New ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ Songs!

The songs are here! The songs are here! They’re from Chris Colfer’s episode, and I read that he got to pick the songs, but they had to be approved by Ryan and team, which makes sense. Anyways, I think Chris did a good job with the songs. I’ll admit that I hadn’t recognized any of them just from the titles, but I do recognize them from hearing them. Anyways, there’s not a song here that I dislike, which is good. Take a listen:
‘Take Me Home Tonight’ (by Eddie Money) sung by Santana, Sam, Blaine, Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel and Maggie Maggie is one of the old ladies Kurt works with at the old folks, so don’t get too worried about the new name! She’s played by June Squibb, in case you were wondered. This song is fun and upbeat and has an 80’s vibe, which is great. A great group number that seems to take Glee back to its roots with the feel of the song.

‘Memories’ (from Cats) sung by Kurt and Maggie
It starts off as a beautiful Kurt solo and then is joined in by Maggie, which I can’t say I love, if it’s going to be sung during the production of Peter Pan, I can’t really ask for too much. Kurt sings it well, not the best but well.

‘Werewolves Of London’ (by Warren Zevon) sung by Sam and Artie
OOOh a Sam and Artie duet. I can’t wait to see this, because they haven’t had any one-on-one bonding in a while…if ever. The song itself it totally weird, but that piano into sounds really really familiar but I can’t figure out from where. While I don’t love the song, I think Sam and Artie sing it well and it’ll be a great scene.

‘I Melt With You’ (by Modern English) sung by Mercedes, Sam and Rachel
This is a fun, cute song. I enjoy it a lot. Sam’s voice is so nice at the start I almost didn’t recognize him!

‘Lucky Star’ (by Madonna) sung by Kurt and Maggie
This is definitely sung during the Peter Pan production. I like the techo feel, which is ironic because its sung by Kurt and a bunch of old people. I don’t love the song, but it is catchy!

So those are the songs. Like I said before, I’m happy with Chris’ picks. The songs all have a bit of an older feel, which is what Glee was about so long ago, so I like it. 😀 What’s your favourite song here? I like ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ best.

That’s all for now Gleeks! Also keep an eye out for another music-filled post tomorrow! Bye!



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