so seeing he was in it was awesome. This song is ma jaaaaam! XD





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