Songs From The S5 Finale, ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’

Heyyyy! Welcome to the last new music day of Season 5! That is kind of sad, but the selection of songs here for episode 5×20 called ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ isn’t anything to cry about. The songs are all pretty good, some more than others obviously, but I think the finale will be an interesting one, to say the least. Take a listen to the songs and tell me what you think!

‘Glitter In The Sky’ (by P!nk) sung by Rachel
Rachel nails this song. It’s not a famous P!nk song, but it’s so lovely and Rachel sings it perfectly. I like it.

‘Girls On Film’ (by Duran Duran) sung by Sam
A Sam solo! Long time since we’ve had one of those. I can’t say I love this one, though. I wonder if he’s singing about like a certain girl or kind of referencing his modelling career? Or…none of the above… 😉

‘American Boy’ (by Estelle feat. Kanye West) sung by Kurt and Blaine
So I know this song, as this was one of the first music videos I had ever seen. But I can’t say I love the song. However, hearing it sung by Klaine was actually amusing and enjoyable. Blaine rapping was funny and they harmonized well together. So though it’s not their best duet and I would had never picked it for them, it’s decent and captivating. 🙂

‘Pompeii’ (by Bastille) sung by Blaine, Sam, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Artie
I was excited for this song because it’s such a fun song, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be. That’s not to say that I don’t like it, because I do, but I think that Bastille’s voice is so unique that it was hard to match it. Anyways, this is a fun group number and I can’t wait to see it. I wonder if it’ll be the last song of the season?

‘Shakin’ My Head’ sung by Mercedes and Brittany
I think this is a Glee original song! I’d be super excited if I liked the song, but honestly, I do not. Idk I guess I’m just not into the genre. And if it’s going to be a song on Mercedes’ album, it’s very very different from her other song ‘Colour Blind’.

‘All Of Me’ (by John Legend) sung by Blaine
This epic romance song that’s taking the pop world by storm is adorable and sweet and a perfect song for Blaine and his dreamy voice to sing. I’m like 99% sure he sings it to Kurt, or at least I’m hoping. I was hoping that Glee would let Darren put a but of a spin on it, but it’s still nice anyways. 🙂

‘No Time At All’ (from Pippin) sung by Blaine and June
Yeah. Meh. I don’t love this. ‘Piece Of My Heart’ was waaaay better than this. Maybe my new dislike for June is blinding me, but this is just mehhh.

So those are the songs. Aside from a few of them, I’m really impressed. Are you? Are you excited for the finale? I am. 🙂

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