Lea Michele On ‘Legends Of Oz’ Soundtrack

I blogged recently about Lea’s new movie ‘Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ and since then, the soundtrack has been released. Or Lea’s part of it at least, which is all I really care about. 😛 She’s on four songs and two of them are solos. I guess it’s hard to guess the context of these songs without knowing much of the plot or characters based on voices, but c’est la vie. Take a listen:

‘Work With Me’

‘Even Then’

‘One Day’ (Lea Solo)

‘When The World’ (Lea solo)

So those are the songs that Lea sings in the movie. I like her solos a lot. But the songs don’t really accentuate her amazing vocals. I guess that since Dorothy is supposed to be a fairly normal little girl and the original one didn’t have a great range, it’s understandable that Lea isn’t showcased to the best of her abilities. Anyway, there are 4 other songs, I think, so if you’re interested, go check them out! The movie comes out May 9th. Is anyone going to see it?



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