5×19 Old Dog, New Tricks

Hi Hi Hi! As of last night, Glee’s own Chris Colfer can add TV show writer to his resume, because he wrote Glee’s newest episode, 5×19 ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’. Knowing that Chris is a great writer and has unbelievable wit, I had high hopes for the episode. Was I pleased? Heck yes! The episode was witty and cute and had continuity. And I’m not just saying that because I love Chris. Don’t think that I’d be harsh if I needed to….I just don’t need to because Chris is perfect and the episode was great. I give the episode a 4 out of 5. Here’s what went down:

It turns out that news of Rachel’s secret TV show job offer was leaked because a Broadway gossip site had the deets on it. Fearing that her reputation is already going to the pits, Rachel decides to revamp it. And Santana is all for it, claiming she can help Rachel make her image shine. Just as Santana is explaining how awesome she is for the task, Rachel notices a lady across the diner trying to zip a little dog into a purse. Rachel gets up and calls the lady out on it, but the lady isn’t too happy with Rachel’s nosiness. It seems that Rachel has just found a cause to work for!

Later, Kurt is working at the diner and an old lady (played by actress June Squibb) comes up to the counter. She asks if Kurt will put up a poster for a Broadway retired old folks home’s production of Peter Pan. Kurt agrees to put it up, and while the lady should have left after that, she instead stays and asks Kurt why he’s looking a bit sad. So Kurt and the lady sit down and Kurt vents to her a bit, saying that he’s in a bit of a rut in terms of career. The old lady introduces herself as Maggie Banks, a name that Kurt recognizes as an old Broadway star. Before Maggie leaves, she invites Kurt to come watch a Peter Pan rehearsal.

Rachel, Mercedes, Sam and Artie head down to a local dog pound and Rachel meets with the owner. She explains to him that she wants to help and is a Broadway star and just wants to have a little benefit concert. The guy agrees. Just then, all the dogs start barking loudly, so to calm them, Sam, who happened to have his guitar with him, starts playing and singing. Mercedes and Rachel join in to a fun version of ‘I Melt With You’ as they all dance and play with puppies and have fun. Yay! 😀

Back at the loft later on, Rachel is making ads for her new dog-loving charity called Broadway Bitches. In comes Santana with a brilliant plan. She’s tipped off some paparazzi and so Rachel just has to walk by with a bunch of dogs, get her picture taken and say a few words about what she’s doing.  In comes Kurt and Rachel eagerly tells him about the benefit she’s throwing. Kurt asks to perform as apparently, he’s been itching to do something (you know, because NYADA, the diner, his band and Vogue.com isn’t time-consuming enough… although apparently the band is on hiatus and Vogue isn’t mentioned at all….is that still happening?). However, Rachel and Santana say that they don’t want him performing and give a bunch of junky excuses.

So Kurt, in a bit of a huff about the rejection, goes to see the rehearsal of Peter Pan. However, it’s a bit of a trainwreck, and the biggest problem is that the lady playing Peter died in the harness that Peter flies in. Maggie and the others discuss it and decide that it’s best to cancel the show. Maggie tells Kurt that the old folks need a reason to get up and do something, but it’s hard. So Kurt volunteers to be Peter. To prove that he has what it takes, Kurt sings ‘Memories’ from Cats and towards the end, the old folks join in. Not Kurt’s best song, but okay for the audition and the old people in it was cool.

While at the dog pound, Sam found and fell in love with a dog. He adopted it and named it McConaughey after the actor. But the dog is untrained and makes tears the apartment to shreds. Mercedes comes home and sees the mess and freaks out. She doesn’t think Sam can handle it. Sam says he can and doesn’t want to take the dog back. Just as Mercedes seems to calm down and be sort of okay with the idea, the dog comes downstairs with a lock of black fake hair in its mouth and Mercedes loses it. She wants the dog gone and the mess cleaned up right away.

Out on the street, Rachel, looking picture-perfect, has about six dogs with her and is walking by. Blaine, Artie and Santana are acting as random strangers and play along. The paparazzi notice Rachel and take some great pics.

But just as Rachel starts talking about her charity and the benefit, the dogs catch whiff of some dude’s hotdog or something and take off. Rachel is dragged and trampled, and pictures are taken of that too. Typical, a plan so perfect would fall apart.

Rachel is a little unsure about the whole idea now. She seems to be in more trouble now than she was. Santana assures her that it’s okay and will be handled. Just then, Kurt comes in excitedly and tells the girls about his new role as Peter Pan. He invites them to opening night, but they decline because that’s the day of Rachel’s benefit and they’ll be busy with press all day. Kurt gets upset and says that he supports her but they can’t support him just once. He says he’s treated just like the stray dogs Rachel claims to care about.

Desperate to keep McConaughey, Sam and Artie go outside and train the dog on a little obstacle course. As they do that, they sing ‘Werewolves Of London’, which is a silly song, but it has a fun beat and Sartie friendship is always cool.

At a rehearsal of Peter Pan that isn’t going great, Kurt suggests that they update the music to make the show a bit more entertaining and awakening. Just then, a worker at the old folks home comes in carrying some flowers for Maggie. Maggie says they’re from her daughter, but reads the card and says that her daughter can’t come to the show. Maggie leaves to put the flowers away, and the worker tells Kurt that Maggie sent the flowers to herself and hasn’t spoken to her daughter in years, despite what she tells Kurt.

Even though McConaughey is trained, Mercedes still doesn’t think he should stay. She doesn’t think that Sam can handle the responsibility, and fears that it’ll get neglected when they get busy. Sam is adamant though and is almost getting offended at Mercedes’ lack of faith in him. He points out that only a few years ago, he took perfectly good care of his siblings and family when they were poor and homeless and really struggling. That is a good point that I had forgotten. Sam’s been though a lot and he hasn’t gotten much credit for it, so I’m glad it was mentioned. Sam says that Mercedes needs to have some trust and faith in him, and Mercedes claims she does but still thinks that when they get busy, the dog won’t be as cared for as it should be. Sam can see the logic in that too, as much as he doesn’t like it.

Kurt decided to take it upon himself to find Maggie’s daughter Clara. He finds her office and meets with her. When he says he knows her mom and tells her about the show, Clara seems less than pleased. In fact, she doesn’t seem to care at all. Clara admits to Kurt that Maggie had big dreams of stardom (not unlike Rachel, I find) but her dreams caused her to neglect her daughter and forget/miss important events (hmm, also some Rachel parallels there). She also thinks Maggie will drop Kurt once the show is over. Kurt tries to help Clara forgive and forget, but she’s not interested in what Kurt has to say, not even when Kurt says that at least she still has a mother because his died when he was eight. 😦 I swear I saw tears in Kurt’s eyes. Nevertheless, Clara sends Kurt out of her office, but the Peter Pan poster didn’t leave with him.

At Rachel’s benefit, everything seems to be going well. Dogs are getting adopted and Rachel’s image is in the process of being okay again. Santana even found a three-legged dog for Rachel to hold when she does an interview. However, a bit later, a lady and her son try to adopt the three-legged dog. Rachel doesn’t want to let the dog go, knowing it’ll help her image more than a normal four-legged dog will. The lady knows of Rachel and her little scheme and says she’s a fraud and secrets will come out eventually. I think that was a bad move on Rachel’s part. I mean, that dog was going to go to a good home, but Rachel was being selfish. I’m disappointed.

It’s showtime for Kurt. Blaine is happily helping him get ready, the only Klaine interaction of the episode. It’s cute. After, Kurt finds Maggie and in an effort to ensure that they don’t lose contact after the show, he says that since she needs a family and he needs her as a friend, they can be each other’s family in a way. Maggie agrees, but doesn’t seem too into the idea, maybe because Clara’s prediction was right. Kurt then goes and calls Rachel. He says that he’s not mad at her and even though she’s not there for him, he’s proud of her for what she’s doing and will always support her. Rachel thanks him but says she has to hang up because she’s at a show. Kurt looks out into the measly audience and spots Rachel, grinning at him with Blaine, Sam and Artie. 🙂 Yay she came!

We don’t see much of the show….or any of it, actually. All we see is the closing number. It’s Kurt and the cast singing ‘Lucky Star’, which is fun and happy and a good closing number. During the song, Clara even shows up and Maggie is happy about that. After the show, Maggie talks to Clara and they both say sorry for what they’ve done to ruin their relationship. Kurt talks to Rachel, who loved the show and is being a great supportive BFF. She’s also organized for a bus to come and take all the old folks down to the diner so they can perform at Rachel’s benefit.

At the benefit, Rachel speaks a bit about what she’s trying to do for the dogs and then introduces the Peter Pan cast, who sing ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ (my fave song of the episode!) with Blaine, Sam, Mercedes, Rachel and Artie. It’s a fun upbeat song and a great closing song. During it, Sam and Mercedes also give McConaughey to a nice old couple, which Sam knows is the best move for the dog. After the song, Rachel is interviewed. She gives credit to Santana and Kurt and the old folks and they all praise her back, so it’s a win-win-win situation. Yaaay.

And that was the end. While I did think the episode would be funnier, it was cleverer than normal, thanks to Chris. And the plot lines weren’t too crazy. I mean, Kurt working with old people would have been a lot better if we didn’t already know he was at school and working two jobs and in a band. And while Rachel’s little scheme wasn’t honest, it does tie into the next episode, so the whole idea of her image due to the TV stint wasn’t totally silly. Overall, I think the episode was great. The music was good, the plots were good and Chris’ writing was fab. I’m really hoping to see him write some more episodes next season. 😛

Next week is the finale. Isn’t that sad? S5 is almost over! And after that we have only one more season of Glee left. 😦 But let’s focus on the present. The final episode, 5×20, is called ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ and here is the promo:
Woah. That was…crazy. Okay so it starts off with happy friends being cute and happy. And Brittany is back! Yay! I’m so excited to see her back! But then it turns shocking. Klaine fighting, over Blaine lying about Kurt’s role in the show he and June are putting on. I love Klaine so I’m nervous for this. I’m pretty sure everything ends up okay, but still. I don’t want my babies to fight! And oooh, Rachel gets a call from the TV network. Too bad we barely have a chance to register that because BLAINE AND BRITTANY SLEPT TOGETHER? WHAAAAAAAAT? Seriously? It must be a dream or something. There’s no way Blaine would do that…. Seriously? Anyways, this is the finale, so the episode will lead into and hint at S6 and what’s to come. Basically, in this episode Rachel has the opportunity to move to LA to pursue a career in TV and I heard that Blaine also wants to go, naturally causing drama with Kurt too. I think these spoilers are legit. S6 will be interesting, if that is the direction it goes. Hmm…. :S

So what did you think of ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’? Was Chris’ episode good? And how about that promo? Can you believe S5 is almost done? Hit me up with your thoughts! 🙂 That’s all for now Gleeks! Peace out! ❤



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